Know Everything About Site Preparation for Metal Garage Buildings
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Know Everything About Site Preparation for Metal Garage Buildings

VMG-Website Blog-Know Everything About Site Preparation for Metal Garage Buildings
  • November 18, 2022

After purchasing a metal building or ordering it online, you are already halfway done. Now, what about the rest? You might be feeling confused about the site installation process. The site preparation process for a metal building consists of various steps and guidelines that must consider during the process.

Site preparation is a crucial task that ensures the hassle-free installation of metal buildings. It will reduce the complexity of the building installation process and prevent any delay in the process. To keep everything aligned, you can consider the guidelines of metal building experts.

There is enough time for you to plan everything for site preparation. After placing the order, you have enough lead time to complete the site preparation process. The procedure for site preparation mainly relies on the type of base you select for your metal building.

For example, if you are planning for a four-car metal garage, you can ask metal building experts to provide all building specifications to complete the foundation before the lead time ends.

Metal Building Preparation for Different Base Types

Base types people generally consider are soil type, concrete type, and wooden base. The guidelines and processes you will consider are different for each base type.

Consider following guidelines to make the site preparation process seamless and get your metal building by time.

For Soil Base

It is slightly tricky to plan metal buildings on the soil base because of the uncontrolled movement in the ground. Considering the following process can ease the process of site preparation and prefab steel structure installation.

The first thing you need to do for the site preparation process is to remove vegetation nearby the metal building foundation. Without clearing vegetation, developing a better grip for anchors in the soil will be difficult.

Based on the soil compaction test results, you can plan the site leveling process accordingly. Soil compaction is essential to prepare a strong base for the proposed metal garage building foundation.

Before pouring the foundation, you must clean everything. An area free from dirt and debris will reduce the complexities of pouring the foundation and installing a steel garage building over it. This process lets you keep the site ready for the steel garage building installation.

For Concrete Base

The concrete foundation is one of the best foundation types for prefab garage buildings. The concrete foundation is more stable and long-lasting than other base types.

Similar to the soil type base, it is also essential for you to clean vegetation for the installation site to prevent errors in the process. There are four types of foundation types you can use for metal buildings which are: Slab Type, Perimeter Type, and Pier Type. Here are a few recommendations you can consider for concrete type foundation type.

According to local building guidelines, you can select an appropriate base for the metal garage building, whether for a small one-car garage or an oversized industrial metal garage. But one thing you must keep in mind is to level the ground before pouring the foundation and ensure the drainage system is set up at earlier stages.

Based on the design of the metal building you are planning, you can select the direction of slope and drainage along with the appropriate foundation design. Concrete foundations take at least 72 hours to get set before any kind of construction on them. It is essential for you to consider these 72 hours in the site preparation task to keep the site ready for installation on time.

Apart from the slope or direction of the drainage system, you must ensure that the thickness of the foundation slab should be more than 4 inches and offer proper grip to install concrete anchors in the foundation slab.

Following the above guidelines will reduce all the complexities of the metal building installation process and offer a strong base for your structure.

For Wooden Deck

It is uncommon if you are planning a metal building on a wooden dock. But guidelines for establishing a metal garage building on a wooden dock are challenging. But, still, there is scope for the metal building to get installed on the dock. You can consider following the site preparation guide for the wooden dock base for the steel garage building.

First, you must ensure that the wooden dock area is clean and clear for the installation process. You are responsible for clearing the pathway for better accessibility during delivery time. Improving accessibility to the wooden dock will make the delivery of prefab components seamless and hassle-free.

In case the location of wooden dock is more than a specific limit from the estimated distance, you have to pay additional labor costs. Another thing that is most important for you is to check the sturdiness of the dock before starting the installation of the steel; structure.

Get Support at Viking Metal Garages

After knowing site preparation guidelines for various base types, if you are still feeling confused about it. So, let us help you through the site preparation process for building installation. With years of experience and expertise in metal building installation, we at Viking Metal Garages are ready to offer our best services. Call us at (704)-741-1587 or contact us online for personalized support.

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