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44'x30'x12' Carolina Barn Side View

This 44'x30'x12' Carolina Barn comes with two garage doors, four windows, and more.

53'x40'x14' Carolina Barn With Lean To

This 53'x40'x14' Carolina Barn is a smart investment that comes with two garage doors, one additional lean-to, and more.

44'x21'x12' Seneca Barn

This 44'x21'x12' Seneca Barn is installed with two frameouts, two lean-to, and more.

42'x40'x13' Metal Barn

This 42'x40'x13' Carolina Barn comes with one walk-in door, one garage door, and more.

42'x36'x12' Step Down Barn Front View

This 42’x36’x12′ Step Down Barn is a smart investment that comes with two walk-in doors and vertical roof. Its complete details are:

46'x31'x16' Continous Roof Barn

This 46'x31'x16' Continous Roof Barn is a smart investment that comes with two garage doors and vertical roof.

42'x36'x13' Regular Roof Barn

This is a 42'x36'x13' Regular Roof Barn which is perfetly fit as a horse barn builing.

42'x35'x12' Two Tone Metal Barn

This 42’x35’x12′ Two Tone Metal Barn comes with three garage doors, one walk-in door, and more. Its complete details are:

42'x30'x13' Steel Barn

This 42'x30'x13' Carolina Barn is a steel barn that comes with one garage door, one walk-in door and more.

42'x30'x12' Step Down Barn

This 42'x30'x12' Step Down Barn comes with two garage doors, two walk-in doors, and more.

40'x25'x12' Metal Barn Building Front View

This 40'x25'x12' Metal Barn Building is an all-vertical barn that comes with one garage door, one walk-in door, and more.

39'x35'x13' Agricultural Barn Front View

This 39'x35'x13' agricultural barn building comes with one walk-in door, one garage door, and more.

36'x20'x14' Barn

Check this 36'x20'x14' Custom Barn that comes with one 12x20x14 center unit and two 12x20x9 lean-too.

24'x25'x12' Two Car Metal Garage

24'x25'x12' Two Car Metal Garage is a good investment to serve your parking, workshop, mancave or she-shed needs.

46'x60'x12' Metal Livestock Shelter

This 46'x60'x12' Metal Livestock Shelter comes with two 10x10 roll-up garage doors, one 36x80 walk-in door, and more.

28'x80'x12' Metal Combo Unit

This 28'x80'x12' Metal Combo Unit comes with one 10x10 roll-up garage door, four 30x36 windows and more.

24'x25'x12' Two Car Garage

Check this 24'x25'x12' Two Car Garage - the right option to safeguard your two cars and give utmost protection from harsh weather and theft.

40'x55'x10' Step Down Barn

40'x55'x10' Step Down Barn is also called Carolina Barn and comes with an open center unit and two lean-too.

20'x30'x10' Metal Combo Unit

20'x30'x10' Metal Combo Unit is a single structure that includes a storage unit alongside an open carport.

72'x148'x18' Multi Storage Building

This 72'x148'x18' Multi Storage Building is the right investment that can be used as a multi-parking area or self-storage building.

Viking Metal Garages
One Stop Destination for Metal Garage Needs

Viking Metal Garages is your one-stop destination for all metal garage needs. Whether you need a parking space for your RV, car, boat, or you want storage space for hay, farming equipment, we have the vast catalog of steel garages that you can purchase directly from the manufacturer. We believe in quality service. Hence, we assure you of the least possible lead time.

Viking Metal Garages is a leading metal garage dealer in the United States, dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our manufacturing process features high-quality American steel and professional craftsmanship, ensuring durable and reliable structures. We offer a wide range of customizable metal garages to meet your specific needs, from protecting vehicles to creating extra storage space. You can customize your metal garage to fit your specific needs.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust Viking Metal Garages to deliver a product that stands the test of time. Experience the difference with our expertly crafted metal garages and enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is built to last. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to call our building specialists at (704)-741-1587. We're here to help!

Our Metal Building Experts also proffer you Metal Carports, Metal Barns, Metal RV Covers, Metal Workshop Buildings, Utility Carports, Storage Buildings and many more. You can order your custom metal garage here! Metal Building requirements are different for every homeowner. So, you might require other buildings that can fulfill all your basic necessities without moving out of Budget. Our metal garage experts are available to assist you with multiple options to choose from.

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Viking Metal Garages is a team of professional metal building specialists who understand your needs and cater to you the best metal garage. We bestow you wide range of Metal Garage buildings based on their Parking Capacity, Garages Sizes, Metal Garages Types at an affordable price. So, if you are planning to install a metal garage in your property, Viking Metal Garage is your utmost place to land and find the most reliable and durable steel frame garages.

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The entire team of Viking Metal Garages is highly experienced in the metal building niche. It has carried the legacy that makes them one of the best Metal Garage Dealers in the USA. We have accreditation with the top Steel building manufacturers in the United States. The whole team is keen on customer needs and entertains them with the best possible consultation. Our team is delighted to make the customers happy!

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We have an easy process to buy prefab metal garage or customize your garage. We are #1 Metal Garage Dealers in the USA. For you, we have Top Selling Metal Buildings on our homepage. You can even search to find your building. You can simply order it with standard dimensions and components. However, in case of customization, you can make the required changes and put an order. We have gathered the resources to provide you a hassle-free ordering process.

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Viking Metal Garages is #1 Metal Garage Dealer in the United States. We believe in Happy Customers that’s our motto to sell prefab metal buildings

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We have Rent-To-Own as well as multiple Financing options which anyone can opt to purchase your dream steel structure. We never let funds make a barrier in buying your dream garage.

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