Why Steel Buildings are The New Norm in California?
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Why Steel Buildings are The New Norm in California?

Why Steel Buildings are The New Norm in California?
  • February 8, 2022

If you are a resident of California, you would have experienced numerous attacks from mother nature that affected your personal and commercial operations. The devastation caused by harsh weather forces demanded a reliable alternative that can stand in adverse conditions and provide premium safety to your personal/commercial assets.

Today, metal garage buildings in California have become popular, and most investors are opting for a sustainable future. For California residents, steel buildings bestow various benefits that are listed below:

Provides Unlimited Designs: You aren’t limited to a few designs once you are ready to put your money in custom steel garages. Instead, metal buildings come in various designs that you can choose when booking your order. You can share your building dimensions, customization options, and color choices. We will provide you with the best-fit steel building in the shortest lead time.

Best for Skyscraper Buildings: Most of you are already familiar with Burj Khalifa, Willis Tower, Tashkent Tower, US Bank Tower, and many other big buildings that are made with steel. It clearly defines the massive demand and unmatched traits of steel in the construction industry.

Easy to Recycle: Steel can be recycled multiple times without compromising strength and durability. 99% of the steel can be reused. So, you can easily choose any metal garage design and reuse steel to bring your dream metal garage into reality.

Quick Installation: Commercial customers look for a structure that is readily available for use. Metal buildings take minimal time to erect, which isn’t possible with a wood structure. A standard metal structure can be installed within a day.

California Steel Buildings for Residential Customer

If you are a resident of California, steel buildings can be used for one of the below-listed purposes.

Carport: Parking your car is a big hassle as the car exposed to sunlight degrade its lifespan. Hence, investing in a metal carport is a smart option to give a dedicated yet reliable shelter to your car, ATV, boat, or other vehicles.

Garage: Many homeowners in California look for all-side protection for their vehicles. They choose metal garages that give you adequate space for vehicle parking. Moreover, you can also use the enclosed garage space for the storage of essentials.

Barn Building: For farmers and ranchers, barn is the basic necessity; hence they opt for metal barn building. A steel barn gives you the option to house your livestock, park your farming equipment, and store haystacks.

Office: Today, numerous homeowners have started their businesses without renting a property. They just add a metal office building on their property and save a significant sum on rental expenses.

Man-Cave/She-Shed: You might also search for a dedicated room to pursue your hobby and enjoy your leisure time. Metal mancave/she-shed is a good way to fulfill your dream and install a dedicated yet fully-customized metal garage at your property.

Residents of California always search for a simple yet cost-effective metal garage solution without compromising its durability, strength, and security. If you want a residential metal garage in California, you can reach us at (704)-823-6732.

California Steel Buildings for Commercial Customer

Alongside residential customers, steel buildings are also a practical option for commercial customers. A customer can use prefabricated steel garages for numerous purposes, including:

  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Equestrian
  • Aviation
  • Warehouse
  • Cold Storage

This gives you a thorough knowledge of the versatile uses of custom metal garages. Commercial customers always look for a flexible, affordable, and eco-friendly solution to run a successful business without investing heavily in the structure.

Metal Buildings Decreased the Danger of Fire in California

Residents of California are already familiar with the increased threats of a wildfire that cause significant damage to your property and assets. In recent years, more than eight million acres have been burned. Interestingly, steel buildings are fire-resistant, decreasing fire cases in your state. Traditional wood buildings are susceptible to fire, making steel structures a smart investment option. Moreover, steel has a high melting point, making it capable of standing still against stick structures.

Environment Movement for Steel Buildings in California

Across the USA, California rates second on energy consumption. With the use of prefab steel structures, home/business owners can save up to 30% of the power bills.

Viking Metal Garages have a wide range of prefab metal garages that are made by top steel building manufacturers. We ensure you get a 100% certified steel garage that can fulfill your needs for a longer duration. We give you practical metal building solutions matching your need and falling within your budget.

With every steel garage, you order from us, you get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. What more are you looking for? Call us today at (704)-823-6732 and let us serve you the best garage structure.