Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Hospitals & Medical Facilities
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Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • July 24, 2020

With multiple benefits of prefabricated metal buildings, demand is rapidly increasing in different industries. Nowadays, you would have also seen prefabricated hospital buildings in numerous areas.

These modular hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings are enriched with excellent medical support. However, the use of steel in prefabricated buildings has started in the last few years. Earlier, conventional wood structures were highly used that were later overwhelmed with untold benefits of steel, offering an ideal construction material for metal building buyers.

But have you ever thought what makes steel ideal construction material for hospital metal buildings?

Below listed are the untold benefits of metal structures that make it unique in comparison to other alternatives.

Durability: Steel buildings are durable and are made to last long. Steel engineered healthcare buildings are entirely reliable to serve you for decades with minimal maintenance costs. Whether they are large hails thunderstorm or high winds, steel buildings can withstand such weather elements easily.

Versatile Designs: Metal buildings aren’t limited to a few designs. Instead, you have versatile options that range from metal carports to commercial metal buildings. Different designs fit different requirements and hence give you varied buying options.

Lightweight: Steel is lightweight as compared to other building alternatives. Steel building components are also quick & easy to transport anywhere in the United States. High strength to weight ratio of steel makes it sturdy regardless of lightweight.

Quick Installation: Prefab building Healthcare facilities made out of metal are quick to install. Reason being, metal structures are delivered at your doorstep in prefabricated components that requires to be bolted together at the job site. Hence half of the installation time is saved at the manufacturing depot.

DIY Buildings Availability: With metal buildings, you can now order DIY Metal Buildings that save labor costs. DIY structures are delivered with adequate installation guides, including manuals, videos, etc. So, you can conveniently order a DIY steel structure and install it yourself.

Easy to Customize: You have majorly two options to order a metal structure. One way is to choose from our catalog and order directly. Another alternative is to order your building and share customization required.

Real-Time Building Customization (via 3D Estimator): Further, you have a 3D building estimator to design your building with real-time visualization. You can choose customization options like root style, side panels, steel gauge, color options, and certification options. Once done, you can order directly and get your building in the shortest lead time.

Cost-Effective: Steel demand is gradually growing across the globe. Steel is a cost-effective construction material compared to wood and cement. With long-term benefits, one-time investment in modular hospitals, clinics, and medical buildings is a smart option. Your entire investment in steel structures will be lower than conventional building options.

Pest Resistant: Wood buildings are prone to pests and rust that makes it less effective for long-term usage. Over stick structures, metal buildings are pest-free and don’t get rot. Hence you get a sturdy metal structure to meet your requirements and serve you for decades to come.

A galvanized layer is applied to provide a rust-proof trait in steel. That’s why galvanized prefabricated primary health centers are in huge demand as they can last for long without rusting issues.

Fire Resistant: Another big con of investing in wood buildings is the threat of fire. Fire can cause massive damage to your traditional buildings as well as stored essentials. However, this isn’t the case in steel buildings; prefabricated metal structures are fire-proof that gives a strong reason to use steel for hospitality facilities.

Energy Efficient: Whether you ask for the energy required for metal building installation, or talking about its manufacturing, steel requires minimal energy to conclude into an energy-efficient hospital building.

100% Recyclable: Steel is 100% recyclable metal that not only safeguards nature but also reuse steel without leaving residue. Furthermore, steel manufacturing consumes the least energy that also supports green nature. Above all, steel buildings are a new trend in the construction industry to support nature and boost the green environment.

Inexpensive Repairs: Metal structures, unlike wood, don’t require frequent maintenance, and that’s the reason you save big on these buildings. Hospital is a public commodity that can’t execute regular maintenance. Hence metal buildings offer inexpensive repairs that can keep building lasting for years without damages.

These are some of the many other benefits of using metal (steel) to construct your hospital and start delivering medical assistance.

Remember, whatever building you choose for your hospital, always consider certified metal buildings to ensure your buildings are 100% safe and reliable to confront harsh weather conditions.

Many people would agree with the fact that people are nowadays more afraid of the ongoing global pandemic. With plunging Covid-19 cases, demand for multiple medical facilities center has increased exponentially. Various countries are looking forward to establishing hospitals to bestow quarantine facilities and other medical & healthcare facilities.

At Viking Metal Garages, you have a vast number of metal structures with a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery & installation. For ordering your building or any help, talk to our building experts at (704)-823-6732.