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Metal Garages Alabama

Selecting the best metal garage manufacturer and the best dealer is always a challenging task. At Viking Metal Garages, you can choose from our extensive range of prefab garage buildings that fit your myriad requirements tagged with affordable prices.
Our Alabama Metal Garages are engineered to protect your vehicles and other valuables in Alabama for years without frequent maintenance and high investment costs.

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Top Selling Metal Garages & Buildings al

50'X62'X12' Carolina Metal Barn

50'x62'x12' Carolina Metal Barn is a good investment to serve your agricultural, greenhouse or personal needs.

38'X40'X14' Metal Garage

38'Wx40'Lx14'H Metal Garage is a good option to serve your storage, workshop, mancave, she-shed, etc. needs.

84'X52'X16' Metal Barn Building

84x52x16 Metal Barn is the right choice for farming, livestock storage, or equipment parking needs.

64'X60'X16' Carolina Barn

This 64'Wx60'Lx16'H metal barn building is the right option for commercial requirements.

60'X100'X12' Steel Building

Take a look at this 60'x100'x12' building which is the right structure to start your business or give a jump start to your existing business.

42'X36'X15 Step Down Barn

This 42x36 step-down barn building is the right investment for your agricultural requirements.

30'X71'X14' Two Tone Commercial Building

Look no further with this 30'Wx71'Lx14'H Steel Building with Lean To, which is an ideal investment for commercial, warehouse, or personal requirements.

30'X50'X14' Metal Building With Lean To

Check this 30x50 Metal Building that comes with an attached lean-to and provides enough space for myriad needs (personal or commercial).

30'X71'X12' Steel Garage With Lean To

This 30x71x12 Steel Garage with two Lean-to is the perfect option if you are searching for the right structure for storage, workshop, parking, or any other big needs.

26'X50'X16' Three Car Metal Garage

Take a look at this 26'x50'x16' 3-car garage, which is the right investment to secure your vehicles, household stuff, and various other entities.

Best Enclosed Buildings For Sale In Alabama

Are you looking for a shelter that guarantees the safety of your automobiles, RV, marine vessels, apparatus, bicycles, and fifth-wheel against the capricious weather conditions of Alabama? Metal Garage is your destination. These robust and resilient structures, meticulously crafted by adept professionals, offer an optimal solution to shield your possessions from the recurrent summer tempests that Alabama is renowned for.

Beyond safeguarding against snow, rain, UV rays, pests, mold, dust, and more, these garage edifices necessitate minimal maintenance, ensuring their enduring durability over generations. Not confined to vehicle storage alone, metal garages present versatile utility as a workspace, home office, guest quarters, garden equipment repository, and beyond.

Viking Metal Garages provides a wide array of AL steel garages, including one-car garages, two-car garages, triple-wide garages, custom garage buildings, and more. Each metal garage within our catalog is manufactured by seasoned professionals, taking into account your distinct requirements and desires.

Our metal garage experts in Alabama are proficient in entertaining every customer and resolving their queries in whatever possible manner. We have installed numerous buildings at the customer site and earned top reviews with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Why Alabama State Weather Require Strong and Reliable Metal Garages?

Alabama is the southeastern state of the United States. It shares the border with Mississippi on the left, Georgia on the right, Tennessee on the top, and Florida at the bottom. It shares the coastline with the Gulf of Mexico.

Alabama has moderate weather with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The state is warmer in its southern portion, whereas it is slightly cooler in its northeast. In short, you don't require a heavy-duty shelter for your essentials. Still, installing a metal building is highly recommended to shelter your valuables and protect them from sunlight, snow load, high winds, and other weather troubles.

Why Are Alabama Metal Garages Best Option?

Metal garage buildings are a one-time investment that delivers its services for decades. Serving for an average time span of 30-40 years, it is the renowned construction option among other building alternatives.

If you are still doubtful about the metal structure’s potential, take a glimpse of its unmatched traits.

Precision-Engineered Garages: Our steel garage buildings in Alabama are precision-engineered metal structures. It means you can entirely rely on these quality structures for your versatile needs. These buildings can withstand harsh atmospheric conditions that can damage your essentials and valuables.

No Periodic Maintenance with High Charges: Another great benefit of investing in steel structure is its minimal maintenance cost. A fully enclosed garage with a vertical roof doesn't entertain still water or debris. Hence no snow load, no downspout troubles will occur. With one-time maintenance, you can continue using it for next year or as directed by the manufacturers.

Resistant To Fire & Pests: Wood buildings are prone to fire and pests that demand regular attention and correction of your building. However, steel doesn't get damaged by fire or pests. Instead, it gives you adequate protection from fire under severe circumstances.

Budget-Friendly Garage Buildings: Most people are worried about their money and think deeply before selecting a cost-effective shelter/garage. Prefabricated metal garages are the right investment as they are available for a minimal price tag of ~ $1000. Hence, your one-time investment won't cut your pocket. Instead, it will save you a significant amount.

Long Lasting: Steel garages are 'pay & forget' type structures where you don't need to worry about their life and frequent maintenance. A metal building's standard life is 3-4 decades, which is enough to protect your vehicles from weather elements. Where standard stick buildings are only for 2-3 decades (depending upon their maintenance), you can get a long-lasting metal garage for a longer timeframe.

Easily Available Design Flexibility: What's in your dream? Homeowners mostly have three broad building options based on garage type, garage size, and building use. Thus, you can choose one among them and supplement your property's value.

Added Property Value: Whether your garage is small or if you don't own one, adding a new metal structure to your property in Alabama can and will increase its value.

Evo-Friendly: Metal is less expensive, which makes it cheaper than timber, and involves practically minimal maintenance costs. When you are looking for affordable prefabricated workshops, warehouses, and enclosed garages in AL, steel is what you should prefer over wood.

Easy Customization: Look no further with Viking Metal Garages and create a custom metal garage with multiple customizations. You can choose from a roll-up garage door, a walk-in door, or a window in your building to enhance the aesthetics and create a top-quality building.

100% Recyclable Structures: Steel can be recycled 100%, resulting in zero harmful residues. In short, considering steel buildings over other alternatives is a step forward for a green environment.

We Provide Different Roof Styles For Alabama Garage Buildings

The roof is a crucial metal building component that needs intense attention when ordering your dream metal garage. We provide AL Metal Garages with three roof style options that include:

Roof Styles Options For AL Metal Garage Buildings

Regular Roof Garages: Regular roof is the most economical option offered by the manufacturers. Standard roof, also known as "Regular" roof style, has rounded corners installed in small garages or locations with average weather conditions.

A-frame Roof Garages: Also known as Boxed Eave, it is best suited for locations that experience heavier winds but do not receive a lot of heavy rains or snowfalls. The panels run from side to side, and this roof style does not have purlins or ridge caps.

Vertical Roof Garages: This is the ultimate and best among all metal roof options available. It is highly recommended for big metal buildings and is where heavy precipitation is common. For Alabama residents, vertical roof-style garages are the best choice among all three metal garage roof options. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves, causing easy runoff of heavy snow, rain, and natural elements such as leaves and debris.

You Deserve Competitive Price of AL Metal Garage Buildings

Every buyer considers a great deal when investing their hard-earned money. Viking Metal Garages gives you a wide range of metal garage buildings at affordable prices. Our products are made with top-quality American manufacturing and are built to serve your needs for decades.

The metal garage prices in Alabama start at $1000, increasing based on various factors, including customization, steel price, etc. To know the updated price of a custom metal garage, call our metal building experts at (704)-741-1587.

Easy Monthly Payment Options Available For Metal Garages AL

Metal Garage Financing in Alabama

Are you planning to order an ideal metal garage but falling short of funds? Viking Metal Garages has a solution to your financial troubles. Metal Garage Financing is available for metal buildings priced up to $50K. The entire process of applying for metal garage financing is easy and quick. Furthermore, we ensure you get the lowest interest rates in the market with various other benefits, including:

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime
  • Quick and easy financing process
  • Complete transparency

Rent-to-Own Garages in Alabama

Metal Garage RTO option is another great option if you aren't prepared to buy a metal garage. You can choose the RTO program and start using the metal garage. Once you make up your mind to purchase the garage, pay the full amount and make it yours. Isn't that simple? Viking Metal Garages has the same-day approval process with other benefits associated with the metal garage RTO program.

  • No credit check
  • Flexible payment options
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Payoff Anytime
  • Instant approval
  • Ownership in 36 months or less

Having doubts regarding RTO or Financing? Speak to our metal building experts at (704)-741-1587 .

Different Color Options For Metal Garages in Alabama

We understand your personal likings and offer you multiple color options to choose from for your dream metal building. You can choose from 15 color options that will help you amplify your existing house and add property value.

Remember, color availability is entirely subject to the manufacturer. Furthermore, the color may not resemble 100% of what is displayed online. To know more about our available color options and order a top-quality custom metal garage, give us a call today at (704)-741-1587 .









    P. Gray


    P. Beige


    Q. Gray




    S. Blue


    E. Green


    Cardinal Red


    True Burgundy


    E. Brown


    Barn Red


    Vintage Burgundy



Do You Only Provide Metal Garages in Alabama?

Are you looking for a metal structure different from steel buildings? Don’t worry! Viking Metal Garages have a vast array of prefabricated steel buildings in Alabama that you can select based on your requirement and budget. Below are other metal building styles that you can select.

Metal Carports: Shield your vehicles with our robust metal carports, combining durability and style. Crafted by experts, these structures provide weather-resistant protection for your cars and other assets, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.

Metal Workshop Buildings: Elevate your craftsmanship with our tailor-made metal workshop buildings. Designed for functionality and durability, these structures offer a conducive space for your projects. From intricate designs to heavy-duty tasks, our workshops empower your creative endeavors.

Commercial Buildings: Transform your business landscape with our versatile commercial buildings. Engineered for adaptability and resilience, these structures offer a dynamic space for retail, offices, or services. Tailor-made to suit your business needs, our commercial buildings redefine your professional environment.

Steel Barns: Modernize your agricultural practices with our sturdy steel barns. Crafted for efficiency and durability, these structures provide a secure haven for your livestock and equipment. Embrace innovation in farming with our reliable steel barn solutions.

Custom Buildings: Unleash your imagination with our custom buildings. Tailored to your unique specifications, these structures reflect your distinct style and purpose. From residential havens to specialized facilities, our custom buildings turn your vision into a tangible reality.

Estimated Delivery Times For Alabama Metal Garages

Buying a metal building is quite easy with Viking Metal Garages. However, we work with 100% transparency, starting from order placement till its installation. So, check out when you will get your metal building.

Time Frame Possibility of Metal Garage Delivery
10 days to 60 days 50%
61 days to 80 days 30%
81 days to 100 days 19%
101 days or over 1%

Why Trust Viking Metal Garages For Your Dream Metal Garage in Alabama

Viking Metal Garages is one of its kind websites that gives you versatile buying options starting from standard metal carport to all weather metal garage buildings. With us, you will get 100% customer satisfaction supported with pre/post-sales assistance. Our professional building experts are always available to resolve your doubts and give you the utmost metal building solutions.

Our distinctive services and offerings include:

  • Only deliver what customers need without focusing on making profits
  • Offer a wide range of AL metal buildings at competitive prices
  • Offer endless customization
  • Provide best in the industry customer services
  • Offer a 20-year warranty for a galvanized tubular steel frame
  • Provide Quick delivery & Installation
  • Authorized dealer of 15+ manufactures in the United States
  • Deliver 100% American made, high-quality steel garages with local code compliant

Let us help you transform your dream into reality with a finely crafted metal garage building. Make a call to one of our friendly building specialists at (704)-741-1587 or visit us online today.

Areas Where We Can Deliver Alabama Steel Garages

We serve you across the entire US! We have dealerships with top manufacturers with reach throughout the United States. Hence, look no further and make your order today. Below listed are the Alabama cities where we entertain your orders.

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