Prefab Metal Home - A Convenient Way to Build your Dream House

Prefab Metal Home – A Convenient Way to Build your Dream House

Prefab Metal Home - A Convenient Way to Build your Dream House
  • June 30, 2020

Can I live in a prefabricated metal home? Investing in a metal home is the right decision or not?

Many of you have encountered such questions in mind, but don’t know an appropriate answer to these.

No Worries! Viking Metal Garages will give you the most precise and detailed answer to this question and guide you to choose the perfect home for your living.

When you think about steel structures, you typically think about warehouses and industrial buildings, but you don’t necessarily think of home construction. But with the flexibility, durability, sustainability, and efficiency of steel construction, it’s quickly becoming a practical option for housing. Prefab metal homes are growing in popularity and considered the future of housing.

Below are the benefits of considering residential metal buildings over other alternatives.

Durability: Steel buildings can withstand severe weather conditions like hurricane, tornados, heavy rain, hailstorm, etc. It gives you ample space to live in, but it also lasts more than conventional wood or other building materials.

Low Maintenance Cost: With a metal home, you don’t need to worry about roof damage, rot, pests, rust, or corrosion. Correctly installed prefab metal homes require minimal maintenance, saving your maintenance cost to a significant level.

Flexible: Steel building kits now gives you endless options to build nearly any design you want. You have the options for the door, windows, side panel, roof-style, and more to design your own building and get it delivered hassle-free.

Affordable: Steel costs less than concrete and wood. So, your full price of any metal building will be less expensive than other building alternatives. Furthermore, the installation of steel buildings requires less labor than wood buildings, saving labor costs as well.

Fireproof: Steel doesn’t burn like wood. So, there isn’t any risk of keeping your essentials safe from fire incidents. If you are living in an area with extreme hot weather, fires are common. Metal building home is the perfect decision to make your dream home and keep your home protected from fire damages.

Energy Efficient: Properly insulated steel building homes can prevent moisture and condensation from affecting your interior and keep it cool/hot according to your need.

Pest-proof: Pests are a common trouble for stick buildings, but not for steel structures. Owners of steel buildings can keep their homes safe from pests and maintain cleanliness hassle-free.

Recyclable: Steel Buildings are 100% recyclable and are considered to be ‘green buildings.’ So, there is zero harm to nature.

With these benefits of steel structures, you can choose your dream metal building and convert it into a residential metal structure.

But wait!

Some crucial points must be considered before ordering your residential steel building.

Choose Design and Style:

Viking Metal Garages provide different metal buildings, including metal garages, metal carports, metal workshop building, commercial metal garages, and more. Choose metal buildings that best fulfill your home requirements. The metal structure’s flexibility gives you a seamless way to customize your metal home accordingly. Moreover, if required, you can easily change or extend your metal home layout and add extra space under your roof.

You aren’t restricted to metal styles only. Instead, there are many customization options and color options to order your dream home. You have 15 color options for side panels and 5 color options for roofing, which gives you ample color combinations to order an appealing metal home structure.

Consider Local Code Ratings:

Every location in the United States has its building guidelines. Neglecting those guidelines results in a penalty or destruction of your metal building.

So, it’s better to take approval from local building permits before ordering a metal home. It’s recommended to double-check local building rules and ensure your dream structure meets local building installation rules. In case of confusion, it’s better to call our metal garage experts at 828-848-9866 and get appropriate assistance.

What Next?

Viking Metal Garages has a wide range of best metal garages, including commercial garages for gyms and other uses. If you buy from us, then you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery & installation. For ordering your building or any help, talk to our building experts at 828-848-9866.

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