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Building prices on our website are changing soon due to the industry-wide steel price increase. Call us at (704)-741-1587 for the latest prices of steel buildings.

Metal Garages New York

Residing in or relocating to New York requires considering the city's severe weather and protecting your assets. Viking Metal Garages provides durable metal structures to endure heavy snow, fierce winds, and variable temperatures. Whether for agricultural storage, a mini-storage facility, or commercial use, our buildings meet or exceed local code requirements, ensuring safety and resilience against harsh conditions. Trust Viking Metal Garages for reliable and sturdy solutions tailored to your needs.

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Explore Recently Installed Metal Garage Buildings in New York

44'x30'x12' Carolina Barn

This 44'x30'x12' Carolina Barn comes with two garage doors, four windows, and more.

53'x40'x14' Carolina Barn With Lean To

This 53'x40'x14' Carolina Barn is a smart investment that comes with two garage doors, one additional lean-to, and more.

44'x21'x12' Seneca Barn

This 44'x21'x12' Seneca Barn is installed with two frameouts, two lean-to, and more.

42'x40'x13' Carolina Barn

This 42'x40'x13' Carolina Barn comes with one walk-in door, one garage door, and more.

46'x31'x16' Continous Roof Barn

This 46'x31'x16' Continous Roof Barn is a smart investment that comes with two garage doors and vertical roof.

42'x36'x13' Regular Roof Barn

This is a 42'x36'x13' Regular Roof Barn which is perfetly fit as a horse barn builing.

42'x30'x13' Carolina Barn

This 42'x30'x13' Carolina Barn is a steel barn that comes with one garage door, one walk-in door and more.

42'x30'x12' Step Down Barn

This 42'x30'x12' Step Down Barn comes with two garage doors, two walk-in doors, and more.

Why Do You Need Metal Garage in New York?

Whether you're in the urban heart of New York City or the rural expanses of upstate, one thing is consistent: the weather can be incredibly unpredictable and often extreme. This variability makes having a sturdy and reliable structure like a metal garage not just a convenience but a necessity.

New York experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year. Winters can be particularly harsh, characterized by heavy snowfall, ice storms, and frigid temperatures. Snow accumulations can reach several feet, often causing traditional wooden structures to struggle under the weight. Conversely, summers can bring intense heat, high humidity, and the occasional severe thunderstorm with strong winds and even hail.

These conditions pose significant challenges when protecting your vehicles and other valuable possessions. Wooden and some brick structures can succumb to these extremes over time, leading to costly repairs and replacements. This is where metal garages shine, offering resilience and durability that outlasts other materials.

Considering the weather conditions and associated risks, investing in a metal garage building is wise for New York residents. It protects your vehicles, tools, and other valuables, ensuring they remain safe from the elements. Furthermore, metal garages' longevity and durability mean they are a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Benefits Of Buying Metal Garage In New York

Our steel garages in New York are sustainable and reliable to serve you for decades without high-maintenance costs. Buying a pre-engineered metal garage is a smart decision over traditional wood buildings. Purchasing a metal garage has several advantages, including:

Long Life: Compared to conventional wood, steel garages are highly durable, with an average life span of 30-40 years with low maintenance. However, a traditional wood building won’t last beyond 20 years, and frequent maintenance is required.

Versatile Design: Prefab steel buildings in New York allow greater flexibility in accommodating changes and future expansion. Every metal structure is customized for personal needs and designed to fulfill the buyer’s requirements.

Cost-effective: Metal structures are sustainable in harsh weather conditions with low maintenance costs, whereas wood buildings are expensive and require high maintenance. Our premium-quality steel garage buildings resist damage from earthquakes, fire, snow, leaks, lightning, mold, rot, and other weather elements. Hence, if you are looking for a budget-friendly enclosed garage, RV garage, boat garage, or other custom metal structure, prefer metal over wood.

100% Customizable: Our custom metal garage buildings offer endless customization options, including width, height, length, roof style, garage door, window/door frame-outs, and more. You can affordably customize a metal garage within your budget that fulfills your requirements.

Eco-friendly: Steel is a convenient, affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly material that doesn’t harm the environment and has served the owner for decades. It can also be reused, adding to its traits in the metal building industry.

Fire Resistant: Metal garages are viable for fire; ensure your assets and valuables are safe from fire and lightning strikes.

Get Latest Metal Garage Prices In NY

We believe in serving our customers. NY metal garage prices are reliable and affordable, which can be considered with the availability of Rent-to-Own & Financing options. However, the price shown on the website isn’t always the same. The price varies depending upon your customization and location due to code ratings. You can call (704)-741-1587 to know the customized cost of your dream garage building in New York.

Check our latest updated metal garage prices for New York:

Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12X21 $3,525 12X21 $3,625 12X21 $3,925
12X26 $4,080 12X26 $4,180 12X26 $4,555
12X31 $4,635 12X31 $4,735 12X31 $5,185
12X36 $5,160 12X36 $5,260 12X36 $5,785
12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $6,505
18X21 $3,945 18X21 $4,045 18X21 $4,345
18X26 $4,500 18X26 $4,625 18X26 $5,000
18X31 $5,055 18X31 $5,205 18X31 $5,655
18X36 $5,580 18X36 $5,755 18X36 $6,280
18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $7,025
20X21 $4,555 20X21 $4,755 20X21 $4,955
20X26 $5,185 20X26 $5,435 20X26 $5,685
20X31 $5,815 20X31 $6,115 20X31 $6,415
20X36 $6,415 20X36 $6,765 20X36 $7,115
20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $7,935
22X21 $5,165 22X21 $5,265 22X21 $5,565
22X26 $5,870 22X26 $5,995 22X26 $6,370
22X31 $6,575 22X31 $6,725 22X31 $7,175
22X36 $7,250 22X36 $7,425 22X36 $7,950
22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $8,845
24X21 $5,775 24X21 $5,875 24X21 $6,175
24X26 $6,555 24X26 $6,680 24X26 $7,055
24X31 $7,335 24X31 $7,485 24X31 $7,935
24X36 $8,085 24X36 $8,260 24X36 $8,785
24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $9,755

NOTE: The above price includes only the base structure; it doesn’t involve the cost of height, side walls, end walls & a garage door. We are updating the prices, and the changes in prices will reflect on the website soon.

Below listed are the prominent factors that influence your metal building prices in New York.

Steel Price: As steel is a global commodity, its cost depends on the world economy. Other common factors that influence steel prices include the dollar’s value, market demand, and production.

Building Styles: Price does vary according to the complexity of the style. You can order from metal garages, clear-span metal buildings, RV garages, boat garages, and various other metal structures according to your requirements.

Building Size: Building size directly affects your metal garage price. Installing big buildings requires more labor and equipment, affecting final building cost.

Customization: The price of additional features like frame-out, lean-to, wainscoting, etc., will vary. However, standard garage buildings in New York are also available. Custom metal garages in New York require extra manufacturing efforts and resources that increase the final garage cost.

Geographical Location: The final garage price depends on your location due to code ratings. Moreover, the distance from the manufacturer and the height of your land also matters in determining the final garage cost. So, prefer metal garage installation during light weather to avoid additional charges.

Insulation: Viking Metal Garages offers single-bubble, double-bubble, and Woven R-17 insulation options, which add extra cost to the final price. Quality standards like U-value, R-value, Vapor Retarders, etc., directly affect insulation changes. So, insulation cost is an essential factor when ordering a metal garage.

Choose From Multiple Color Options

When buying from us, you can choose from 15 color options and 4 color options for garage doors. You can directly order online or call our metal building experts in New York at (704)-741-1587. Steel building owners can choose colors for trims, walls, garage doors, roof, and gable. From the available color options, you can choose whatever suits you best and fits your surroundings best.








    P. Gray


    P. Beige


    Q. Gray




    S. Blue


    E. Green


    Cardinal Red


    True Burgundy


    E. Brown


    Barn Red


    Vintage Burgundy



Rent-to-Own & Financing For Your Dream Metal Building

Don’t worry if you are in a financial crisis and are still looking for your dream metal garage. Viking Metal Garages has reliable payment options that help you order a perfect-fit metal garage building with a small upfront and pay the rest at the time of metal building installation. You can further segregate the amount into monthly installments via Rent-to-Own and Metal Garage Financing.

Benefits of Metal Garage Financing:

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime
  • The quick and easy financing process
  • Complete transparency

Benefits of Rent-to-Own:

  • No credit check required
  • Flexible payment options
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Payoff anytime
  • Instant approval
  • Ownership in 36 months or less

For any questions regarding RTO, reach out to our building specialists at (704)-741-1587.

Shop Garage Buildings in New York From Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is an authorized dealer of renowned metal building manufacturers in the United States. Our customers trust us because of the building quality & the quick installation. We are always committed to providing the perfect metal buildings to meet our customers' needs in NY. Potential buyers are sure to find what they want from our unique collection of steel buildings. Residents of New York can keep their belongings secure in one of these sturdy, attractive metal buildings.

We have multiple traits that distinguish our services from the rest of the industry.

  • Our ultimate motto is to earn 100% custom satisfaction.
  • We never appreciate pushy salespeople.
  • We have a huge catalog that includes the best-fit metal garages as per your requirements.
  • We have prefab metal garages at affordable prices.
  • Our online ordering process is smooth and 100% secure
  • We provide the best in the industry pre-sales and after-sales services

So, what are you waiting for? Call our building experts at (704)-741-1587 and discuss your custom building requirements.

Remember, you have made the right decision by selecting Viking Metal Garages for your next metal building project.

Areas Served by Viking Metal Garages in New York

We ensure you can order an ideal building from any location in the United States. We are still providing you with a detailed list of service areas where Viking Metal Garages offers its services.