What’s the Maximum Unobstructed Space Clear-Span Building Can Offer?
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What’s the Maximum Unobstructed Space Clear-Span Building Can Offer?

What’s the Maximum Unobstructed Space Clear-Span Building Can Offer
  • December 17, 2021

Steel buildings have become the superior choice for most buyers across the United States. For all commercial needs, clear-span steel structures are in huge demand as they are most convenient for business operations. However, a common question every buyer asks is how wide is a clear span building. Before knowing the maximum width a clear span steel structure can offer, you should grab the initial knowledge about these structures.

What is a ClearSpan Metal Building?

A Clearspan steel building is a structure that is built with no internal columns. Steel building with no inner columns gives 100% usage space. Clearspan structure has no supporting pillars as compared to conventional pole buildings.

The biggest benefit of clear span metal building is uninterrupted space for versatile usage. Furthermore, a clear span building is also recommended if you want bigger space than traditional buildings. Nowadays, clear span metal buildings can be used for numerous purposes; some of them are listed below:

  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Auditoriums
  • Churches
  • Equestrian indoor riding arenas
  • Facilities for Indoor Sports
  • Gymnasiums
  • Ice rinks
  • Indoor Arenas for Equestrian Sport
  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Indoor Tennis Courts
  • Large Scale Manufacturing Plants
  • Large Truck or Farm Equipment Shelters
  • Shelters for Agricultural Equipment
  • Skating Rinks
  • Storage Facilities
  • Theatrical venues
  • Warehouses

World’s Largest Clear Span Metal Building

 When it comes to the largest clear-span structure in the world, AT&T Stadium is the top ranker. Covering an area of 3-million square feet of space, it is a 73-acre steel structure with a peak height of 200-feet.

A total of 50,000 steel bolts were used to build the arch spans. Moreover, it is also installed with the world’s largest glass doors that measure 180′ x 120′. A total of 14,100 tons of steel was used to construct the stadium.

Measure the Right Clear Span Frame

Clearspan steel building is in huge demand as it provides building solutions that are cost-effective, robust, and long-lasting. Your steel structure will stand still for decades without demanding heavy upkeep without any internal support.

Up to 150 feet, your clear span structure can be installed without inner columns. However, with increased height, the need for raw material increases, increasing its load and price. So, here are some pointers that must be considered to find the right measure of clear span building.

  • Metal Building Width: Measure the outside area of your building that will help you find the dimensions for a clear span structure. Check the surface area, including girts or struts that give you the exact dimensions.
  • Eave Height: The distance between top and bottom struts will be installed on the walls.
  • Maximum Height: The distance between the floor and the highest point of the clear span roof.

Once you calculate the dimensions listed above, it’s convenient to place an order and find the best-suited clear span steel building for your land. Before finalizing your steel building, you should also have crisp knowledge about different types of clear span framing.

Single Span Rigid Frame: With a single span rigid framing, you can install a building with a maximum of 30’-width and 24’-height (at eaves). Special structures can even go up to 200’feet wide. However, you can either use straight or tapered columns to provide enough strength to the structure.

Multi-Span Rigid Frame: The multi-span rigid frame overcomes the limitations of a single-span rigid frame. With multi-span framing, you can get a steel structure with up to 300’-width. You can install internal columns in the structure for better stability and extended strength.

Why Should You Buy Clear Span Steel Structure?

There are multiple reasons behind selecting clear span structure over other alternatives available in the market. Below listed are the prominent reasons.

Vast Usable Space: With a clear span building, you get a large usable area with no obstructions. You can use every inch of the floor area and customize the interior as required.

Multiple Customization Options: Customization is never an issue with clear span building as it comes with various customization options. Common customizations include skylight, insulation, walk-in doors, windows, and many more.

Cost-Effective: Budget is never a problem with a commercial steel building. A clear span structure’s upfront price and maintenance cost are far less than other building options. In short, you save a significant amount by investing in a clear span steel building.

Buy Clear Span Steel Building from Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is the one-stop destination for all your commercial needs. We have a broad range of clear span steel buildings that can serve your industrial, farming, and commercial needs without compromising strength and budget.

If you are doubtful about your next clear span project, our steel building experts can assist you. Give us a call at (704)-823-6732, and we are happy to discuss your custom building requirements.

Our professional team ensures you get 100% American-manufactured clear span building to fulfill your varied requirements while offering the utmost strength and robustness. Above all, we have easy repayment options, including RTO and Financing, that lessen your financial troubles and make your buying experience smooth.

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