Why Metal Building Buyers are More Inclined Towards RTO Buying Option?
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Why Metal Building Buyers are More Inclined Towards RTO Buying Option?

Why Metal Building Buyers are More Inclined Towards RTO Buying Option?
  • August 10, 2021

It’s evident that not every metal building buyer has full upfront to pay for their dream steel structure. They always look for an option that allows them to book the structure with a small deposit and pay the rest via monthly installments.

More often, people know only metal building financing, which is undoubtedly an excellent option to go ahead with your buying process. However, there is another option that most people consider, i.e., Rent-To-Own.

Yes! Buyers mainly consider the RTO Program by Viking Metal Garages when other options are also available. Do you know why?

Well, before that, let’s take a deep insight into what’s Rent-To-Own.

Rent to Own (RTO) is a payment option that allows you to own a prefab metal garage for a small deposit. The rest is converted into monthly installments. However, not all buildings qualify for this RTO option, so consult with our metal garage experts at (704)-741-1587 to find whether your building qualifies for RTO or not.

In the product information, you can see if a building is eligible for RTO. So, if you can’t afford to pay the entire sum upfront, our Rent-to-Own option can let you deliver your garage building for a small upfront. Our RTO program makes it simple for customers to get ownership of our large selection of metal garages.

Now comes the prime question, i.e., why most buyers prefer RTO over other buying options. Below are the reasons.

Instant Approval: Unlike other loans and financing choices, where you have to wait for a few days for approval, you won’t have to wait with RTO payment. Viking Metal Garages ensure you get the approval on the same day without wasting your time.

No Credit Score Required: A credit score is always considered to check your eligibility for financing. Without a healthy credit score, it’s impossible to get a loan on your prefab metal garage. This isn’t the case with Viking Metal Garages. We have an RTO option that is provided with zero credit checks. So, it allows you to purchase your building quickly.

Pay-off Anytime: As mentioned, you can get your dream garage building with a small deposit. This gives you the additional benefit to pay off anytime. It means whenever you have enough funds to pay for the structure, you can fully own it by paying all your debts at that time.

Small Down Payment: Rent-To-Own offers you a flexible purchase option with low down payments and affordable monthly payments. With our RTO calculator, you can check the monthly RTO amount. This helps you acknowledge the initial deposit and your monthly premium that makes your buying experience smooth.

Month-To-Month Contract: Viking Metal Garages provides you a Month-to-Month contract that means you can close the contract anytime you want. This way, you are blocked with a lengthy contract, saving your time and mental heck.

Flexible Payment Options: We provide you easy payment options that lessen your monthly financial stress. You can choose the payment options that best suit you. Connect with us at [Phone Number] to discuss the available financing options and book your structure today.

Ownership in 36 Months: The most significant benefit of the RTO Program is that you get the ownership within 36 months of your purchase. Yes! After 36 months of timely payment, you are eligible to pay the total amount of the building and take complete building ownership. This way, you can make it yours and start using it the way you want.

So, these are the traits of Rent-To-Own program that distinguish this option from the alternatives. If you have any doubt about the metal structure of payment options, give us a call at (704)-741-1587. We are always delivered to answer your query and help you buy the custom-built steel structure.

Viking Metal Garages is a legit and authorized metal garage dealer that provides you top-quality metal garages across the United States of America. We offer you 20-years of rust through warranty and a one-year craftsmanship warranty with every order. Above all, our metal garage specialists are always available to take your queries and answer them in the best possible way.

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