Prefab Metal Building: An Ultimate Structure to Protect Your Horses from Summer

Prefab Metal Building: An Ultimate Structure to Protect Your Horses from Summer

Prefab Metal Building
  • May 11, 2020

Summer is here! Many regions of the nation face the worst temperatures, causing many difficulties. We have our homes and ACs to protect us from the extreme heat, but as a responsible owner, you should also take care of your horses and dogs. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can trouble your horse, causing heatstroke, dehydration, muscle spasms, and colic. The same goes for the dogs, and you need to arrange some means to make the summer cooler for your animals.

Always provide your pets and livestock with a cool, shaded area with adequate ventilation. A prefab metal building can play a vital role in summer for sheltering your horses, dogs, other pets & livestock. By adding insulation, you can regulate the temperature of your metal structure. It will not only block the summer-heat but also keep it warm during the colder months. Insulation provides a greater level of comfort for your animals during the dog days of summer.

Metal buildings are not only suitable in summers but also provide safety in heavy rain, snowfall, and high wind. Let’s check in detail about the best ways to protect your horses and dogs from the summer heat.

Metal Carports (Run-in Shelters)

Metal carports are not just for car parking. You can use a steel carport building for many other purposes like your Run-in shelter. A steel building is also used as a dog kennel. A steel carport can provide you with an open-air roofed shed, where your animals can get rid of the intense sun rays.

Furthermore, you can arrange water and feed in the shelter, so they don’t need to go outside for anything.

There are many buildings available in the market, but metal carports are eminent and best for your needs. So, get a steel carport for your animals, and chill the summer for them.

Metal Barns

Steel barns are the customized garages with lean-tos. The metal barns have all the characteristics of traditional barns while providing additional advantageous features that can’t be possible with conventional structures. So, you can help your horses beat the heat by installing a metal barn. You can use lean-tos to shield your animals from the sunlight, and the enclosed center aisle for heat-waves and sandstorms. Hence, you have options for both regular summer and extreme conditions. So, get your steel barn and be a responsible horse or pet-owner.

Steel Shelter

Metal shelters are like large commercial garages. Steel shelters for livestock housing have partially open sides, ensuring proper air circulation. These steel shelters have enough space for physical activities, and your horse and dog can quickly move inside. You have the liberty to add garage doors according to your ease and accessibility. So, metal shelters are perfect for safeguarding your livestock from brutal summers. Using a 3D building estimator tool, you can also get customized metal shelters to meet your specific needs.

Dog Run

Dog runs are for the canine companies or multiple dog owners. Many businesses that house dogs are using steel buildings to ensure that the dogs are in a warm and secure place. Metal indoor dog kennel buildings offer low cost, low maintenance solution for professional dog breeders, kennel operators, trainers, rescue teams, military & K9 police units.

Dogs don’t sweat like us, and that’s why they need a proper shed to keep their temperature down. You can give your loyal friends a dog run where they can spend their day without facing intense sunlight. So, contact our metal building experts  and get your customized dog shed.

These are some ways to protect your animals from summer. Moreover, you can make a more comfortable environment for your animals by considering the below tips for cooling metal buildings.

Tips To Cool Your Metal Building

Insulate Your Steel Building

Insulation can help you in two ways. If you are using AC or other means to cool your shed, then insulation can restrict the heat exchange with the outer environment. This way, you can maintain the uniform temperature inside the structure easily. Secondly, metal building insulation cuts-off the energy consumption for temperature regulation and helps you save on your bills. So, you want to cool your metal barn or shelter then get your building insulated.

Get Benefit of Natural Cooling

Nature has many offerings, and one of them is cooling. You can get the natural cooling for your shed by installing your structure at the right place. Choose an area surrounded by trees and vegetation. Trees don’t allow the direct incident of light and keep the temperature down. So, try to get the shade of the trees and cool down your horse shed or dog shed.

Consider Cross-Ventilation

This point should be considered while buying your metal shed. Metal buildings allow full customizability, and you get a custom metal shelter with ample windows and doors to help cross-ventilation. Proper air circulation drops down the heat and maintains a healthy and cool atmosphere in the structure. So, choose the right building and customization to cool your metal barn with air.

Choose the Right Color

Yes! Choosing the correct color can also help you decrease the temperature of your livestock shelter. Where dark colors absorb the heat, light colors reflect the sunlight and keep the temperature down. So, you should select a light color for your metal shed to give your animals a comfortable environment.

These are some tips to cool your metal shed and protect your horses and dogs from the hot summer days. As a metal shed is best for your animal shelter, choosing the right metal building is best for quality service and lifelong use.Viking Metal Garages has a wide range of quality metal buildings, including garages, sheds, barns, and shelters for animal housing. Apart from highly-durable metal structures, you’ll get some other benefits like 20-years rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery & installation. For placing your order and any support, call us at 828-848-9866 .

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