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Midwest Steel Carports Inc

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About Midwest Steel Carports Inc

Midwest Steel Carports is a renowned metal building manufacturer that offers supreme quality steel structures at an affordable price. The manufacturer works on the motto "YOUR ENVISION, WE BUILT' that makes them the utmost priority for metal building buyers across the United States.

Established in 2013, Midwest Steel Carports has been serving the customers across the country with diverse metal structures, including metal carports,garages,boat carports,commercial buildings, parking garages, side entry steel garages many more.

Top Selling Metal Buildings by Midwest Steel Carports Inc

You can choose from carports, garages, barns, sheds, RV covers, commercial buildings, or make your own via custom metal buildings to fulfill your personal needs. Above all, you get FREE delivery & installation with your order. So, you can make a smart investment by selecting Midwest Steel Carports Inc for your next steel garage building project.

Midwest Steel Carports Inc

Midwest Steel Carports have showcased its core values as its USP that makes it the top metal building manufacturer in the industry. Its core values are: Think Like a Customer: It's essential to think like a customer if you are looking to serve the best. Midwest Steel Carports do the same and hence understand what their customer needs. Be Quick, But Don't Hurry: They are committed to delivering you the quickest delivery. Build to Last: Midwest Steel Carports is the renowned metal building manufacturer made to last for decades. Details are Critical: The manufacturer gives keen attention to the building details to ensure their buyers get a building as expected. Honesty and Integrity Matters: The manufacturing company always maintains its honesty and integrity with the customers to build trust and long-term relations.

Top Features Offered by Midwest Steel Carports, Inc.

Galvanized Steel Options: Midwest Steel Carports have two gauge options i.e., 14-ga and 12-ga, offered with different measurements and warranties. 14-ga is mostly accepted for carports and is considered as an economical option. However, 12-ga tubing is 30% thicker and 30% stronger steel tubing with high tensile strength. Check out more gauge details below. 12-Gauge
  • Heavy-Duty Option – High Tensile Strength
  • Best for heavy snow loads and high winds
  • 20 Year Warranty on Rust-Through of Frame
  • 2 -1/4″ x 2 -1/4″ in diameter
  • .0747 inch think
  • Economical Option
  • 7 Year Warranty on Rust-Through of Frame
  • Industry Standard
  • 2 -1/2″ x 2 -1/2″ in diameter
  • .1046 inch thick
Bubble Insulation: Midwest Steel Carports offer Bubble insulation that can curb the transfer of heat energy in and out. It is composed of polyethylene bubbles that function as additional thermal-barrier and tackle condensation problems in metal buildings. Below listed are the benefits of using bubble insulation:
  • Blocks 96% of Radiant Heat Transfer
  • Prevents Interior Condensation
  • Class 1 / Class A Fire Rated
  • Unaffected by Humidity
  • Will not promote Mold and Mildew

Metal Garage Warranty Offered by Midwest Steel Carports, Inc

Warranty Against Rust:
  • Midwest Steel Carports provides a 20-year rust-through warranty for 12-Gauge units (only for framing material).
  • The manufacturer gives 7-years rust-through warranty for 14-Gauge units (only for framing material)
However, regular user care & maintenance is expected to enhance its life further. Paint Warranty: Metal buildings made by Midwest Steel Carports can sustain for 3-4 decades without fail. So, you can stay assured of zero cracks in roofing and side panels. So, Midwest Steel Carports offer you a 40-years warranty against Crack in side-panels and roofing. However, minute fractures are not included in the warranty. Furthermore, failure due to substrate corrosion is excluded. Workmanship Guarantee:
  • Under a hassle-free workmanship guarantee, the manufacturer covers your metal structure for 1-year against any defects due to bad workmanship.
  • Roof leaking is generally covered.
Remember, if the concrete wasn't poured according to Midwest Steel Carports instructions, no warranty is provided for leaking at the base rail or under the doors. Wind Warranty: All metal structures manufactured by Midwest Steel Carports encompass a 20-year wind warranty when you (buyer) purchase the required number of anchors. However, if you have purchased non-factory built anchors, no warranty will be provided. Also, due to any reason, if the required anchors aren't installed (which is beyond Midwest Steel Carport's control); your warranty will be void.

100% Delivery Guarantee by Midwest Steel Carports:

Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. gives you a delivery guarantee in such a competitive market where no other metal garage manufacturer is offering you the same. The manufacturer will commit to deliver & install units within 4-weeks (April-October) after the contract is approved by Seller & Buyer is ready. However, if your metal building isn't installed within this timeframe, you will get a discount of $50 after every week installation falls beyond 4 weeks. However, the installation's actual date is affected by different factors that include steel demand, available orders, and more. Remember, all warranties take effect from the completion date of unit installation.

Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. Benefits:

From a quick manufacturing process to Quick delivery & installation, Midwest Steel Carports bestow multiple benefits to the buyers. Below listed are unmatched benefits offered by this manufacturer. Easy RTO & Financing Options: Don't wait for years to save money and order a prefab metal garage. Instead, choose from the Rent-to-Own or Financing option that gives you the liberty to own a metal garage with a small deposit. You can convert the rest amount in monthly installments. With the Metal Garage RTO Program, you get your money with no credit checks. So, don't worry if you have a bad credit history. You can get your cash and order a custom metal garage hassle-free. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers a metal garage financing option that gives you the option to choose from different financing companies and get the lowest interest rates. With an easy approval process, you get your cash in the shortest time and order the best-fit structure right away. 100% Galvanized Steel: Every metal building component is 100% galvanized that adds a rustproof trait to your metal structure. 100% galvanized steel buildings ensure your garage buildings will stay protected from rust. Zinc coating is applied to the metal garage components in the galvanization process that makes them rustproof. Quick Delivery & Installation: As mentioned earlier, all-metal structures offered by Midwest Steel Carports have free delivery & installation. So, you can save a significant amount in your pocket and get a full metal garage. You are no longer required to hire third-party contractors for a metal garage installation. Certified Metal Garages Available: If you live in states with major weather hazards, it's essential to install a certified metal structure that can tackle such risks without damaging your assets. Midwest Steel Carports assure you with certified metal garages that are available at highly competitive prices. You can further customize them to meet your requirements.

Midwest Steel Carports, Inc. Service Areas

The installation service of Midwest Steel Carports is situated in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Its service area also includes Michigan's Lower Peninsula and part of the Upper Peninsula. Feel free to give us a call at (704)-741-1587 to know more about the service area of Midwest Steel Carports.

Midwest Steel Carports Pricing

At Viking Metal Garages, you get multiple building types that have a different price tag. However, the mentioned price isn't the same for every buyer across the United States. Metal building price entirely varies depending upon your location due to code rating. If you want to know more about the manufacturer buildings and the affordable buying options, reach us at (704)-741-1587.

Building Types Offered By Midwest Steel Carports, Inc.

Working with Midwest Steel Carports, Viking Metal Garages is proud to offer you multiple building options to choose and make a smart investment for your future. The manufacturer provides you different building options that you can choose based on your necessity. Metal Barns: It is a multi-functional steel building that includes a center unit alongside two attached lean-tos. Such metal structures are highly reliable to fulfill your farming requirements. They are also known as AG Buildings or Farm metal buildings. You can park your vehicles in the center unit and store your livestock, hay in the attached cabins. Metal Carports: Carports are a convenient and cost-effective option to safeguard your vehicles from sunlight and rain. You can buy custom steel carports with endless customization. Customization options include panel color, trim color, roof-style, insulation, etc. Call (704)-741-1587 to know more about customization options. Metal Garages: Metal garages are the most convenient option that can be used for endless purposes. You can use your steel garage for parking vehicles, in-house office, storage, small warehouse, or even a shop for livelihood. The Garages are generally given a height of 10’-11’, which is good enough to store ample items. Metal RV Carports: Steel RV Covers are essential to protect your RV, Motorhome, and camper from weather damages and thefts. Metal Sheds: Metal sheds are useful to park your boat when it is not in use. Metal sheds can be customized as per your needs and budget. Commercial Steel Buildings: For high-end operations, ordering a certified metal building is highly recommended. Midwest Steel Carports offer you certified workshop buildings at affordable prices and endless customizations.

Roof Styles Options by Midwest Steel Carports, Inc

Midwest Steel Carports offer you three roof style options that can be opted when ordering your dream metal structure. Regular Roof Style: Also known as Standard Roof, it is the most economical roof style option selected to protect your vehicles, equipment from heavy sunlight, and rain. However, it doesn’t offer you adequate strength as it is built to confront normal weather conditions. A-Frame Horizontal Roof: This is also known as Boxed Eave roof style, which has an A-shape roof style but has horizontal panels installed. It is opted to tolerate moderate weather hazards. Yet, it isn’t effective to protect your vehicles completely from harsh weather. The A-frame roof doesn’t have a ridge cap and hat channels. Vertical Roof Style: It is highly recommended to tolerate adverse weather elements like a hurricane, tornado, downpour, seismic waves, etc. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, as it does not support still-water or snow issues. Vertical roof-style metal garages are suggested to homeowners living in areas with high winds, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, etc. However, you must know that the vertical roof style is costlier than later options.

Viking Metal Garages -Authorized Dealer of Midwest Steel Carports

With Viking Metal Garages, look no further to order your dream metal garage today and experience the premium manufacturer service by Midwest Steel Carports. Committed to offering top-notch craftsmanship with shortest lead time, the manufacturer is available to serve you for all your needs. So, give us a call today at (704)-741-1587 and let us build your dream custom building to match your surroundings and serve you for decades with the lowest maintenance cost.

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