Common Metal Garage Sizes Available for Arkansas Residents
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Common Metal Garage Sizes Available for Arkansas Residents

Common Metal Garage Sizes Available for Arkansas Residents
  • June 21, 2022

For the durability of cars, outdoor equipment, and tools, it is crucial to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Your vehicle and other equipment need shelter to stay protected from the external environment. Metal garages are the best solution to keep your cars safe and secure.

Metal Garage in Arkansas

Arkansas is famous for its natural beauty, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is known as the Natural State of the USA. Besides the natural beauty, sometimes the temperature in Arkansas can fall to 32 Degree Fahrenheit in winters. Snowfall in Arkansas is below average, but keeping your vehicle safe from snow accumulation is important. It is also essential for you to protect your vehicles from direct sun exposure and humid weather condition.

The range of metal garages is available for Arkansas state in different sizes. You must select the perfect garage size according to your needs. Viking Metal Garages offer various garage options that might fulfill your needs.

Tips for considering the perfect Garage Size In Arkansas

There are different sizes available for garage buildings in Arkansas. You must select the correct size for your metal garage to avoid inconvenience related to space in the future. The following tips will help you know the perfect garage size according to your requirements.

Type of Vehicle You Have

The type of vehicle can make a big difference when selecting a metal garage in Arkansas. Dimensions of the garage building depend upon the size of the car which will be parked in it. For different vehicle types, you need a different size of garage. The garage building designed for passenger cars cannot provide housing for small trucks. You need to measure your vehicle initially to select a garage with the perfect size.

Number of Vehicles

There are different options available with multiple vehicle parking-facility. The size of the garage building depends on the number of vehicles you have. For more than one vehicle, you can prefer a large metal garage building with multiple doors. 

Dimensional Requirement

Apart from vehicles, garage building can be used to store tools and equipment. You can look for different garage building types according to the space requirement. Not only the horizontal span, but you can also look for the garage buildings that can offer higher vertical clearance to your vehicle. The standard clearance in the garage building is suitable for a regular passenger car.

You must have a garage building with more vertical space for high-profile vehicles like large trucks, boats, or RVs. In this case, you can look for garage buildings that require vertical clearance.

Use of Metal Garage

Metal garages can be used in different ways, and the size of a metal garage also depends on its uses. For example, A metal garage building can be used as a small workshop, office, or storage area. To use a prefab garage building as a warehouse or office area, you can purchase a commercial metal garage to fulfill your needs.

So, it can be used for vehicle storage, work from home, personal gym, man cave/she shed, artist/music studio, solar/wind power, poolside cabana, restaurant, small business space, parties, and celebrations area, and many more. You can choose a metal garage size according to your requirement.

Future Planning

Before making the buying decision, you must think from a future perspective. You might need a larger garage building to add more cars or vehicles to your collection.

You can save additional costs by planning metal garage buildings for future needs. Considering future perspectives will help you make the right decision for purchasing a metal garage in Arkansas.

Sizes of Metal Garage in Arkansas

The size of a garage building depends on several factors. You can consider all those factors to make the right decision for the garage size. Garage buildings that Viking Metal Garages offer start from 12×21. Here are some basic categories for more types of metal garages available in Arkansas.

  • Single Car Garage- 12′ Width
  • Two Car Garage- 18’W to 24’W
  • Three Car Garage- 26’W to 30’W
  • Other Vehicles (RV)- 12’W to 60’W

Apart from the above garage types, commercial garage buildings do not have specific dimensions. Mainly the size of a commercial metal garage building starts from 30’W. Commercial steel garage buildings could be oversized.

The metal garage buildings are customizable, and you can decide the dimensions of your prefab metal garage. You can consider the following most common metal garage sizes in Arkansas to plan your metal garage.

24’x31′ Metal Garage Building

One car parking setting can offer additional space to store your tools and equipment. This metal garage building is suitable for parking two passenger cars with extra room to move inside the building. This steel garage building can be used in a setting where you can park one vehicle and use the rest of the area for storage.

30’x41′ Metal Garage Building

In different other parking settings, you can use garage buildings in different ways. For example, a garage building can park one or two vehicles, and the remaining space can be used for storage or a workshop. A metal garage with this dimension is designed for parking three passenger cars.

40’x61′ Metal Garage Building

With dimensions of 40’x61′, it can be considered a commercial metal garage building. It is a large structure that can offer to house passengers and commercial vehicles. This metal garage building also can be converted into a workshop, residential area, or corporate office, with some customization.

Benefits of Metal Garage in Arkansas

There are different benefits of Prefab steel Garage in Arkansas. The Arkansas metal garages are durable, and the requirement for maintenance is also low. Compared to the wooden garage building, a steel structure can provide service for more than 40 years. Conventional garage buildings need regular maintenance to keep them functional and safe. But steel buildings require maintenance occasionally with minimum expenses.

Prefab steel buildings are customizable and affordable. The customization feature allows you to make relevant changes in the building structure to make it multifunctional. Metal garage buildings are more functional and cheaper compared to traditional garage buildings. Prefab steel buildings are also strong enough to stand steel against the risk of fire, windstorms, hailstorms, pests, and other infections.

In terms of installation, metal buildings are better than traditional buildings. The installation of metal buildings only takes a few days or weeks. Faster installation and cheaper cost are two primary reasons to prefer metal garage buildings in Arkansas. Better insulation and waterproofing can improve the energy efficiency of metal buildings.

Metal Garage Prices in Arkansas

The cost of a metal garage depends on several factors. Significant factors that can affect the cost of metal garage building are- Steel price in the international market, type of steel used in the garage building, size of the building, type of roof installed, customization, location of installation, and type of insulation used inside the building.

These are some crucial factors that can affect the cost of a prefab steel garage in Arkansas. The cost of the prefab steel building also varies from dealer to dealer.

Why Buy From Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages provides the best sheltering solution at affordable pricing. We ensure a better customer experience throughout the journey. You can contact our experts to get more information about metal garages.