Common Problems with Storing Your RV at Home
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Common Problems with Storing Your RV at Home

Common Problems with Storing Your RV at Home
  • May 3, 2022

You own an RV, which means a significant area of your land is allocated for its parking. While an RV might be the perfect adventure vehicle, it can be difficult to store when not in use. Initially, most RV owners prefer parking them in the open, which can cause various problems. Yet, they don’t consider the troubles and prefer storing their RV at home.

Parking your RV at home can cause problems which you must consider when allocating an open space for your recreational vehicles.

Damages by Insects:

Parking your RV open will allow insects, pests, flies, ants, etc., to enter your RV through cracks and start causing damage to its interior. You don’t inspect the RV interior frequently, which will end up causing big damage by the time you acknowledge the attack.

Damages by Trees:

BY parking in the open, you expose your recreational vehicle to trees that can damage your RV’s roof, windshield, or peel off its paint. Branches falling from the trees will cause significant damage that will demand hefty repairs to bring them back in good & working condition.

Threat of Theft:

An RV parked in the open means it is visible to all (including thieves). This makes your RV vulnerable to thefts. Even if you install a security system in your RV, it will still remain sensitive and prone to theft.

Degrade Paint by Sunlight:

Exposure to sunlight directly impacts the paint quality of your recreational vehicle. With time, the quality of paint degrades. Some RV owners prefer applying the wax coating, but the coating doesn’t last long and brings your RV back to its initial condition.

Hassle in Parking:

Until you don’t have a dedicated parking space for your RV, it becomes challenging to park your vehicle at a dedicated place. This makes it a hassle to manage the open area and place your RV rightly.

Degrade your Home Appeal:

Yes, parking your RV in open looks great to you, but it doesn’t suit the overall home appeal. Some RV owners show off by parking their vehicles in the open.

Blockage to Other Vehicles:

Your vehicles are already parking in a garage, but after parking your RV, the driveway gets blocked, causing trouble for your vehicles to move out whenever required.

Condensation-Related Problems:

Condensation is a big problem that can create numerous other troubles in the RV, including mold, corrosion, etc.

The right and most effective way to deal with all these issues is regular inspection of your RV for all these issues. Unfortunately, routine inspection of your recreational vehicles isn’t possible for everyone as it requires time and effort.

What if you can get a practice solution to this problem?

A prefabricated metal RV cover is the right investment if you want to protect your recreational vehicle from all-weather odds. Yes, metal RV covers are the practical solution to all hurdles mentioned above.

A one-time investment in custom RV covers can serve your myriad needs without draining your investment. There are numerous benefits of investing in a metal RV garage; below are the prominent ones.

Protection from Vandalism & Theft: First and foremost, purpose of buying a metal RV carport is safety. Your RV will remain safe from vandalism and theft, common with openly parked vehicles.

All-Weather Protection: Whether it’s snowfall, heat waves, rainfall, or fall, your RV is entirely safe from weather hazards. A certified RV cover can protect your vehicles from hurricanes, floods, and even seismic waves.

Easy to Maintain: Post-installation, you won’t require frequent RV and RV cover maintenance. Steel RV carports require minimal maintenance. Simultaneously, your RV parked in a carport won’t require frequent and heavy maintenance; this cumulatively saves your maintenance efforts and cost.

Cost-Effective: Cost is the prominent trait of metal carports. A standard RV carport will cost you less than conventional wood carports. Moreover, its upkeep cost is lower than a wood carport.

Quick Installation: Steel carports hardly take a week for installation. Overall, the exact installation time of RV metal covers is lesser than conventional stick carports.

So, this brings you to a stage where you can decide whether parking your RV at home is a wise decision or invest some money to build a dedicated RV cover for it.

If your decision is steel RV carports, we can help you with the right and most feasible carports you can buy at a fair price. For any buying assistance, you can call us at (704)-823-6732.

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