How Extreme Weather Troubles Affect Your Steel Home?
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How Extreme Weather Troubles Affect Your Steel Home?

How Extreme Weather Troubles Affect Your Steel Home?
  • February 2, 2022

Weather has a specific timespan year-round, but what remains the same is your steel home building. It’s evident that your home structure witnessed multiple weather conditions for decades and stands still with utmost protection to your essentials.

Most of you know that steel structures are resistant to adverse weather conditions. However, do you know how your steel home reacts to extreme weather troubles?

Impact of High Winds

High wind has two adverse consequences, i.e., racking and up-lift. Uplift happens when the air surrounding your steel home creates low pressure while there is high pressure inside. Professional metal home dealers in the USA always recommend installing a vertical roof style that is installed with hat channels, adding strength to your structure and making it capable of confronting high winds.

All vertical metal buildings are certified for 170 MPH wind speed. Category 5 hurricane has a wind speed of 157 mph or higher. So, you can conclude that a vertical roof steel home can confront hurricanes and keep your essentials completely safe.

Impact of Rainfall

Normal rainfall doesn’t have any impact on your structure. Yet, it might create issues for complex designs. Interestingly, steel homes provide decent and simple designs that won’t experience any damage by heavy rainfall.

Heavy rainfall can collect debris, dirt, etc., on the roof that clough your downspout. When high winds accompany high rainfall, water can enter roof shingles, vertical siding, and roofs, causing significant damage to your home.

Impact of Snowfall

Snow is another big hurdle for people living in Washington, California, Colorado, New York, and other heavy snowfall areas. A light snowfall puts an additional 10-15 pounds per cubic foot, whereas heavy snowfall can cause 40-50 pounds per cubic foot. There are places across the USA where local codes require buildings to hold up to 400 pounds per square foot.

Viking Metal Garages provides certified steel buildings with 65 PSF snow load certification. So, you can order a certified metal home that can stand still against heavy rainfall and provide utmost protection to your assets.

Heat and UV Radiations

Heat and sunlight are common for human beings, but they impact your steel building. Steel, like other construction materials, expands due to heat. Length, surface area, and volume of steel increased with an increase in temperature.

Most construction experts research the right construction material based on heat and climate conditions. Sun can cause extensive heat within your steel home, declining its age significantly. Therefore, you are always recommended to opt for proper ventilation that results in regular airflow within the structure and keeps it cool.

Interior color selection is another important factor affecting your house life. Dark color absorbs heat, making it tough for AC systems to regular steel homes. Hence, prefer adding a standard yet light color for your prefab metal home.

These are common weather hazards that cause devastating consequences along with human losses. However, many other disasters, like floods, earthquakes, etc., can also cause significant damage to all.

Steel structures provide numerous benefits apart from confronting adverse weather conditions. That’s why custom steel buildings help you safeguard your essentials and secure them. Below are the advantages of considering steel home builds.

High Tensile Strength: Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, potent against adverse weather conditions. Steel is the best option for longevity and reliability from all construction materials.

Quick Installation: Metal homes are prefabricated at the manufacturing unit, requiring only onsite assembly. It means you don’t require onsite drilling, cutting, or welding, saving your time, effort, and manpower.

NOTE: Factually, steel homes take 30% less installation time than conventional construction alternatives.

Energy Efficient: A well-insulated steel can help you save a significant sum on monthly power bills. Insulated metal buildings prevent external heat from entering your structure and minimize the use of heat-regulating devices. The high temperature usually requires high energy consumption to regulate temperature. However, it results in extravagant bills.

Eco-Friendly: Steel is a 100% reusable construction material. It means steel from a demolished structure can be reused multiple times, saving the requirement for raw steel. Moreover, steel manufacturing results in minimum residue. In short, you are investing in future-ready steel buildings.

With that said, you are ready to take a step forward to make a suitable investment and choose a custom steel home for your land. We provide you with Rent-To-Own and Financing to make your buying journey straightforward. We provide you with a broad range of steel home buildings that you can order with a small upfront. So, now is the right time to make a smart move. Finalize a custom metal home and get a quick delivery at your land.

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