Are Metal Garages Really Cheaper than Wooden Garages?
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Are Metal Garages Really Cheaper than Wooden Garages?

Are Metal Garages Really Cheaper than Wooden Garages?
  • April 25, 2022

Steel buildings do not require an introduction because you may view several structures made of steel, some of which are known as the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

People nowadays are knowledgeable enough of the differences between wood and metal garages to make an informed decision. Low cost is one of the most important characteristics that has raised demand since its inception in the construction sector.

To some extent, the cost-effectiveness of prefabricated metal garages makes sense for first-time owners. On the other hand, how many of you feel that custom metal garages are less expensive than wood garages?

This is a big topic for discussion, and hence experts from Viking Metal Garages bring you the perfect answer.

Numerous factors are involved in concluding steel garages as cost-effective. Before concluding the outcome, below listed are factors you must consider.

Steel Garages are Affordable:

Paying upfront is the first step to starting your metal garage journey. If you have decided to put your hard-earned money in a steel garage, you have made a smart move towards a green environment. Steel has huge availability on the planet. It means steel reserves are enough to fulfill your needs without worrying about its shortage.

This makes steel cost-effective! However, wood and concrete aren’t easily available. Timber demands cutting trees that cause deforestation. Moreover, concrete structures contribute to indoor pollution, bringing health hazards to residents.

Gives Vast Usable Space:

What’s more satisfying than getting 100% usable space from your garage structure? Prefab garage buildings are made with zero internal columns. It gives you 100% space that you can use as required.

Zero internal column means you don’t have any obstructions in your structure. Hence, you can design your garage as you want.

Getting full space for use eliminates the demand for additional structure, which save your investment further and adds to the cost-effective trait of custom metal garages.

Fewer People Required for Installation:

Metal buildings are always delivered to your land in prefabricated components. Hence, you hire professional installers for garage erection. Interestingly, steel garage buildings only require onsite assembly where prefabricated components are bolted together.

In short, fewer people are required to assemble your structure which saves your high installation cost. Contrary to this, wood structures require more highly-trained installers than steel garages, which add to the final garage cost.

Above all, Viking Metal Garages don’t let you bother about installation costs. We have dealerships of top metal garage manufacturers. Some of our manufacturers provide free delivery and installation at your site. This gives you an advantage over other dealers who put delivery and installation burden in addition to upfront costs.

NOTE: Subjected to the manufacturer, you may or may not get free installation at your land. You can reach us at ☎️ (704)-823-6732 to discuss the delivery and installation facilities offered by us.

Save on Insurance Premium:

Insurance is a must to protect your investment in steel garages against any natural calamities. Steel garages are resistant to fire, rusting, corrosion, etc. This makes it a durable option for buyers.

On the other hand, wood is susceptible to fire, termites, pests, and other weather hazards. It makes them vulnerable, and hence their insurance premium is higher than steel garages.

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Long Lifespan:

A custom steel garage can stand still for 3-4 decades if maintained timely. Timely maintenance includes quick inspection for dents, peel-off paint, blocked gutters, etc. These maintenances don’t require heavy investment.

On the other hand, wood structures have nearly half the lifespan of steel garages. Moreover, maintenance of wood garage includes pests’ treatment, replacement/repair of rot wood, broken wooden planks, etc. Wood garage requires frequent inspection and repairs that cost you higher than steel buildings. In short, investing in steel structure save you on maintenance cost.

The abovementioned points clearly take us to the conclusion that steel garage buildings are cheaper than wood garages.

So, if you are planning a prefabricated steel garage project, we provide you a comprehensive metal garage options that come in different designs, sizes, customization, and more. We can help you find the right steel structure for your land. Call at ☎️ (704)-823-6732 and let us make your garage buying journey smooth and hassle-free. Paying total upfront is yet another hassle most buyers face. We have Rent-To-Own that includes no credit checks. We also have multiple financing options offering the lowest interest rates. These two options allow you to get your dream garage building with a small deposit.