How Metal Garage Buildings Can Decrease the Cost of Your Insurance Premium?
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How Metal Garage Buildings Can Decrease the Cost of Your Insurance Premium?

How Metal Garage Buildings Can Decrease the Cost of Your Insurance Premium?
  • December 25, 2020

Insurance is a necessary thing to have, whether it’s you or your structure. You’ll get enough financial support when your shed meets any unfortunate incident. Your insurer will make sure you can rebuild or replace your structure. However, you first have to pay the premiums for your building insurance. These insurance premiums can be high if you don’t have the right structure.

You’ll be amazed to hear that a metal garage’s insurance costs less than traditional shed’s insurance. You get the best quality steel garage with numerous features, including low insurance rates.

The low insurance premiums lighten your financial burden while providing you support during unwelcomed situations.

Let’s know why metal garages have lower insurance premiums than conventional sheds.

Why Metal Garages Costs Less to Insurance Premium?

Insurance companies calculate the premiums according to the damage-resistance of your shed. If your structure is prone to damages, then you have to pay higher insurance rates. On the other hand, if you have damage-resistant structures, you can insure your shed at low premium fares.

Below are the features that make your steel garage more damage-resistant and decrease your building insurance premiums.

High Durability

Steel doesn’t suffer the metal’s prominent limitation, i.e., rusting, and stands for years without degrading. Steel garages effectively fight all the harmful environmental elements like dust, water, sun, etc., that trigger rust or corrosion.

This anti-aging property of your steel garage keeps your building strong forever, which reduces the probability of damage and insurance rates consequently.

Maximum Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steel has the maximum strength-to-weight ratio than the other construction material, and you can have the strongest shed with it. The steel garages’ ultimate strength makes them withstand all the adverse weather conditions like blizzards, cyclones, hailstorms, etc.

The pre-engineered metal garages are made of commercial-grade galvanized steel to bear the extreme snow loads and other devastating environmental conditions.

The superior strength of metal garages also prevent vandalism and become the most reliable shed. Hence, your steel garage has enough capability to resist the damages, reducing the insurance prices.


It’s known to all that metal is noncombustible, and you can trust a metal building for better fire safety. Insurance providers consider fire safety while premium calculation, and if your shed is vulnerable to fire, you have to pay more.

However, if your shed is fireproof, you will be more likely to have some discounts on your insurance rates.

Commercial-grade steel buildings have amazing fire resistivity, which minimizes structural damage due to a fire accident. On the other hand, traditional wooden sheds are prone to fire and even fuel fire, which uplifts your insurance premiums.

So, your structure should have the utmost fire safety to lower your structure’s insurance premiums. You should also install fire safety equipment in your shed to deter the accident and get more discounts on the insurance premiums.


Insects and molds also degrade the structures, and wooden sheds are more prone to these. Wood is organic, and mold, pests, and termites thrive on the organic material. Timber sheds are a perfect habitat for mold and pests, resulting in the rotting of your structure.

Steel is an inorganic material and doesn’t entertain any mildew, insects, or termites. Hence, your steel shed doesn’t rot and stand firm for decades, economizing your building insurance prices.

Insurance companies have a classification standard according to the building type to decide the insurance rates. Let’s discuss this classification and how insurance premium calculation goes in different classes.

Classification by Building Type

1. Frame: Wood buildings or structures made by slow-burning composite materials. Highly prone to fire accidents causing the highest cost-per-square-foot insurance rates.

2. Jointed Masonry: The structure stands on concrete blocks or precast concrete walls. The floor’s joists are wood or light-gauge steel. Insurance rates are lower than the class one but still on the higher end.

3. Noncombustible: The non-combustible material forms the outer walls. And the floor and roof are made of non-combustible material or slow-burning material. Metal garages fall in this class and can have a discount of about 30% over the class 2 structure’s insurance rates.

4. Masonry Noncombustible: In this class, poured concrete, load-bearing bricks, or cinder blocks create the outer walls. The floor system employs structural steel or poured concrete with steel. Sheds of this class have better fire-resistance and typically have lower insurance fares.

5. Modified Fire-resistive: Multi-storey buildings fall in this class like shopping malls or corporate offices. These buildings have additional fireproofing, making insurance rates lower than the four mentioned above.

6. Fire-resistive: This class has the same structure as class Five but includes better fire-safety equipment and techniques. The better the fire safety, the lower the insurance rates.

Insurance companies consider this classification for pricing the premiums of buildings up to 15K sq. Ft. After this area limit, insurers analyze the structures separately to calculate the insurance rates.

So, you can see that metal buildings are more secure and reliable, and that’s why insurance companies offer lower premiums for metal building insurance. Hence, buy the best metal garage for your requirement and ensure it economically.

Viking Metal Garages has a wide range of metal garages for almost every use. We offer flexible payment options like RTO and Financing if you can’t pay the whole amount at once.

You’ll also get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty on all garages. Order today! For ordering your metal garage or any other support, talk to our building experts at (704)-823-6732.

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