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Building prices on our website are changing soon due to the industry-wide steel price increase. Call us at (704)-741-1587 for the latest prices of steel buildings.

Metal Buildings

Metal Barns

We take pride in being the top provider of prefab barn buildings for the agricultural and farming industry. Our metal barn buildings are of high quality and exceed expectations. Whether you need a barn for your farming or agricultural needs, Viking Metal Garages is here to provide you with the best solution.

    Explore Our High-Quality Steel Barns For Sale

    If you're in the market for top-notch steel barns, look no further. Our collection showcases high-quality barn structures designed to meet your specific needs, whether for farming, agriculture, or other purposes. From durability to versatility, our steel barns are fire-resistant and weatherproof and offer unparalleled customization tailored precisely to fulfill your unique needs. Explore our range of steel barns for sale and buy from our high-quality metal barn buildings.

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    Metal Barn Roof Styles

    Metal barn roofs come in various styles, i.e., Regular, A-shape, and Vertical. Each metal barn roof style offers unique benefits, so choosing the right one depends on factors like climate, aesthetics, and budget.