Three-Car Garage Vs. Two-Car Garage: Choosing The Right Size For Your Needs

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Three-Car Garage Vs. Two-Car Garage: Choosing The Right Size For Your Needs

Three-Car Garage Vs. Two-Car Garage: Choosing The Right Size For Your Needs
  • March 20, 2024

A garage is arguably one of the best utility buildings for everyday comfort. Not only does it serve as a means to keep your car safer from the external environment, but it also gives you additional space for other utilities such as storage, DIY projects, and even a workshop or office space. So, opting for a 2 car garage or a 3 car metal garage is reasonable. But why metal? Why not timber built?

A metal is resilient to ever-changing temperatures, seasons, weather conditions, and pest infestation. They neither rot, decay, twist, bend, or shrink. When correctly installed, they are long-lasting and hold their structural strength with time. Moreover, they are easy to maintain as well. Look at some 3 and 2 cars metal garages for more info.

Steel Two Car Garage

2 car garage is preferred by people with sole purpose to park cars. You can accommodate 2 cars or one car, with the other half of the area dedicated to storage.

2 Car Garage Size

Width can vary between 20 ft. to 24 ft., and length can be around 20 ft. Height depends on the top clearance of your car. Usually, 9 ft. tall doors would be enough to park a regular-size sedan.

Note: Remember you need at least 1.5 ft. extra space on either side of a parked car to open and close the car’s door without making a ding into the wall.

Some common two car garage dimensions are:

  • 20 x 20
  • 24 x 25
  • 24 x 30
  • 20 x 30
  • 22 x 30

These are common sizes; you can also build a custom 2 or 2.5-size garage. An oversized garage door could be 9 ft. to 16 ft. tall and up to 18 ft. wide to park an SUV or an RV. We offer one of the best designs, a 20 ft. wide x 36 ft. long x 10 ft. high custom utility metal garage, which can be used for parking two cars and storing stuff.

On average, a 2 car garage costs about $2000. However, it can be more or less depending on your location, labor cost, and extra accessories.

Three Car Metal Garage

A 3 car garage size is generally 600 sq. ft., but it can go up to 1800 sq. ft. and even more. The average size of a three car metal garage is 30 to 40 ft. in width and 20 to 28 ft. in depth. You must know that any three car garage will require a broader driveway. So, space availability is crucial here.

Three Car Garage Size

Some widely used dimensions for a three car metal garage are:

  • 22 x 36
  • 24 x 32
  • 24 x 34
  • 28 x 36
  • 24 x 40

Of course, you can opt for a larger size depending on the use of the garage building. A 3 car garage will cost you $3000 and more, depending on size and add-ons. Some people even convert it into an office space with a living quarter. For instance, if you have a vast piece of land, you can get a three car garage, create sturdy sections, and rent it as a storage unit to earn some cash.

Some Common Accessories That You Can Add With Your 2 Car Or 3 Car Steel Garage

  • Insulation
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Sliding Door
  • Structural Trim
  • Gutter
  • Downspout
  • Ridge Cap
  • Overhang
  • Lean-To
  • Skylights
  • Extra Windows
  • Walk-In Doors

Tip: You can also opt for finished concrete flooring if you use your metal garage for other uses.

Factors That Play Key Role In Choosing 2 Or 3 Car Metal Garage

Available Space On Your Lot

If your property has less space or you don’t have enough space to install a three-car metal garage after leaving all necessary setbacks, you may have to opt for a two-car garage. In addition, you are going to need more space for laying the foundation (for the concrete base, you will need at least 12 inches more length and width than the size of the metal garage building).

The driveway must be wide enough to maneuver cars without any problem, especially for a three car garage.

Local Building Codes

Some counties and cities have stringent building codes. For instance, you may not be allowed to have a garage larger than 1000 sq. ft. In that case, you can opt for sizes like 30 x 30, 24 x 40, 26 x 36, etc. Some areas prone to extreme weather might ask you to get a vertical roof or a certified steel garage.

Your Budget

Size impacts the amount you will need, so if you opt for a larger size, you can expect to pay more. But there is a catch here. If you opt for more length than width, you will get the same sq. ft. but for a lesser price. That’s because more columns are needed to increase width.

Detached Or Attached

A three or two car garage might be attached to your main property. The attached ones cost less than the detached ones. Moreover, with detached, you get more safety and security. Further, you can renovate a three car metal garage into a living quarter, a home office, and even a rental unit.


The purpose of your metal 3 or 2 car garage will define its usability. Minimum dimensions are enough for the sole purpose of parking. But if you want more space for storage, an occasional workshop, or a hobby space, it is best to add more space to it.

Recap: A Quick Comparison Between Three Car Garage Vs Two Car Garage

3 Car Metal GarageParameter2 Car Steel Garage
$2600 onwardsBase Price$2000 onwards
20 ft. +Avg. Depth20 ft. +
30 ft. to 38 ft. Or MoreAvg. Width22 ft. to 28 ft. Or More
8 ft. to 14 ft.Height8 ft. to 12 ft.
Wider NeededDrivewayDepends On Vehicle(s)
600 sq. ft.Minimum Area Required400 sq. ft.
PossibleExtra Storage SpacePossible
Excellent For StorageMulti-Functional UnitYes

Never compromise on premium-quality metal garages. Always go for an experienced and trustworthy metal builder before buying a three-car or two-car garage.


Whether you need a carport or a barn, we have all categories of metal buildings for our customers’ convenience. Pick one that suits your purpose. At Viking Metal Garages, our goal is to deliver sturdy structures with top-notch quality that lasts.

You’ll find a wide range of metal garages to fit your needs and budget. So, don’t wait for the grass to grow; get your 3 car metal garage in custom size with over 10+ color options today. Call (704)-741-1587 for more details.