Why Auto Shop Metal Buildings are a Reliable Option
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Why Auto Shop Metal Buildings are a Reliable Option?

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  • October 13, 2020

Most people own a car in America, which makes the car repair and service business never-ending. With the increasing population, many vehicles are increasing on the road day by day. Some people also consider used cars, and others want to keep their vehicles for more extended periods, which escalate the demand for auto repair businesses.

If you are also planning to get into this auto repair business, there is enough demand, and you can earn significant business.

However, an auto shop’s basic need is a building where you will repair the vehicles and run your business. Your auto shop building should be good enough to support your functional needs and house everything perfectly. There should be maximum ease and flexibility of operation in the shed to stimulate the utmost productivity.

Metal buildings are the most famous building option, and you must also consider these for your auto shop building. There are various reasons to choose a metal building for your auto repair business. Prefab steel buildings have numerous benefits of traditional structures and serve you maximum profitability.

You get the standard of the quality at the cost, which isn’t possible with any other shed options.

Let’s discuss the features that make the pre-engineered metal garages perfect for auto shops.

Spacious Workstation

Auto shops need lots of space to manage all things effectively, and steel garages provide you the maximum usable space without any obstructions. The metal clear span buildings have no supporting columns like traditional structures and give you maximum usable space in a given area. You can have a column-free structure up to 300ft width, and after that, you can go wider, but there will be some columns, but less than conventional sheds for sure.

So, having a shed that allows you to use the whole space without interruption is always beneficial. This feature of metal buildings is desirable for auto shops, and you can meet it with steel garages.

Ample Headroom

Substantial headroom is also a necessity of an auto repair shop. There should be enough space for the hydraulic lift for vehicles and working beneath them. Hence, your building should be taller and stronger to support and protect the operations. Most of the tall conventional sheds fail you when it comes to protection, and you should seek a sturdier option.

The steel garages provide the utmost strength, and you can get a height of 42′ and more if allowed by your local building codes. Custom metal garages can easily meet your height needs if you don’t find any standard shed good for you.

Hence, you get the tall metal auto workshop where you can work seamlessly with the utmost protection from extreme weather and harmful environmental elements.

Large Overhead Doors

Auto shops have multiple openings for easy entry and exit. Prefab metal buildings allow large openings with maximum strength with various styles, sizes, and lifting mechanism options. You can customize the opening you want according to your operations, streamlining your work process.

Quick Construction

Pre-engineered metal buildings have penalization, which stimulates quick framing. Hence, you can also get your metal auto shop soon with prefab steel garages. Manufacturers fabricate all the parts at the plant according to your shed design, and installers attach all the parts together at your property.

You can also opt for metal garage DIY kits that you need to install by yourself. The study says you can save 30% of total conventional building construction time with steel garages.

It’s not like you compromise with the quality if you get it sooner. Steel structures bestow you best quality shed while optimizing the construction time.

Impressive Resistance to Damages

The galvanized steel is used for metal buildings, making the sheds resistant to damage from elements. Generally, metals are prone to rust, but galvanized steel doesn’t entertain the rusting. Moreover, the steel panels also go through a special chemical treatment to avoid corrosion or aging. Hence, your auto shop will be the same for years.

Furthermore, the steel has a maximum strength-to-weight ratio, making the steel sheds withstand harsh weather conditions. You can completely rely on your metal auto shop to protect your tools and clients’ vehicles.

These features make steel garages a reliable option for your auto shop. You can’t find a better shed for your auto repair shop than the prefab steel garages. There are many more features of steel garages like cost-efficiency, energy-efficiency, recyclability, less maintenance, etc. So, order your steel auto garage now!

Viking Metal Garages has a wide range of metal commercial garages for almost every purpose, and you find your perfect auto shop building with us. If you buy your auto shop from us, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. Call (704)-823-6732 to book your order or ask any query.

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