Factors Affecting the Lead Times & Delivery of Metal Garages
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Factors Affecting the Lead Times & Delivery of Metal Garages

Factors Affecting the Lead Times & Delivery of Metal Garages
  • December 24, 2019

The time interval of placing an order and product delivery & installation is called lead times. Generally, the time when you order your building and get it installed is the lead time, and this lead time depends on various factors. As these factors vary, the lead time changes, and you might have to wait longer to get your building.

Although, steel buildings have the minimum construction time than any other building alternatives and we also try to minimize the lead time affecting factors to provide your steel garage sheds on time.

Let’s check out the most common factors that influence the lead times of steel garages.

Industry Demands

The lead times are proportional to the demands and increase with the number of orders. Your building order is queued after the already placed orders, and the queue is quite long during the active season.

At Viking Metal Garages, we are continuously growing and our team as well, so we can comfortably handle the surge of orders. Our priority is customer satisfaction. That’s why our installers are always on time, and any delay due to the order’s rush is exceptional.

Design Factors

  • Layout Finalization: The geometric sketch is required to develop the engineered drawings for approvals. The sooner you submit and finalize the building layout, the faster the engineered drawings shall be processed. More changes in the design lead to a delay in production.
  • Building Permit: The engineered blueprints are required to get the permit, and you can’t erect the garage without a permit. So, any delay in permit issuance extends the installation schedule. So, if your area demands permit, then timely submit your plan to get the permit on time.

So, avoid many and last moment changes to get your building on time.

Fabrication Factors

The production stage holds some aspects that fluctuate the fabrication time and, consequently, delivery and installation.

  • Material Availability: If the material is in stock, then there will be no delay. The custom material requirements expand the fabrication interval. So, if you asked for custom materials, then you might get a little delay.
  • Custom Designs: The standard designs don’t need additional time, but if you want a custom design, then the manufacturer needs more production time to meet your preferences and quality standards effectively.
  • Color: Building manufacturers keep the stock of panels of popular colors, but if you selected custom color, then the pre-coating and painting time will be added to production hours.

Shipping Factors

  • Location: The distance between your location and fabricator varies the time of delivery. The more transportation time is required for remote sites as compared to suburb sites.
  • Weather: Adverse weather conditions and other natural disasters can impact the shipping time. In winters, driveways are interrupted by the snow and delays the delivery time. We try harder to stick to timelines, and there are negligible delays during summer and spring.

Erection Factors

  • Climate Conditions: Climate is the most significant factor that increases the lead time in various ways. As discussed, it affects the shipping, and now weather also interrupts your garage shed installation. If the weather conditions are worst, then your installation schedule shifted to even days. Building installation during lousy weather requires extra efforts and climate control resources for impeccable erection, which elevates the construction time.
  • Building Size: It’s obvious that large buildings consume more time to erect than the small size structures. Large clear span buildings need more installation time due to heavy rafters.
  • Complex Design: Custom garage designs take longer installation time than the standard buildings. Sometimes custom design also needs additional equipment and efforts to set up the structure. If your garage workshop building has many windows and doors, then the concerned time is added to the installation time for framing and door installation. The metal trim installation also contributes to the total lead time.
  • Equipment Setup: If you need climate control equipment like HVAC, then the equipment installation also elevates the lead time.

These are the various factors that impact the lead times of metal garages on multiple stages. After considering all these factors, metal buildings have the shortest construction time cycle.

Viking Metal Garages have a wide range of steel garages with FREE delivery and installation. We have many sales bases across the nation, assuring reasonable lead times.

For placing an order or any help, call us at (704)-823-6732.