Grow Your Auto Industry in Alabama with Prefabricated Steel Building
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Grow Your Auto Industry in Alabama with Prefabricated Steel Building

Grow Your Auto Industry in Alabama with Prefabricated Steel Building
  • March 10, 2022

The automotive industry in Alabama has a strong contribution to the country’s GDP. Alabama, also known as the heart of Dixie, is the hub for big motor vehicle manufacturing companies.

About Automobile Industry & GDP

Alabama is presently the hub for top automobile producers, including Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and Hyundai. Apart from automobiles, it is also the home for Toyota, a major engine producer. Separately, more than 90 other automobile companies have a presence in the state.

The automobile industry of Alabama made a total contribution of $4.6 billion in the state’s GDP. It sums up to 3.4 percent of Alabama’s total GDP.

Apart from GDP contribution, it supports more than 1 lakh workers, including ~47K direct employees and ~80K+ indirect employees.

Automobile Production in Alabama

Alabama auto industry requires high-skilled workers, and hence they get above-average wages. This makes Alabama house for high-paying job opportunities. Furthermore, the automotive industry is the largest exporter in the state, accounting for 35.7 percent of total Alabama exports.

FACT: 2007 production level ranked Alabama fifth among auto-producing states in the USA.

Before 1993, there weren’t any automobile manufacturing industries in this state, but within three decades, everything has changed, making it one of the largest auto exports in the country.

From high-end manpower to robot arms, Alabama has massive growth in the automobile industry. Interestingly, steel structures have a strong contribution to their success. The vast operational and manufacturing units are prefabricated steel structures that give 100 percent usable space and numerous other benefits.

With all these stats, it’s clear that the businesses opportunities related to the automobile industry are vast, and hence you can take advantage of one of the opportunities and run a profitable business. When starting a new business, a custom metal building is your need. Viking Metal Garages is here to serve your diverse needs and give you fully-customized and certified metal buildings to start your business and make your unique brand.

Various Business Opportunities with Automobile Industry in Alabama

Used Car Dealers:

Not everyone on the globe has the potential to buy a brand-new car. This brings in massive demand for used cars. Used car dealers have made it highly convenient to bring vast buying options at highly affordable prices. If you know the necessity of used cars and have sound knowledge about them, it’s good to start your used car business. You can book a custom metal building to park used cars alongside a small back-office compartment. It is a good option to become a used car dealer and profit from each car you buy/sell.

Automobile Washing:

According to the stats, there are 2.28 million registered automobiles in Alabama.

Number of registered motor vehicles in Alabama by vehicle type

It means the need for automobile maintenance and washing will also have a vast scope in the state. Smart automobile owners always prefer maintaining them periodically and hence prefer reaching the nearest washing and service, provider. If you have experience in maintaining cars, you can start with a custom metal building and build a car maintenance business. From offering general auto service to high-end cleaning, you can bestow multiple services to the customer, making a big profit margin.

 Car Customization Hub:

Automobiles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, are always sold with standard customization. It means if you want to upgrade any external feature (except engine), you can go for aftermarket products and use them accordingly.

This brings in another great opportunity for a car customization hub where you provide aftermarket car parts and accessories and fit them into customers’ cars. It’s essential to maintain your service quality as numerous Chinese products are in the market, causing malfunction for the customer.

 Body Paint Services:

 On road, accidents are common, and some of them aren’t big enough to claim your insurance. In such cases, car owners prefer local body paint services to remove the dents and repaint the entire body to bring it back to life.

Automobile usage will increase in Alabama, requiring more professional body paint services during any accident. Hence, you can start a body painting business and create awesome vehicles with your creativity and quality.

Car Repair Center:

Tyre puncture, brake failure, etc., are common problems en route to your destination. Hence, vehicles need immediate car repair services to make them ready. The car repair business has strong potential as the demand for professional car repair mechanics is essential at important state locations. You can order a prefabricated metal building and setting up your car repair center.

These are a few automobile-related businesses that you can start with prefab steel buildings in Alabama.

You always require a certified and tailor-made steel building to set up your automobile business. Viking Metal Garages can help you find a commercial metal building for your business.

Custom metal buildings have numerous benefits that you must acknowledge when making your investment.

100% Usable Space: The number of vehicles is unpredictable as it will entirely depend upon your business scope and popularity. Regardless of the vehicle’s count, you always prefer a spacious and obstruction-free structure. Clearspan metal buildings come with 100% usable space that can be used for car repair, maintenance, washing, and other automobile-related tasks.

Customization Options Available: Prefabricated metal buildings come with various customization options that help you enhance the building’s functionality. List of customization options include:

  • Windows
  • Walk-In Door
  • Vents
  • Overhead & Roll Doors
  • Liners
  • Trim Options
  • Insulation
  • Skylight & Wall Lights
  • Roof Curbs & Jacks
  • Gable End
  • Gutters & Downspouts

Fire and Pest Resistant: Metal buildings build for various construction purposes are pest and fire-resistant. Wood structures are susceptible to pests, termites, wood ants, etc. but steel structures are resistant to such issues, increasing their life to many more years. Further, steel has a high melting point that makes it resistant to wildfire or manmade fire accidents.

Quick to Install: The installation of prefabricated steel buildings doesn’t take time compared to other building alternatives. A standard steel structure can take 3-4 days for installation. The reason behind quick installation is that steel buildings are partially built at the manufacturing unit. They are shipped to the installation site in prefabricated components. Installers only require onsite assembly that doesn’t require heavy manpower and investment.

Extended Warranty Available: Steel buildings offered by Viking Metal Garages come with a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. It builds trust and ensures your structure serves you for decades without fail.

Buy Commercial Steel Building from Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is a helping hand if you plan to start your automobile-related business in Alabama. We provide you with certified metal buildings in Alabama that can fulfill your commercial needs and serve you for decades without heavy upkeep. Give us a call today at (704)-823-6732 to discuss your custom needs and get a finely built structure in the shortest lead time.