Steps to Start a Backyard Garden [Infographics]
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Steps to Start a Backyard Garden

August 19, 2021

Gardening is fun as it benefits you from various aspects. Post COVID-19 pandemic, people have started following social distancing. Moreover, the pandemic made people panic about the storage of food items at grocery stores. This inclined homeowners towards cultivating in their backyard and developing a small garden. Apart from combating food crises (during COVID), starting a backyard garden has numerous benefits. Below are the benefits.

  • Help your body fight disease
  • Builds strength, promotes sleep, and helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Help protect your memory as you get older 
  • Gardening is a mood booster
  • Calms you after stressful events
  • Effective if you’re recovering from addiction
  • Foster feelings of connection
  • Give you a sense of agency and empowerment
  • Help you manage ecoanxiety

For some, it’s more like pursuing their hobbies, while others find it challenging. In either case, you should know the right step to create a backyard garden and take its benefit to the fullest. This infographic gives you a step-by-step guide to setting up your backyard garden.

Steps to Start a Backyard Garden

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