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Building prices on our website are changing soon due to the industry-wide steel price increase. Call us at (704)-823-6732 for the latest prices of steel buildings.

Metal Garages Georgia

A fully-functional metal garage structure is an ideal choice for people who live in Georgia. If you’re a homeowner in need of a shelter for your vehicles and other belongings, a metal garage building is a perfect solution for you.

Top Selling Metal Garage Buildings in Georgia

Buy Metal Garages in Georgia

Are you always looking to buy a metal garage in Georgia that can match all your requirements based on your circumstances?

We offer top-quality metal garages for sale in Georgia that you can customize to fulfill your needs. Our metal garage prices are highly competitive. Our Georgia metal garages are delivered and installed for free anywhere in the state on your land.

With a pre-engineered metal garage in the GA area, you don't need to worry about harsh weather conditions or any other mishappening. A metal garage provides the perfect shelter for your vehicles, boats, garden equipment, livestock, and other valuables that you want to secure from weather elements and theft. A prefab metal garage structure can also offer you the additional space which you can utilize for a vehicle, for extra storage, or serve as a workshop.

Metal garages GA are sturdy and cost-effective steel structures that are versatile and offer various benefits. Viking Metal Garages is the best garage dealer in Georgia where customers can get top-quality steel garage buildings, direct from the renowned manufacturers. Our steel building specialists also assist you in getting a perfect deal in the shortest lead time. It doesn't matter what type of steel building you're looking for; Viking Metal Garages can be your ideal choice for any metal structure at an affordable price.

Why We Are the Best Metal Garage Dealer in Georgia ?

  • Renowned metal garage dealer in Georgia
  • Georgia-certified garage buildings that are engineered to adhere to the highest standards of quality
  • Provide an extensive range of garage building based on customer needs
  • Endless customizations available for all Georgia metal garage buildings to meet exact needs for layout, aesthetics, and functionality
  • Free delivery and installation included
  • Lowest prices direct from manufacturers
  • Engineered tough for hurricanes, sesmic waves, and more
  • Rent-to-own and metal garage financing available

Monthly Payment Options to Buy Metal Garage in Georgia

Metal Garage Financing in Georgia

Financing with Viking Metal Garages is quick and stress-free. We offer a wide range of metal garage financing solutions to provide the best payment options to all our customers. There are no hidden charges that ensure you are applying for the right financing program.

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime
  • Quick and easy financing process
  • Complete transparency

Rent-to-Own Garages in Georgia

Our metal garage Rent-To-Own option is ideal for ordering a steel building with little upfront amount and affordable monthly payments. We offer highly-durable steel garages in Georgia within our RTO program. In the guidance of metal building representatives, customers can get ownership of building with our easy rent-to-own program. Take advantage of the rent-to-own options without worrying about financing.

  • No credit check
  • Flexible payment options
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Payoff Anytime
  • Instant approval
  • Ownership in 36 months or less

If you have any doubts or want to know more about our RTO and financing program, you can reach our building specialists at (704)-823-6732.

Types of Metal Garages in GA

Browse through multiple types of metal garage buildings in Georgia that we offer. We provide fresh styles of a metal garage for sale and work hard to save our customers hard-earned money. Depending on your specific needs, there is a variety of garage types available to choose from:

One-Car Garages: Most of the customers in Georgia admire a one-car garage that only needs shelter for one small car/vehicle or outdoor equipment. The standard width of a single car garage is 12’ which can further be extended according to your preferences.

Two-Car Garages: Two-car garages in GA are engineered to fit two small or medium-sized vehicles inside with some additional space, which helps in smooth operation and storage needs. You can buy 2-car garage for sheltering one vehicle and end up using the remaining interior space for storage requirements.

Three-Car Garages: 3-car garages are more versatile due to extra space available. Three-car garages in Georgia are great options for homeowners who need protection for multiple vehicles such as trucks, equipment, lawn & agricultural equipment.

Side Entry Garages: Side entry garages are the most economical option if you want to store more vehicles or equipment. You can even add 45-degree frame openings that give it a touch of elegance.

Lean-To Garages: A Lean-to garage building has an extended roof that relies on another wall. Lean-tos can be attached to an existing structure or to a new custom metal garage. They allow extra storage space and can be fully-enclosed or open.

RV Garages: RV Garage is a great option to park your recreational vehicle. All our custom RV garages come with 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel, a variety of roof and side styles, and a wide range of colors.

Commercial Metal Garages: Commercial Garage is highly-suitable steel structure for workshop, inventory, storage, office, or any commercial purposes. It gives a clear span area that you can use for numerous purposes.

Boat Carports: Metal boat carports are a convenient way to store your boat. In a boat cover you can store your boat, clean it, and perform routine maintenance. Our boat covers are made completely of galvanized steel.

Metal Garage Accessories in Georgia

Get high-quality metal garage accessories in GA and increase the usability & durability of your structure.

Gable End: This is a triangular upper part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof.

Garage Overhead Door: Garage overhead door is the most usable part in your building in which you can also add insulation to reduce the transfer of temperature into your garage.

Windows: Windows helps in letting in sunlight and gives a beautiful view of your surroundings.

Sky Lights: The skylight panels come on a 36” Wide x 144” Long which can be used on vertical roof and walls only. These come with class “A” fire rate that can resist heat and can stand up to tough conditions.

Walk-In Door: Walk-in doors provide a secure entry into your steel building without having to constantly open the large door often used for large vehicles.

Roll-Up Doors: Commercial Roll-up doors come with dual springs to help the door move up and down with little effort. These have extruded aluminum on the outside that prevents rust and corrosion from reaching the inside of the door. Garage roll-up doors are made of 26-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel, which is durable and rust-resistant for decades.

Insulation: Reflective insulation is available that is ICC-ES recognized and energy star qualified which works in temperatures as extreme as -20 degrees Celsius and as high as 80 degrees Celsius.

Wainscoting: By using wainscoting, you can add a greater view to the exterior of your metal garage.

Ultimate Benefits of Buying Metal Garages in GA

Our pre-engineered metal garages in Georgia are better than other structures due to various unique features and benefits. Below is a list of some significant advantages:

Cost-Effective: Buying a GA metal garage always a better option over wood as it is cost-effective. You can order from a wide range of custom metal garages without investing more than the traditional wood structures.

Durable: With precision-engineering and high-quality materials, prefab metal garages in GA are durable as they confront adverse weather elements like heavy rain, snow, high winds, and even theft. These metal structures are customizable as per your requirements and maintain robust, sturdy properties till decades.

Made from 100% Galvanized Steel: The metal sheets are manufactured to remain durable for years. We provide 100% galvanized steel with zinc coating that protects the metal panels from rusting.

Low-Maintenance Cost: Steel garages require very little maintenance and repairs. Metal is not affected by the rot or rust that requires less maintenance, compared with wood, which gets damaged by the decay. However, scheduled maintenance should never be compromised if you want to enhance the life of your metal building and keep it durable for years.

Versatile Designs: Due to the availability of versatile designs & styles, metal garages are the top priority for most homeowners.

Endless Customizations: Your garage need is mostly different from other customers. So, metal garages come with endless customizations that give you various options to make your dream steel garage and make it in the way you ever dreamt.

Easy & Quick Install: Steel garages are delivered in prefabricated parts, which only require assembly at your property. The entire metal garage installation takes less time as compared to conventional buildings.

FREE Delivery & Installation: We respect the time of our customers and, in the shortest lead time, offer free delivery and installation of your garage building in your local area.

Certifications Availability: Most of the garage buildings come with a certification that ensures your building strength and its durability against various environmental conditions.

Fire-Resistant: A metal garage building is not susceptible to fire. This fire-resistant quality of steel not only can save you money but also it provides full protection for all your valuables stored away inside.

Enhance Property Value: Adding a new metal garage structure to your property in Georgia can enhance its valuation.

Best Color Options for Your Metal Garage

For the best metal garages in Georgia, we offer a wide range of color options. Garage buildings can customize the wall colors, including side and end walls, and the trim. Opt for your favorite color to beautify your structure and get an attractive look. With our available color options, you can choose to either draw attention with your color option or blend in with the surroundings.

Metal Garage Prices in Georgia

Georgia metal garage prices are affordable, which every customer can consider without having a second thought. But, some factors are determining the price of a new steel garage building. It includes local building codes, local weather requirements, gauge of frame, add-on materials desired, the gauge of sheet metal, and any customized design. Local and state authorities have different rules and regulations for metal buildings, and due to these regulations, metal garage prices vary from region to region. Georgia has local permit requirements that must be met. Residents in Georgia are also responsible for acquiring the necessary paperwork from their municipality. To know the exact cost of your dream metal garage Georgia, give us a call at (704)-823-6732.

Check our latest updated metal garage prices in Georgia:

All the above prices are for standard enclosed metal garage, both sides and ends enclosed, 9-ft height, these prices are subject to change as per the manufacturer.
Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12X21 $2,955 12X21 $3,055 12X21 $3,255
12X26 $3,350 12X26 $3,550 12X26 $3,800
12X31 $3,735 12X31 $4,035 12X31 $4,335
12X36 $4,090 12X36 $4,490 12X36 $4,840
12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $5,465
18X21 $3,275 18X21 $3,375 18X21 $3,575
18X26 $3,670 18X26 $3,895 18X26 $4,145
18X31 $4,055 18X31 $4,405 18X31 $4,705
18X36 $4,410 18X36 $4,885 18X36 $5,235
18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $5,885
20X21 $3,685 20X21 $3,785 20X21 $3,985
20X26 $4,180 20X26 $4,355 20X26 $4,605
20X31 $4,665 20X31 $4,915 20X31 $5,215
20X36 $5,120 20X36 $5,445 20X36 $5,795
20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $6,495
22X21 $4,105 22X21 $4,205 22X21 $4,505
22X26 $4,630 22X26 $4,825 22X26 $5,200
22X31 $5,145 22X31 $5,435 22X31 $5,885
22X36 $5,640 22X36 $6,015 22X36 $6,540
22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $7,315
24X21 $4,415 24X21 $4,615 24X21 $4,815
24X26 $5,010 24X26 $5,285 24X26 $5,535
24X31 $5,595 24X31 $5,945 24X31 $6,245
24X36 $6,050 24X36 $6,575 24X36 $6,925
24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $7,725

Best Uses of Steel Garages in Georgia

A typical use of metal garages is to give shelter from harsh weather elements and to protect vehicles from theft and unwanted damage. But, these days, they have become useful for various applications. People are utilizing these metal structures for personal storage, workshops, a man-cave or she-shed, music or art studio, home office, and sometimes as a fitness center. Due to the endless uses of possibilities, these buildings are the most popular. So, if you are looking for a metal garage that fulfills your requirements, call our building specialists at (704)-823-6732, where we will assist you in selecting the best building based on your needs and requirements.

Different Metal Garages Sizes & Designs in GA

For varied requirements, you can buy different designs & sizes of metal garages. There are some factors to consider when choosing the size of your custom Georgia metal garage. Our most common sizes of metal garages are the following:

When you choose your garage building dimensions, it is recommended to choose a size that is slightly bigger than your requirements.

Areas Served by Viking Metal Garages

Call us at (704)-823-6732 to buy your dream steel garage in Georgia from our wide range of collections. We provide free delivery and installation of metal garages in all areas throughout the state of Georgia Our metal garages in Georgia are delivered and installed all over the state, including Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County, Columbus, Macon-Bibb County, Savannah, Athens-Clarke County, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Johns Creek, Albany, Warner, Robins, Alpharetta, Marietta, Valdosta, Smyrna, and beyond.

Why Choose Viking Metal Garages for Buying a Steel Garage Building in Georgia?

Viking Metal Garages is highly recommended dealer to buy a certified metal garage in Georgia. With free delivery & installation of our sturdy garage buildings, residents in Georgia can have a secure place for their vehicles and valuables at lowest prices.

We have qualified and trained building specialists who work with you to pick the best metal garage. With our low prices on custom metal garage buildings, Georgia customers are guaranteed to be satisfied. Connect Viking Metal Garages at (704)-823-6732 to get the best deal on metal garage at competitive prices.

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