How Viking Metal Garage Buildings Save You from Harmful Termites?
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How Viking Metal Garage Buildings Save You from Harmful Termites?

How Viking Metal Garage Buildings Save You from Harmful Termites?
  • October 1, 2021

Damages are common with every commodity you purchase. With time the quality and strength of everything deteriorates. Your storage building is no different. When it comes to wood structures, termites are the common problem that damages your structure and brings down its life to just a few years.

Regular termite treatment is mandatory if you are looking forward to using the structure for decades without the high maintenance cost. In the USA, termites are a common problem for wood structure owners.

Why are Termites a Major concern in the USA?

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars of damage across the USA. The prime reason behind their growth is their dependency on wood. They rely on wood that results in destroying trees, shrubs, and other wood-built items.

Fact: Termites destroy around 600,000 residential homes in the U.S. each year

Regular termite inspection and treatment are mandatory to ensure pest-free structure. Pest treatment on your largest investment counts a significant amount of your income, which is hard to make frequently. Hence, you look for a reliable option that can provide you with premium quality safety and resist pests and termites.

Termites’ treatment involves toxic chemicals that a newbie can’t handle.

Wood building owners already know about the liquids and baits techniques to deal with termites in your building. However, its implementation requires a professional that will cost you higher than standard maintenance.

Viking Metal Garages has the right and most feasible investment option for you. We provide you prefab steel buildings that are 100% termite-free and provide you premium safety from such hazards.

Alongside termites, steel structures can stand still against harsh weather conditions like tornadoes, hurricanes, seismic waves, and even flooding.

Metal Building vs. Termites

Metal buildings can’t entertain termites, and hence they are 100% termite-free. Termites can’t breach steel as steel is more potent than wood and robust to survive for decades. Steel is inedible for termites which makes it the superior option over wood.

If you live in an area with a high risk of termites, it’s essential to switch your idea of wood structure and move to portable steel garages that can stand still for decades.

Steel structures are not only capable of confronting termites. Instead, it provides you with tons of other features that make them the best investment for your future. Below listed are some unmatched attributes of custom metal buildings that you can’t deny to consider.

  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Built to confront all weather conditions (hurricane, tornadoes, seismic waves, floods, etc.)
  • Available in versatile designs
  • It can last for 3-4 decades
  • Cut your power cost (nearly 30%)
  • High strength with low weight

Buy Termite Resistant Building from Viking Metal Garages

We have a comprehensive range of metal garage buildings that provide you all-weather metal structures at highly competitive prices. Regardless of steel price hikes, we ensure you get the metal building at the lowest possible price.

You can choose from a standard metal garage, R.V. garage, boat carport, side entry garage, and numerous other custom metal garages from us. With a small deposit, you can book your structure and get it installed at your doorstep.

Our steel garage buildings encompass a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. We always ensure you get supreme quality steel structure at your doorstep. All buildings come with free delivery. Some manufacturers even provide you free installation, which can save you further on building costs.

Don’t Worry about Full Upfront with Viking Metal Garages

We understand the scarcity of funds when buying your dream steel building. We have the answer for you that include Rent-To-Own and Metal Garage Financing. With both the options, you can pay a small deposit and book your dream structure.

With the metal garage RTO option, you can get a loan amount without considering your bad credit score. However, a good credit score is a must to apply for financing.

Moreover, RTO lets you complete the payment anytime before the term period. You don’t need to pay any foreclosure penalty. So, what’s dragging you from buying prefab steel buildings? Viking Metal Garages are the one-stop destination that lets you order your dream metal building and get it delivered right away. For more information or to discuss your needs, give us a call at (704)-823-6732.