Designing The Perfect Metal Building For Your Archery Range

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Designing The Perfect Metal Building For Your Archery Range

Designing The Perfect Metal Building For Your Archery Range
  • May 3, 2024

Archery is one of the fastest-growing sports in America. While the majority of them are recreational, the remaining ones are for hunting and professional sports. The recreational range is usually 15 meters (approx. 49 ft.), while the world standard is 18 meters (approx. 59 ft.), which can be extended up to 25 meters (approx. 89 ft.) or more. To cater to such large buildings with unobstructed interiors, archery metal buildings with clear spans are the best bet. But why prefer indoors? Let’s see.

Why Choose Indoor Archery Metal Buildings?

Indoor archery has many benefits. We have listed some major ones below.

  • It is safe as the indoor environment is consistent, and you can practice for hours.
  • It is a form of physical exercise for the arms and back, and it helps increase focus and concentration and boosts hand-eye coordination.
  • You can even design a course and create an indoor training session for interested individuals.
  • More people can gather indoors and learn from each other, building up their social skills.

Should You Have A Home Shooting Range?

It depends on your training habits and goals. Installing and maintaining your range is an investment of both money and time. But if you are a professional or a person who likes showcasing and practicing archery skills, a personal training space will be worth it. You can even explore your shooting style, which could be limited to a local public range.

You can have an archery steel structure installed in your backyard. In the future, you can convert this building into an archery teaching center or rent it out. With metal buildings, you never have to worry about us, as they are built to be multi-purpose.

Advantages Of Archery Steel Buildings

I. Low After Care

You won’t need rigorous cleaning on a monthly basis. Metal structures generally do not require very high maintenance, such as termite inspection and control, or suffer pest infestation very often, reducing the overall cost of upkeep. High-quality metal neither rots nor decays, so no frequent replacement is necessary.

Keep the premises clean, remove any food droppings, and close the trashcan with a secured lid to prevent rodents from practicing their skills when you are not around. You can also use metal screens to keep insects out.

II. Strength

Steel structures are known for their durability and robust nature. Steel is an inorganic, non-porous material that does not allow water to penetrate or termites to munch on it. It retains structural strength and load-bearing capacity with time.

That’s why most industrial buildings are made of structural steel. They are cost-effective and fairly resistant to daily wear and tear.

III. Fast To Assemble

Prefab steel building components are designed in the factory. They are easy to ship even over long distances. In addition, assembly takes less time, as most of the work is already done in the factory. This reduces the time for the building’s installation, and less labor is needed. So, you save both time and money.

Archery metal buildings can be erected quickly, so you can set up a shooting range without any delays. This will be helpful, especially if you are practicing for a tournament.

IV. Fire Proof

Steel structures coated with fire retardants like intumescent, vermiculite, etc., can withstand a fire outbreak for up to four hours. Other safety features can also be easily incorporated into steel structures to ensure compliance with local guidelines and adverse weather conditions. How? Let’s have a look.

V. Stable Structure

Wooden structures need extensive repair and replacement due to termite colonies, wood decay fungus, and reoccurring climatic changes. Steel, on the other hand, is not affected by any of these. Living organisms like insects, rodents, etc., have a hard time living on metal surfaces. Copper is especially resistant to microbial growth.

The structure will be sturdy throughout the years, with no creatures purging around.

Features You Must Include In Metal Buildings For Archery

Proper Lighting

Like with any other sports facility, archery also needs proper lighting. The good news is with the metal structure, it is easy to incorporate natural light with skylights, solar tubes, clerestory windows, translucent panels, etc.

You can add artificial lights for nighttime lighting. LEDs are the best option as they consume less energy, are bright, and do not heat up.


The shooting range must have at least 3 meters of internal clearance on either side of the target. If you plan to build a commercial or educational archery center, ensure enough spacing between the two practice areas.


It may occasionally occur that you miss the target or that an armature loses the target and hits the wall. Though steel walls are sturdy, an arrow thrown at them at a high speed can cause a dent or puncture. So, it’s the best practice to install a backdrop. Usually, it is installed behind the target. It could be a thick foam mat or layered cardboard.

Target Retrievers

You can walk up to the target area to replace the paper, but that won’t be fun. Instead, you can invest in a quality target retrieval system.

Reactive Targets

To mix things up a bit, you can install reactive targets such as spinners, swingers, poppers, bowling pins, etc.

Safety Protocols

Wear an arm guard, finger tab, gloves, and sturdy shoes. Examine your bow for cracks, dents, or other defects. Ensure your arrow is pointing downwards towards the target. Always use the appropriate type of arrow for shooting, and do not forget to reserve a safety zone.

Note: Keep an emergency first aid kit in archery steel buildings to address any accident quickly.

Other Amenities

Select a target that is appropriate for your skill level. Make sure that the target is mounted correctly and securely located at the same height and distance. Consider other items like a sound system, bow stand, arrow quiver, storage rack, etc.

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