Rising Trend of Metal Warehouse in Industrial Era
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Rising Trend of Metal Warehouse in Industrial Era

Rising Trend of Metal Warehouse in Industrial Era
  • April 23, 2021

Growth is the untold truth for big businesses. Obviously, with time, every business is growing gradually, and hence they are expanding simultaneously.

Today, as businesses are growing in the industrial era, the demands of commercial warehouse buildings are now trending. It brings in massive demand for commercial warehouse buildings for a variety of business operations.

Yes! Here’s the Catch!

Metal Warehouses have nowadays become the new trend in today’s industrial era. Its demand has increased exponentially in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the coming decades as well.

industrial space by type united states
Source: Statista

According to Statista, nearly 10,012,28 million square feet of area is used for industrial purposes. So, you can predict the demand for industrial buildings.

With the evolution of the industrial era, the demand for warehouse buildings has increased at a huge pace. Since the last few years, the United States of America has been more inclined towards importing goods and raw materials from other countries that increased the demand for warehouses and commercial buildings. There are numerous other reasons why the demand for warehouses has increased gradually. Some of them are listed below:

High Import of Raw Materials: Compared to previous years, the level of export has increased to an all-new heights post Covid-19 outbreak. Nowadays, companies prefer buying raw materials from across the globe and store them in local warehouses that can be further used to serve the nation-wide requirements.

Below given chart can easily showcase the level of export made by the country.

Deficit: $68.2 Billion +1.9%°
Exports: $191.9 Billion +1.0%°
Imports: $260.2 Billion +1.2%°

From this chart, you can depict that till the beginning of this year, the USA has made an import of nearly $260.2 Billion.

US international trade goods and services January 2021
Source: BEA.gov

Increasing E-Commerce Demand: After the situation of lockdown, people and the government is highly encouraging social distancing. This gives rise to the demand for e-shopping, and e-commerce plays a pivotal role in this scenario.

It’s not possible to entertain bulk-online requests, and hence businesses are looking forward to setup local warehouses to store inventory and serve the customers without any delay. This situation is yet another reason behind the massive demand for industrial/commercial metal warehouses.

In coming years, the demand for e-Commerce is expected to grow further.

US retail eCommerce sales forecast
Source: Statista

Now, wood would never be a feasible option to choose when it comes to industrial warehouse structures. The commercial wood structures are next to impossible things that you can predict. Interestingly, you would surf around and find the steel warehouse buildings are the only and most reliable option that can provide you premium benefits.

The selection of a steel warehouse is a smart investment due to the following reasons.

100% Usable Space: Unlike wood structures, metal warehouses don’t have obstructions. Hence, with a commercial metal warehouse, you get 100% usable space that can be further utilized for endless requirements. Required space is never a barrier with the custom metal warehouse.

Cost-Effective: Steel structures are highly cost-effective when compared with stick structures. Steel is cheaper than wood! Further, it doesn’t require additional labor on the installation site. Hence you save money on the steel price as well as labor cost that cumulatively give you a big cut on the final warehouse price.

Fast Construction: Getting a big warehouse within days provides next-level satisfaction. Installation of steel structures ensures your building is installed within a few days. As a fact, a standard metal garage can be installed within 1-2 days, depending upon your area, building customization, etc.

Robustness: Steel is a robust metal when compared with a stick or other building alternatives. Further steel has high tensile strength that enables your warehouse to stand still against harsh weather conditions.

Minimal maintenance Required: Metal warehouse doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Further, the overall maintenance cost of a metal building is always less than other building alternatives. Metal warehouse structures are mostly installed with vertical roof, which encourages water, debris, and snow runoff. Hence you can stay assured of negligible load on your roof.

Completely Hygienic Workplace: The growth of rust, mold, termites is a big loophole with stick structures. These issues are also hazardous for human health. Therefore, business owners highly recommended steel warehouses that are free from these hacks.

Install Your Mega Steel Warehouse with Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is a premier leader in the metal garage industry. We have served numerous customers even during the COVID-19 outbreak and earned a 100% satisfaction level. We ensure you get a deluxe metal garage warehouse at your lot within the shortest possible time frame.

With every metal structure we deliver, you get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty on all metal garages you order. In short, you will receive a fully functional metal garage structure capable of fulfilling your industrial, commercial, residential, and various other needs.

We at Viking Metal Garages are always available to provide you 100% American-manufactured metal garage buildings at the lowest price possible. Metal structures are the future, and they are even called green buildings. Hence, you are just a few steps away from your metal warehouse that can benefit your business a lot and take it to new heights. Give us a call today at 704-823-6732 and discuss your building requirements.

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