6 Tips to Elevate Life of Your Prefabricated Metal Building
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6 Tips to Elevate Life of Your Prefabricated Metal Building

6 Tips to Elevate Life of Your Prefabricated Metal Building
  • January 13, 2022

A prefab metal garage provides numerous benefits. The increased demand for custom steel structures has made it necessary for almost every homeowner in the US. However, custom steel buildings also require maintenance to stay in shape like other buildings. For first-time owners, metal building maintenance is a challenging task as they are unfamiliar with the basic maintenance tips. Interestingly, with simple yet effective tips, you can extend the life of your garage building.

So, without any further delay, below are 7 crucial tips that will help you increase your building’s life.

1. Clean Your Construction Area

The area where the metal garage is installed must be cleaned regularly. The garage surrounding is covered by plants and herbs that can damage your foundation with time. Ultimately, it will affect the life of your custom metal garage. Hence, you should clean the surroundings regularly and keep them clean.

Another critical point is, ensure no metal item is leaned up against the sides as it may invite rusting to the structure.

2. Maintain Landscape Wisely

If you are planning to plant bushes and hedges, make sure they are enough away from your building. As mentioned, big trees or bushes can damage the building’s foundation. Hence, you should plan them away from your prefab steel building. Even small plants can pose a substantial problem to your steel structure.

3. Clean Metal Building Roof & Gutter

Regular cleaning of the roof and gutter is essential to ensure water doesn’t find its place on the roof. Water storage on the roof can cause trouble to your structure and degrade its life. If you have a vertical roof steel building, less maintenance is required to encourage easy water and snow runoff.

However, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning the gutters. The gutters get blocked by the dead leaves, dust, and dirt on the roof with time.

4. Replace Hinges Regularly

Hinges experience wear and tear with regular use. Unnoticed wear and tear can cause unpredicted disasters, which you can avoid with timely inspection and replacement. Hence, you should check your doors, windows, and garage doors to ensure good condition. Regular replacement of hinges and joints will keep windows and doors in good condition.

5. Clean the Exterior Annually

As the exterior is covered with dust, your building loses its appearance with time. The dust coat can cause harm to your building if it remains unattended for years. Dirt isn’t a trouble for your steel building, but it can attract moss and algae growth. Hence, you should clean your metal building annually. It will remove the dirt and moss from your structure.

6. Check for Leakage and Control Condensation

Condensation is a major problem that should be attended with no delay. Condensation can cause rusting of building components and minimize the life of your steel garage building. A building may look good outside, but condensation damages its interior. Leakage or incorrect insulation is the major reason behind condensation.

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So, you should check for leakage spots in your building. Once you determine the prime spots of leakage, attend them immediately. If required, you should choose the right insulation for your building.

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