Key Takeaways For Metal Garage Prices and Sizes
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Key Takeaways For Metal Garage Prices and Sizes

Key Takeaways For Metal Garage Prices and Sizes
  • September 7, 2022

If you are planning for a metal garage, you must know how important it is to consider the cost and size of the metal building before purchase. The size consideration of steel garage buildings is mainly related to operational and functional needs.

Besides that, price consideration is concerned with the cost-effectiveness of the structure. Without undertaking cost and size factors, it is impossible to be relevant to all essential requirements of the structure remaining under the budget.

Metal Garage Size Selection Guide

Building size is the primary factor that needs to be considered before making the buying decision. You must know the size of the metal building you should go for. The size of the prefab garage you need highly depends on its end purpose.

Garage buildings are primarily used to keep vehicles safe from external threats. When it comes to the size of the prefab garage building, it depends on the number of cars you want to park in it. Size of the garage structure gradually increases with the increase in the number of vehicles to be stored in it.

Dimensions of the garage building vary according to the size of the vehicle, storage space you need, and ergonomic factors. The structure size is different for one car garage, two car garage, and three car garage.

One Car Garage

When selecting one car garage size, you must consider three major design factors essential for better functionality. The first thing you should look for is the dimensions of your vehicle. It is the most critical factor that must be considered before considering the size of the structure.

For a regular car, a standard steel garage facility is the best option. But it is not suitable for large vehicles like RVs, trucks, and customized cars. In such cases, vehicle dimensions should be considered to customize the size of one car garage building.

Width of a standard one car garage starts from 12 feet, and the length starts from 21 feet. Hight of the metal building also can be customized according to the requirements.

Two Car Garage

Two car garages are specifically designed to accommodate two vehicles at a time, along with additional storage and ergonomic space. The width range of a two car metal garage is 18 to 24 feet, and its length is similar to one car garage structure. The minimum width required for a 2-car garage building is 20 feet for better functionality.

A two-car garage mainly consists of two roll-up doors, one for each vehicle. You can also add a walk-in entrance to the structure to ease accessibility to the garage facility.

Three Car Garage

three-car garage is much larger than 1 and 2-car garage buildings and has 3 roll-up doors. The standard size of a three garage starts with 26 to 30 widths, and the length of the facility is about 21 feet. The structure’s orientation can be changed according to functional or operational needs. 

All three garage types explained above are considered standard garage facilities. But your requirements might differ from this. You can look for commercial garage buildings for extensive size requirements.

If you cannot find the perfect fit for your needs, you can look for a customized garage facility with a modified length and width offered by Viking Metal Garages.

Factors Affecting Metal Garage Cost

Whenever people think of buying any property, the first thing that comes to mind is its pricing. It is one of the crucial factors that can influence a person’s purchase decision and intent. Steel garage structures are versatile buildings that can be used for various purposes.

But here is the good news: metal buildings are way cheaper than you expect. Metal garage building prices are comparatively lower than many other structure types in the long run due to high durability and minimum maintenance.

But here is the good news: metal buildings are way cost-effective than you expect. Metal garage prices highly depend on some significant factors mentioned below.

Building Size

The cost of metal buildings is counted based on their square footage. In terms of steel garage prices, the larger the facility you select, the more it will cost. The metal garage cost tends to increase as you go for a larger structure.

Labor and material cost are significant factors contributing to the structure’s increased cost. So, the size of the metal garage should be considered carefully to keep its cost under the budget.

Building Design and Complexity

Pricing of the metal garage structure also depends on other factors like building design and complexity. Buildings that are complex in design and require more time to build are slightly more expensive than simple structured garage facilities. To be cost-effective, selecting a garage structure that is simple in design and easy to install is better. 


To some extent, metal garage prices also vary according to your custom requirements. Customization of building design, structure layout, use of higher gauge material, and selection of different color options can slightly increase the cost of the steel garage structure. Keeping customization requirements minimum can help you remain cost-effective.

Global Steel Prices

Global steel pricing depends on various factors; sometimes, they are internal and sometimes external. All other factors mentioned above can be controlled by eliminating additional costs. But, cost increases due to the increased cost of steel in the global market can’t be controlled.

For example, the gap in global demand and supply of steel, increased import or export tariffs, natural disasters, and changes in the value of currency are some critical factors that can influence the cost of metal building prices in the United States.

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