How Steel Garages Are Better Shed options than Wooden Structures?
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How Steel Garages Are Better Shed options than Wooden Structures?

How Steel Garages Are Better Shed options than Wooden Structures?
  • February 24, 2021

It’s the most popular question because people want the best shed for their housing requirements and they always. Wooden structures are the traditional sheds that people have been using for a long time and have some limitations.

On the other hand, steel garages are the modern shed option and overcome conventional timber structures’ drawbacks.

Steel buildings are serving best for every use like residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Steel structures have many happy customers that boast about the incredible quality of their sheds.

Rather than just complimenting the metal garages, let’s discuss the feature that makes the steel garages better than the timber sheds.

Arch Design

When it comes to design, wooden structures have many limitations, and you can’t get the same shed you expected. Wood can’t bend like metal, and if you try to, then there are high chances that lumber would crack. If you somehow manage to build the design you want, but firstly the custom woodshed will cost you extravagantly. Moreover, you won’t get enough structural integrity, and your stored assets will always be at risk.

When it comes to steel structures, one can shape them the way one wants without compromising the strength. You’ll get the utmost tensile strength even in the arch design, where wooden sheds fail to do so. Pre-engineered metal garages have no design limitations, and you can get your dream shed with metal sheds.

Hence, if you want the best protection and desired shed design, then the steel structure is a prominent and reliable option.

More Usable Space

Yes! You can have more and open space to use with the steel garages. Traditional timber structures have supporting columns to support the roof during heavy winds and snowfall. These supporting columns occupy some of your space. Furthermore, these obstacles in the shed also limit the functionalities. You have to adjust your workflow or assets according to these columns.

Steel structures help you get rid of this limitation. The effective design and appreciable strength of the steel structures eliminate the need for the columns. You get the column-free space that you can utilize the way you want. On the other side, metal garage structures are expandable with your enhanced future requirements. It is not possible with wooden buildings. Therefore, you can fully utilize your inside space with steel garages without any worry.


Cost is the most prominent factor, but it is a myth that the most expensive things, of course, offer more features and better quality. However, steel structures break this stereotype. Steel structures are the most economical shed option with several amazing features that you can’t get with wood buildings.

Wooden sheds cost you high, and still, you have to deal with the limitations of this shelter option. Steel is readily available and the most recycled metal around the globe. You don’t have to deforest the jungle for your construction project, and you’ll have a high-quality shed that can be recycled. Hence, along with the affordable steel garages, you also save nature.

Apart from the economical building prices, the installation and labor cost is also lower than the traditional sheds. Prefab steel garages have panelization that makes the installation quick and economical.

Moreover, the maintenance requirement of steel garages also reduces the operational cost. If you consider the wood sheds, you’ll need frequent damp proofing, re-painting, and pests control to upkeep the shed, costing you a significant amount.

Steel garages save your money on all this and support your affordability. Additionally, the insurance premiums of steel garages are also lower than the timber structures.

As you can see, steel garages save your money at every stage, and you must consider these for cost-effective and quality shelter.


A long age is expected from the shed so that you can ensure the prolonged safety of your belongings. If we compare both options, then wood is inorganic and doesn’t have that much durability. Wood sheds start rotting and warping soon, and you need to spend a fortune on the repairs to make your timber structure survive.

The steel has impressive durability and damage resistance, making your steel garage stand firm for decades. Steel’s anti-corrosive property fights the harmful environmental elements to keep the shed safe from aging.

Steel structures are impervious to mold, rot, warping, cracking, and pests, enhancing your building’s durability and longevity. So, get the building that lasts for generations, i.e., steel garages.

Our metal garages are made with commercial-grade galvanized steel that has amazing endurance. We believe in the quality we serve and give you a year rust warranty, 10-year steel panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.


Timber sheds are most prone to fire accidents, and you can’t rely on these structures for fire safety. Wood is organic and combustible and fuel the fire once caught the flames. Hence, you need to be super conscious about fire safety when you are having a lumber garage.

Steel garages have better fire safety, as steel is non-combustible and doesn’t entertain the flames. Steel doesn’t fuel the fire and resists the spread to minimize the damages.

Hence, you should choose the steel garages to surefire the fire safety of your valuables. Moreover, you should install the necessary fire safety equipment to deter any mishappening.

These are some features of metal garages that make this shed option better than the traditional wooden structures. As you can see, steel garages are superior in every scope, and you must buy steel garages for your shelter requirement.

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