Comparing 40 Wide Garage Buildings: Features, Pricing, And Options

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Comparing 40 Wide Garage Buildings: Features, Pricing, And Options

Comparing 40 Wide Garage Buildings: Features, Pricing, And Options
  • April 26, 2024

Structural steel has become popular in the residential and agricultural sectors in recent decades. From being custom-designed to modern and sleek looks, metal structures have come a long way, from boring industrial settings to new and trendy features. One of the widely selling metal buildings has to be a 40-foot-wide structure. But why? Let’s see some solid reasons one by one.

Features Of 40 Wide Garage Buildings

1. Spacious Interior

A 40 x 40, 40 x 60, and 40 x 80 metal building has 1600 square feet or more interior space. You can easily park about four regular-size cars in it. But that’s not it. It can hold two cars, and the remaining space can be used as a storage area, a personal workshop, or a home office.

In addition, if you opt for a clear-span metal building with a width of 40 ft., you get the freedom to design the interior. You can create sections and use them for multiple purposes, such as a living area and an office space or a small cafeteria with an in-house kitchen.

Note: All measurements are in feet.

2. Durability & Longevity

Viking Metal Garages sells only high-quality steel that is long-lasting and requires little upkeep. All steel buildings can be maintained by cleaning them once or twice a year and regularly inspecting them. You can use water and mild detergent for cleaning.

During inspection, one can check for minor rusting, gaps, holes, and wind drafts along the framing of windows and doors. If rust develops, scrap it off and apply primer and paint over it. Waterproof sealant is a great option for holes and gaps.

No Rot Or Decay

Unlike wood, metals are non-porous materials that do not absorb moisture from air or rain. Hence, they do not rot or decay with time. That implies the building won’t need frequent repair and replacement. Metal structures will retain their structural strength over time.

Resistant To Elements

Metal is inorganic by nature. They do not attract pests, insects, or other small creatures for living and feeding. That way, your structure will be hygienic and pest-free most of the time. But that is not it! Metal buildings also resist critical weather phenomena such as high-speed wind, heavy snowfall, and rainfall.

3. Cost Effective

Metal structures may be slightly higher in initial cost, but they pay for themselves in the longer run. You can even buy a prefab 40’ wide garage for sale online or on a dealer’s website. They come at a competitive price point and are durable structures.

Prefab steel buildings are designed and mass-produced in a factory; hence, they cost less compared to custom ones. Additionally, since most work is done in the factory itself, only assembling is needed at the installation site. This reduces time and labor costs, thereby saving you money.

Note: As the size of metal buildings increases, the cost per square footage becomes less and quite competitive with traditional materials such as wood.

4. Design Flexibility


If you want to save even more, opt for a smart design. Instead of increasing the width from 40 to 60, try increasing the length. The wider the builder, the more side support columns it will need. This will increase the price.

For example, a 60-foot-wide x 40-foot-long metal building will cost more than a 40-foot-wide x 60-foot-long metal building. That’s because when you buy steel, you buy weight.


40-wide garage buildings can have multiple custom features. Below, we have listed the most common ones.

Side panels: Opt for vertical metal panels as side panels. The vertical ridges help slide off most of the dust and dirt towards the ground. You can also opt for a different color for the wainscot.

No. of garage doors: Larger 40 wide garage buildings must have more than one entry point. For instance, if the metal building serves as car parking and storage, you can install roll-on doors and walk-in doors for separate entry.

Type of garage doors: You can select a design that matches the aesthetic of the existing structure. Some common garage door styles are roll-up, slide-to-side, side-hinged, tilt-up canopy, and walk-in doors.

Insulation: Install an insulator to ensure a 40’ wide garage building lasts. It manages heat flow and helps regulate indoor temperature easily.

Vents: These ensure that the garage structure has ample fresh air flow and less humidity. Opt for passive vents, which operate without power. Some examples are gravity vents, windows, wind turbines, etc.

Roofing Style

There are three broad kinds of roofing styles for metal buildings. You can choose one of them based on the size of the metal structure, location, and local building rules.

Regular: It is affordable and suitable for small structures and moderate climatic zones.

Horizontal or box eave: It is suitable for large metal buildings in moderate weather conditions. It does not have a hat channel & ridge cap to provide extra support and strength.

Vertical: Arguably the best, vertical metal roofing style is suited to all weather conditions. It is the strongest and most durable roof that requires minimal upkeep. The extra hat channels support the roof while the ridge cap seals any existing & gaps that can create future troubles.

5. Versatile Buildings

What can you make out of a 40 feet wide steel building? Let’s have a look at some popular applications below:

  • Metal carport
  • Steel garage (you can park almost 4 usual size cars)
  • RV or other large vehicle storage
  • Storage building (as rental, personal, agricultural or commercial)
  • Metal barn (for keeping hay & feed, livestock, or farm machinery)
  • Workshop
  • Metal barndominium
  • Restaurant

Let’s See Some 40 Ft. Wide Garage Size Comparison

1. A 42 ft. wide x 35 ft. length x 12 ft. high metal garage with a lean-to cost approx. $26000.

2. A 40-ft. wide x 40-ft. long x 14-ft. tall metal garage with five windows and a walk-in door costs about $32200.

3. The cost is approximately 40 ft. wide x 50 ft. long x 12 ft. high for a commercial garage with vertical panels. $37800.

4. The cost of a metal garage building with a 16-foot height, 40-foot width, and 50-foot length is about $51500.

5. The best choice is to rent out a storage unit or a commercial metal garage of size 40 ft. wide x 120 ft. long x 16 ft. tall. With almost eight roll-on garage doors, the price is about $98000.

Get 40’ Wide Garage From Viking Metal Garages

We offer quality steel with long-lasting durability. Our wide range of color options gives you the freedom to decide the external aesthetic for any 40-wide garage building. For more garage size comparison and pricing, visit our website today! Or Call us at (704)-741-1587.

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