Types of Foundation For Metal Garage Building
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Types of Foundation For Metal Garage Building

Types of Foundation For Metal Garage Building
  • March 2, 2023

The foundation of any structure is the most critical stability factor. Without a proper foundation, your structure could not survive severe weather conditions. The primary role of building foundations is to offer a solid base for the structure above the ground and hold it in the same place without any distortion and displacement.

You can select different foundation options for the prefab metal garage building according to your requirements. While considering the foundation for the metal garage building, you can consider various factors like geological, weather conditions, and your basic functional needs.

This article will dive deep into the analogy of foundation selection for a prefab metal garage building. We will explore various foundation types and factors affecting your selection process.

Metal building Foundation You Should Know

The following five foundation types are the most common for all the metal garage buildings offered by Viking Metal Garages. You can select an adequate foundation for your garage building by analyzing your basic functional and operational requirements. Besides functional needs, you can also consider the local climate and ground conditions to select the appropriate foundation for the garage structure.

Poured Concrete or Concrete Foundation

A poured concrete foundation is a slab-type and monolithic foundation. In the slab blog type, concrete is poured in a single piece on the ground. Pouring concrete at the installation site on the ground takes a short time. It takes 18 to 28 days to get dried and ready for the metal garage installation.

Although, you can start the installation process post eighteen days of concrete pouring. It will be strong enough to hold the structure. For the garage buildings attached to the house structure. The slab-type foundation is enduring and long-lasting for decades without critical damage.

For better stability and durability, you can increase the thickness of the concrete slab. In the concrete slab foundation type, you must look for the specifications like thickness, size, slope, edges, and footing to ensure the stability of the foundation for a particular building design.

Wooden Foundation

In terms of convenience, the wooden foundation is too easy to install. But compared to the concrete slab foundation, wooden foundations are less enduring. As one of the most effective and economical foundation type, wooden flooring is the reputed one. In terms of insulation, wooden floors offer better isolation from the ground heat and help maintain an effective environment inside.

Along with a range of advantages, wooden foundations have many benefits. As a moisture-prone material, it can’t withstand a humid environment. It tends to rot in poor weather conditions. Also, the cost of a wooden foundation is slightly higher than a concrete slab-type foundation because of the efforts required in the installation process.

For areas with average weather conditions and less moisture in the air, you can consider the wooden foundation for the structure.

Gravel Base Foundation

The gravel foundation type is the most effective if you consider a portable vehicle shed. Planning a gravel-type foundation for the metal garage sheds is much easier. In terms of water drainage, a gravel foundation is the ideal one because of fast water drainage than any other foundation type. Also, gravel foundation is cost-effective in terms of installation.

With some perks, a gravel-type foundation has some limitations. The gravel-type foundation is less enduring than other foundation types and needs an entirely different configuration. Frequent maintenance is also required, which is unsuitable for uses other than vehicle parking and workshop.

Pier or Beam Type Foundation

Pier foundations are also known as post or beam-type foundations. The use of a pier type of foundation is considered most effective for coastal areas prone to hurricanes. The application of the pier-type foundation also depends on the facility you are designing.

Pier-type foundations are also suitable for the facilities like livestock shelters and garage buildings. With the professional planning of the structure, you can achieve adequate stability with the pier type foundation of a prefab metal garage building.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Foundation for Metal Garage Building

Whenever you plan for any facility, either for residential, commercial, or agricultural purposes, it is necessary to analyze various factors that can affect the structure in the long run and hamper its durability.

When it comes to prefab metal garage buildings, it is essential for you to look for factors like the intent of use, space & size of structure you need, local climate conditions, and soil type. These are the most critical factors you must consider before finalizing the foundation type for the prefab steel garage building.

Get Viking Support for Your Metal Garage Building

Selecting a foundation type for a prefab metal garage building is critical, and you need to be precise. Choosing the proper foundation can help you be economical and tension free in the long run. If you are planning for a metal garage building, we at Viking Metal Garages are always here to support you.

To get instant support from our metal building experts, call us at (704)-823-6732, or contact us online for personalized guidance and seamless purchase. By purchasing from Viking Metal Garages, you can leverage benefits like 10 years of side panel warranty, 20 years of rust through warranty, and 1 year of workmanship warranty.

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