Know About Different Steel Building Systems in the Industry
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Know About Different Steel Building Systems in the Industry

Know About Different Steel Building Systems in the Industry
  • August 18, 2021

A steel-framed building system produces a structure that is extremely strong, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Pre-engineered steel buildings are appropriate for most low-rise agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational, and storage facilities due to their versatility.

Vertical columns and horizontal beams are commonly riveted, bolted, or welded together in a rectilinear grid in a steel frame. Steel beams are horizontal structural components that can withstand lateral loads applied to their axis. Vertical structural components that convey compressive loads are called columns. It can be used to create a building’s skeleton. Typically, structural steel framing is planned, constructed, and erected in accordance with applicable standards, such as those set forth by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Different aspects of steel frame structure building construction will be covered in this essay.

Conventional Steel Structures

In traditional steel fabrication, steel sections are cut to the proper length and then welded together to form the finished structure. This construction procedure might be completed totally on-site, which would necessitate a large amount of labor. Alternatively, for the best results, it can be done partially in a workshop to improve working conditions and cut down on time.

Light Gauge Steel Construction

Light gauge steel is a thin sheet of steel (often ranging from 1-3mm) that has been twisted into C-sections or Z-sections. It is widely employed in the construction of residential and modest structures. Design flexibility, rapid construction speed, robust, lightweight, ease to remodel, recyclable, and superior quality are all advantages of light gauge steel construction.

Bolted Steel Construction

All structural steel members are produced and painted off-site, then supplied to the construction site and bolted into place using this method.

Because all that needs to be done on the construction site is to move the steel members into place and bolt them together, bolted steel construction is significantly faster. Because much of the fabrication can be done in workshops with the necessary machinery, lighting, and working conditions, it is considered the most desirable construction method.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building System

A pre-engineered metal building is a modern technology in which the entire design is completed in the factory, and the building components are delivered to the job site, where they are then fixed or joined and erected.

Pre-engineered buildings that are well-designed can be up to 30% lighter than traditional steel structures. Less steel means less steel, which means possible cost savings in the structural framework. The components, advantages, uses, and comparison of pre-engineered steel buildings to conventional buildings are discussed in this article.

Advantages of Steel Frame Structural Construction

Steel building system offers a wide array of benefits, like:

  • Extremely adaptable
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Resilient
  • Quickly and easily erect
  • Extremely strong
  • Capacity to span large distances
  • Fully Customizable


These are some insights about the steel frame building systems and what are the advantages of metal frame buildings. Steel buildings are the most reliable option for all kinds of purposes. So, you can consider steel frame buildings for your shelter requirements.

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