Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Furniture Business in North Carolina
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Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Furniture Business in North Carolina

Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Furniture Business in North Carolina
  • September 8, 2021

The furniture industry in North Carolina is not only thriving, but it is also one of the state’s most important sectors, with pieces being shipped all over the country and beyond for people to enjoy. There are roughly 300 furniture businesses in North Carolina alone, and they all work hard to help the state’s economy develop.

Furniture manufacturers in North Carolina employ approximately 36,000 people, indicating that they are working hard to meet demand, with some growing and needing new facilities. The good news is that a variety of steel buildings are available to satisfy this purpose, and they are more durable and cost-effective than traditional industrial structures. Learn more about them right now!

How Steel Buildings are Beneficial for Furniture Business?

High Durability

Steel is one of the most long-lasting materials available, resulting in structures that outlast more traditional structures. You can rely on each steel building to perform with the least amount of maintenance each year because it is built of galvanized steel.

Clearspan Shed

Steel buildings can also be designed with a clear span to maximize the amount of space available for your company. This is achievable because a metal building uses fewer materials than a traditional building, minimizing the need for interior supports.

Flexible Customizations

Each company has unique requirements, and furniture companies in North Carolina are no exception. You may create a building that fulfills all of your business’s demands without paying more than you can afford with commercial metal buildings.

Best Cost-Savviness

The cost of constructing a structure using traditional methods and materials is prohibitively expensive, especially when considering the continuing maintenance requirements. Steel structures are a wonderful choice because they are less expensive to construct and maintain.

Ultimate Safety & Security

Prefabricated steel buildings also provide a high level of protection against damp, vermin, and even fire, giving you peace of mind that your business will not be harmed in any way.


Climate awareness is more vital than ever before, and picking an environmentally friendly material like steel will lessen your company’s environmental effect.

North Carolina Building Codes

Before you buy a new metal structure in North Carolina, you should think about the regulations in place as well as any permissions you might need. Because North Carolina is notorious for its extreme weather, local governments will need all structures to be completely inspected and protected by a permit to ensure that they are as safe and secure as they need to be to survive any weather event that may occur.

We offer certified buildings at Viking Metal Garages, and we can help you understand the rules in your area so you can buy the proper structure and comprehend the options accessible to you — just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give it!

Now, you know the building regulations of NC and how steel buildings are perfect for your furniture business. Metal buildings have the suitable features to nurture your business and help you grow!

Viking Metal Garages is one of the reputed steel building dealers, and you can get premium-quality steel buildings at the industry’s best prices. We provide heavy-duty steel buildings with full customization options to meet your needs.

When you buy your steel building from us, it will come with a 20-year rust warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

You can even choose from our flexible payment options RTO and Financing if you can’t pay off in a single shot. So, order your commercial shed in NC today! If you need any help or support, call us at (704)-823-6732.