Door Selection Guide for Commercial Metal Garage Buildings
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Door Selection Guide for Commercial Metal Garage Buildings

Door Selection Guide for Commercial Metal Garage Buildings
  • November 3, 2022

Uses of commercial metal Garages are different from residential and agricultural. With a vital range of functionality, you might need different types of doors for your structure.

Find Right Door for Your Commercial Metal Garage Building

Accessibility is one of the crucial factors for all building types. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or agricultural structure, it is essential for you to maintain at least minimum accessibility standards to perform all the operations hassle-free.

You must be specific with the door selection process for commercial metal buildings. If doors installed in the facility do not meet your functional or operational requirements, it might severely affect your functionality and productivity.

Things to Consider While Selecting Door for Prefabricated Steel Garage Buildings

While selecting doors for the facility, you have to consider all your functional and safety requirements to maintain regularity in the operations. Apart from this, you also have to maintain the structure’s curb appeal if you have frequent visitors.

You have to be precise and accurate in the door selection process to ensure proper functionality and a decent appearance for business visitors. Consider following the guidelines to select the best doors for your commercial metal garage building.

Types of Doors Available

Before finding a suitable door for your facility, it is essential for you to know about the types of doors available for commercial metal buildings. For a clear-span steel building, there is the possibility of roller doors, sliding, and walk-in doors. For example, roller and sliding doors are mainly preferred for metal workshop garages and industrial metal garages.

Apart from these, some other door options are available for metal buildings but are not suitable for commercial prefab garage structures. Based on your functional and operational needs, you can use a combination of all three roller, sliding, and walk-in doors.

Material Types Available for Doors

Safety and security of commercial facilities not only rely on the composition and durability of material used to construct the facility. It also depends on the type of material used for the metal building doors.

Primarily selection of the door material depends on functionality and frequency of use. If a door is placed in a specific location in the building and is in frequent use, it should be of good material that can bear all the stress applied to it under operations. For prolonged doors lifespan, we at Viking Metal Garages recommend using steel doors for your commercial facility.

Consider your Business Requirements

The uses of commercial steel structures are vast, and they can’t be defined in one of two operations. But, the doors can be classified based on your operational needs. It will be most effective for you to select metal building door types based on your operations to gain maximum productivity.

For example, if the facility is used for logistics purposes, there will be a lot of traffic from large commercial vehicles. For such a facility, it is recommended to use large roller or sliding doors to avoid functional and ergonomic errors. For corporate use, you can also use walk-in doors in the metal garage building.

By using the best combination of doors, you can improve the productivity and functionality of the facility to the maximum level.

Assess the Installation Needs

Different metal building door types need additional configurations for the installation process. Because of the size and complexity of commercial metal garage doors, you might need professional installers to position the door in the correct location.

Before considering the services of a professional installation crew, you must discuss all the terms and considerations with the respective authority. It is also essential for you to ensure the compatibility of steel building doors with guidelines of the local building authority. It will help you plan the steel door installation seamlessly.

Ensure Safety and Security Requirements

With the extensive size of commercial garage facilities, the risks associated with them are also vast. To ensure safety and security, you must comply with all the local building guidelines.

Usually, extensive metal buildings are prime targets of crime. Because of high durability of steel doors, your facility will not be a soft target for antisocial elements. To prevent security breach situations, your door choice should be appropriate. All the extensive facilities offered by Viking Metal Garages are certified according to building guidelines.

Look for Appearance Also

As discussed above, the building door selection process should be based on safety, functionality, and appearance. You can resolve safety and security issues with certified metal garage doors, but appearance would be a typical challenge for you.

But no need to worry about it while purchasing a commercial steel garage from Viking Metal Garages. We offer different door types in a wide range of color options. Based on the surrounding conditions and the appearance of the building, you can test different color combinations for your structure.

Get Best Solution at Viking Metal Garages

After knowing about metal building doors, you are now ready to own a commercial metal garage building. With the best manufacturing facilities and a team of experienced prefab building experts, we at Viking Metal Garages are known for providing quality metal building solutions to fulfill all your functional requirements. Contact us now at (704)-823-6732 to book your metal building and make your life easier.