Creative Uses For Commercial Garages Beyond Parking And Storage

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Creative Uses For Commercial Garages Beyond Parking And Storage

Creative Uses For Commercial Garages Beyond Parking And Storage
  • June 20, 2024

Commercial garages are versatile spaces that you can transform into a plethora of creative uses apart from just parking cars or storing stuff. You can renovate it for commercial use, such as starting a fancy restaurant business or a studio. That being said, let’s begin with a dash of imagination, sprinkle some resourcefulness, and let the creative juices flow as we transform the commercial garage space into a new oasis of inspiration and innovation.

1. Retail Space

Commercial steel garages with clear span interiors can be used as retail store units or factory outlets. You can create sections and install racks to display products for people to browse. At the back, you can create an employee-only area where all fast-selling products and goods can be kept. In this way, you will never run out of stock and can fulfill customers’ demands.

2. Event Venue

Since you already have a commercial space, how about converting it into another commercial area? You can use it as an event venue for organizing parties, weddings, business meetings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

In addition, you can install lean-tos on either side of the metal building. This will act as an open yet shaded space for organizing outdoor events, or you can use it as valet parking.

3. Coffee Shop

How about converting commercial metal garages into a hipster coffee shop? You can create a seating space for coffee lovers and a brewing station for working staff. Allocate a section for storage of raw materials and goods. You can also install a large chalkboard and write a menu on it.

By creating a separate kitchen section at the back of the garage, you can add more sweet or snack items to your menu. If your customers like sitting outside, you can install a permanent lean-to for shade and vertical screens.

4. Fitness Center

Garages are large spaces where you can easily carry out exercise or yoga classes. It will help make more and utilize the garage area well. To convert a commercial car parking area into a fitness center, you should add the following features (if not already present):

  • Insulation & vents for comfort 
  • Dedicated electric outlet for equipment
  • Storage locker room for customers to keep their items when exercising
  • Gutter & downspout to avoid water pouring over people when leaving or entering
  • Large mirrors to practice Zumba, aerobics, or yoga

Investing in a steel garage is never a bad idea! You can search online for commercial garages near me to get more details or contact us for more info. 

5. Brewery & Distillery

Commercial metal garages are flexible and cost-effective designs. Whether you want to start a small brewery or distillery, a metal structure can accommodate every need. You can section it for distilling and brewing pipes and machines with storage tanks, along with a small restaurant or tasting room to invite people over.

6. Office Space

The simplest way to renovate a commercial garage space for another use would be to renovate it into an office area. The large interior will help create sections for employee workstations, meeting rooms, restrooms, and visiting areas. This office space can be rented or used to start your dream business.

7. Indoor Farming

What better place to start indoor farming than commercial metal garages? You can remove some metal roof panels and install polycarbonate or glass panels to let sunlight in. Metal is resistant to pests and changing weather patterns and does not attract termite colonies.

Start by installing vertical racks that will hold the plantation. Install light underneath it to stimulate plant growth. Include components like insulation, air circulation, LED lights, and a HAVC system with irrigation facilities inside. 

8. Studio

Renovate your old metal garage into a brand new commercial studio. It can be used as a flexible workspace for art classes or remote working. Install movable dividers, adjustable furniture, and a technology-enabled collaborative room. The metal building offers a sustainable and eco-friendly space that promotes healthy indoors without releasing toxic fumes over time.

9. Workshop

Commercial steel garages have more load-bearing abilities and are made using rust-resistant galvanized steel, making them an excellent candidate for a workshop space. You can install insulators and vents to control indoor temperature and moisture levels. They also help insulate sound so you can carry out work without disturbing others.

While these were mostly the commercial uses of metal garages, we would like to point out some other options for personal use:

Art & Craft
Home Gym
Home Office
Entertainment Area
Home Theater
Gaming/Play Room
Library/Study Room
Hobby/DIY Workshop
Yoga/Meditation Room
Man Cave/She Shed

The Future Of Commercial Steel Garages Is Here At Viking Metal Garages

You can either use an existing space and repurpose it into a new working area with a larger footprint or renovate the commercially existing parking area into a brand new space, such as a workshop or a restaurant. The choices are endless here. You can even renovate and rent it out to a potential customer. So, what are you waiting for? Start commercial steel garages with us by calling (704)-741-1587.