Launch Your eCommerce Business with Clear Span Metal Building
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Launch Your eCommerce Business with Clear Span Metal Building

Launch Your eCommerce Business with Clear Span Metal Building
  • September 23, 2022

Businesses are growing with each passing day. Some business owners prefer investing in a big building that can secure big buildings, provide strength against harsh weather conditions, and keep their big machines active for a higher profit margin.

eCommerce industry is booming and is yet to reach new heights in the coming decades. The eCommerce market uses various industries, from startups to well-established brands, for growth and expansion.

If you are also running your business in the eCommerce league, there is always a need for a big structure to serve your warehouse needs. But wait; before we proceed and check out what best fits to hold your big warehouse requirements, let’s dive into some stats about the eCommerce industry.

  • Global online retail sales are projected to surpass $7 trillion by 2025.
  • Mobile eCommerce global sales are projected to reach $620.97 billion by 2024.
  • 266.7 million US shoppers are expected to buy goods and services online in 2022

This gives you a better insight into the eCommerce industry. A successful eCommerce business runs on vast inventory storage that ensures timely availability and delivery of every online order. 

Clear Span metal buildings are a suitable investment for all warehouse and inventory storage purposes. Yes, you heard it right!

Viking Metal Garages has a comprehensive range of Clearspan steel buildings that can best suit your large inventory storage need and keep them fully secured from environmental issues.

The eCommerce industry has grown to an all-new level and has boosted local retailers’ sales. Some eCommerce business owners have set up their in-house inventory storage and warehouse, while some still depend upon local retailers to meet their requirements and deliver directly to customers.

Does Clear Span Steel Building make sense for the eCommerce Industry?

The shortest answer is YES! Running an eCommerce business isn’t easy, and necessity for a vast warehouse is a basic need. Steel buildings fulfill all those requirements with many other benefits that are not available with conventional structures. 

So the question arises, what makes commercial steel buildings an ideal investment to boost your eCommerce business? 

Below are reasons that distinguish steel buildings from conventional structures and make them superior to other structures.

Steel Buildings are Cost Effective: Price of the final building matters when you are planning to make a big investment in your business growth. Prefabricated steel buildings offered by Viking Metal Garages are the most practical solution for your eCommerce needs without moving out of your budget.

Undoubtedly, the initial cost of a prefab structure is more than conventional structures, but in the long run, initial cost and upkeep cost give you a budget-friendly option compared to other options available for your requirements. 

A metal garage building has a standard life of 3-4 decades which can further survive, followed by timely inspection and repairs. Overall, steel building investment makes a perfect value for money.

Quick and Easy Upkeep: Timely maintenance will be mandatory regardless of building material. You will require minimal upkeep for steel garages as steel structures are resistant to fire, pests, red ants, and other environmental threats common among wood/timber buildings.

Moreover, big buildings are installed with vertical roof style, encouraging easy water and snow runoff. Ultimately, it will maintain a low snow load and hence keep the strength of your structure as-is. 

Low Insurance Premium: Most businesses prefer taking appropriate insurance to secure their business from mishaps. Insurance firms evaluate our business and its assets before covering your business. A steel building is resistant to fire and other wood-related threats, making it a premium structure. Hence, premium of steel buildings is lower than conventional building options.

This is a money-saving supplement to your ongoing business investments. Who among you won’t love to grab such a deal allowing you to save a significant sum on yearly premiums?

Fully Customization Facility: Customization is crucial as the design of your inventory storage, manufacturing unit, or warehouse differ based on your requirements. Prefab steel structures provide easy customization options that are not available with other construction options.

We a steel building; you can choose from different building styles, walk-in doors, garage doors, skylights, insulation, windows, and more. 

In short, you get the overall liberty to own a fully customized steel building from Viking Metal Garages.

This gives you an overview of how steel structures are premium yet smart investments that you make for a successful eCommerce business. For various field operations, you would require a clear-span building. The most common clear span building size includes:

  • 30′ x 50′ Commercial Building
  • 40′ x 60′ Commercial Building
  • 50′ x 80′ Commercial Building
  • 60′ x 100′ Commercial Building

If you are running a successful eCommerce business demanding expansion, let Viking Metal Garages take charge of it and provide a high-quality commercial building for high-end use.

We are one of the authorized steel garage dealers in the USA, offering various steel building designs at highly competitive prices. We only deal in 100% American-manufactured buildings; hence ensure you get the same in the shortest lead time.

So, without delay, reach out at (704)-741-1587 and discuss your customized business needs.

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