Fire Station Efficiency: Benefits of Metal Building Design

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Fire Station Efficiency: Benefits of Metal Building Design

Fire Station Efficiency: Benefits of Metal Building Design
  • June 28, 2024

Steel buildings have several advantages for fire stations. Not only do the durability and strength of metal structures provide protection for firefighters and equipment in the event of fire, but these structures are also resilient to extreme weather, which can help respond to crucial emergency situations. Let’s see what makes steel buildings suitable for fire station design.

1. Benefits Of Using Steel Buildings For Fire Stations

Pre-engineered steel buildings are quicker to erect than traditional structures. That’s because most raw materials and parts are designed, cut, and drilled in a factory. Even though steel is lightweight, it can bear more load. So, you will need less material for construction. This makes shipping easy to handle.

At the construction site, installation takes less time and less manpower. So, a fire station can start its operations early on. Once installed, you can rest assured it will last for decades.

2. Cost-Effectiveness & Durability Of Metal Building Design

Compared to traditional timber, brick, and concrete, structural steels are cost-effective when it comes to operational expenses. First, maintenance costs are low, so you don’t need to worry about rot or decay. No rotting means you don’t need to spend on frequent repairs and replacements. 

In addition, metal buildings, especially fire stations, are resistant to pests, especially termite attacks. Metal is an anti-fungal material that does not promote the growth of mold and mildew, so the indoor environment is safe for human occupants. 

Steel fire stations are also very durable and robust, able to handle daily wear and tear. Apart from resisting pests, you can opt for an engineer-certified metal structure that can withstand high-speed wind and heavy snow load. Ask your metal builder for certified steel today!

3. Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Of A Metal Building Fire Station

Metal structures with proper insulation and adequate ventilation systems can help reduce the heat transfer to and from the building. This will aid the HAVC system in working more effectively. On top of it, they also reduce moisture and humidity build-up inside, making the indoors comfortable for long working hours.

Metal building fire stations will be energy-saving and an eco-friendly option. Since structural steel is already about 98% recycled and 100% recyclable, it can be reused multiple times without losing strength or durability. This reduces carbon footprint and makes it a sustainable option for the future.

4. Flexibility & Customization Options With Metal Building Design

Steel fire station buildings can blend seamlessly with the existing structures and the rest of the background. So, if you are looking for a new building to park trucks, install a steel structure along with facades such as brick veneers that give it a traditional look. Metal building is flexible enough to be remodeled for any purpose.

For an unobstructed space, opt for a clear-span design. These are made using side columns and rafters joined via braces. They are simple in design and offer an interior free of internal supporting columns and walls. You get unobstructed space and freedom to design the floor plan.

The Usual Sizes Of Steel Building Fire Stations Are:

  • 30’ wide x 60’ long x 10’ high
  • 40’ wide x 80’ long x 12’ high
  • 40’ wide x 100’ long x 14’ high
  • 60’ wide x 120’ long x 16’ high

With this size, you can store all emergency equipment, such as brush trucks, crash trucks, tankers, ladder trucks, ambulances, chief vehicles, and other necessary equipment. You can even section the building to create training space, offices, sleeping quarters, and other departments based on the need. These sections can be easily modified into another section as required. That’s how customizable steel structure is.

You Can Further Add Common Custom Features To Your Fire Station Metal Building, Such As:

  • Insulation | Ventilation System – for energy efficiency.
  • Gutter | Downspout – to redirect water.
  • Ridge Cap | Braces | Purlins – for extra strength.
  • Color | Structural Trim | Metal Siding – for aesthetic appeal.
  • Driveway | Landscaping– for ease of access and adding greenery.

The Fire company has complete control over the appearance and body of the structure, giving the station its signature accent color and external finishing.

5. Safety & Security Features Of Steel Building Fire Station

The steel building fire station offers a large apparatus bay that can immediately respond to a fire outbreak. You can include large-size roll-up doors for vehicles to maneuver easily. Metal can be modified to accommodate large bay doors in the future. That makes it secure for future use.

Above all, with a proper fire retardant, a steel structure can last up to four hours in case of any unfortunate fire event. Intumescent coating, vermiculite, or SFRMs (spray applied fire resistant materials) prevent structural failure with rising temperature due to heat.

We all have heard stories about the strength and courage of firefighters. Steel buildings are suitable to complement their effort to keep people safe and secure from any nasty fire outbreak.

Built To Last, Built For Heroes

Metal buildings are the future of fire stations. They ensure safety and have a long lifespan compared to traditional ones. Overall, they offer a secure environment where first responders can effectively carry out their duties in the service of their community. Whether you reside in a small town or a large city, we can fulfill the requirement for a fire department building for you. Contact (704)-741-1587 to discover more about the features of the metal building fire station.