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Why Rent to Own by Viking Metal Garages?

  • No Credit Check

    Distinct from the traditional loan process, there is no Credit Score check to purchase any metal garage via the Rent-to-Own Program. You can take the RTO option even when you have a negative Credit Score.

  • Month-To-Month Contract

    Viking Metal Garages give Month-to-Month contract that allows you to close it anytime you want. Preclosure is not an issue with our RTO Program.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    To pay your month-on-month payments, you have flexible payment options to choose from. You can call our metal garage experts to know the available payment options.

  • Instant Approvals

    Similar to Bank loan, the RTO Program by Viking Metal Garages doesn't take long for loan approval. All you need is to sign the RTO documents and get your metal garage delivered at your property.

  • Pay-Off Anytime

    Having complete sum in hand, not a worry! Our RTO Program allows you to payoff anytime and clear the dues. You can pay the full price of the steel building and get its ownership.

  • Ownership in 36 Months

    The Rent-To-Own program by Viking Metal Garages assures you get the metal building ownership within 36 months of your purchase.

Rent To Own Calculator

Calculate the month on month payment with our instant RTO calculator instantly!

Top Selling Rent to Own Buildings

Select your dream metal garage with our Rent-to-Own program. We don't require any credit check for RTO. Instead, you get same-day approval, offering a seamless metal building ordering process.