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Metal Garages Los Alamos New Mexico

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Looking for an ideal metal structure for sheltering your vehicles, farm equipment, livestock, or other assets?

At Los Alamos NM, Viking Metal Garages gives you custom metal garages at the best price. Our metal building specialists are happy to help you with the best-fit metal building, including metal garages, boat carports, residential garages, commercial garages, all-weather metal buildings. Our diverse range of metal buildings can be used for versatile uses, including residential, industrial, recreational, and commercial purposes. We do have metal buildings for specific needs that can benefit you with parking, storage, or warehouse space without any obstruction.

At Los Alamos, New Mexico, we also provide 60` wide clear span metal buildings that come with open space without internal columns. These buildings come with a vertical roof style to supplement the building with additional strength and durability.

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Top Selling Metal Garages Los Alamos New Mexico

50'X62'X12' Carolina Metal Barn

50'x62'x12' Carolina Metal Barn is a good investment to serve your agricultural, greenhouse or personal needs.

38'X40'X14' Metal Garage

38'Wx40'Lx14'H Metal Garage is a good option to serve your storage, workshop, mancave, she-shed, etc. needs.

84'X52'X16' Metal Barn Building

84x52x16 Metal Barn is the right choice for farming, livestock storage, or equipment parking needs.

64'X60'X16' Carolina Barn

This 64'Wx60'Lx16'H metal barn building is the right option for commercial requirements.

60'X100'X12' Steel Building

Take a look at this 60'x100'x12' building which is the right structure to start your business or give a jump start to your existing business.

42'X36'X15 Step Down Barn

This 42x36 step-down barn building is the right investment for your agricultural requirements.

30'X71'X14' Two Tone Commercial Building

Look no further with this 30'Wx71'Lx14'H Steel Building with Lean To, which is an ideal investment for commercial, warehouse, or personal requirements.

30'X50'X14' Metal Building With Lean To

Check this 30x50 Metal Building that comes with an attached lean-to and provides enough space for myriad needs (personal or commercial).

30'X71'X12' Steel Garage With Lean To

This 30x71x12 Steel Garage with two Lean-to is the perfect option if you are searching for the right structure for storage, workshop, parking, or any other big needs.

26'X50'X16' Three Car Metal Garage

Take a look at this 26'x50'x16' 3-car garage, which is the right investment to secure your vehicles, household stuff, and various other entities.


Buy Los Alamos NM Metal Garage Buildings

You can order a metal garage building in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and get it delivered & Installed for free at your property. You can use custom metal garages for commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, and various other needs. We believe in delivering affordable steel garages in Los Alamos; hence no dealer`s cost is included in our prices. Moreover, you are offered multiple customization options, including vertical roof/a-frame style metal garages, one-car metal garage, two-car garage, commercial garages, boat garages, and all-weather metal garages.

Our broad range of metal garages is built with high-quality steel to provide longevity and durability with top-notch protection for your valuables, vehicles, and other assets from tornados, storms, snowfall, rainfall, and other harsh weather elements.

At Viking Metal Garages, you can order a clear-span metal garage building from 6` to 20` height and 12` to 60` wide. However, to choose the best-fit metal building, call our metal building specialists at (704)-741-1587 and get appropriate consultation for your needs. We provide prefabricated metal garages Los Alamos NM, which is delivered and installed by professional metal garage specialists alongside offering a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery and installation.

Our finely crafted metal garages are available with certification in Los Alamos NM to ensure it meets the local building codes and safeguards your essentials from harsh weather elements. Our manufacturers build your dream metal building with 26-gauge or 29-gauge sheet and 12-ga or 14-ga metal frames, based on your personalized requirements.

Metal Garage Roof Styles in NM

Standard (Regular) Roof Style: Regular Roof Garage Building New Mexico has been the most popular choice for NM residents for decades. It has rounded corners and is better known as the `standard` roof style.

A-Frame Horizontal (Boxed Eave) Roof Style: A-Frame Garage Building New Mexico runs from side to side and offers a residential look to your metal garage structure. Remember, this roof style does not have purlins or ridge cap.

Vertical Roof Style: Vertical Roof Garage Building New Mexico is the perfect option if you live in an area that experiences rough weather. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing heavy snow, rain, and natural elements such as leaves and debris to slide off easily.

Los Alamos New Mexico Metal Garage Benefits

Cost Effective: Metal building requires minimal construction time, which reduces the overall building cost and saves you valuable time. On average, you can save you up to 50% or more on your building`s total cost than the cost of common wooden building construction. At Viking Metal Garages, all our metal buildings are designed by renowned manufacturers to meet your local building codes.

Less Construction Time: Metal garages require minimal time to build, unlike conventional stick buildings. That`s the reason why our prefabricated metal garages have become so popular.

Highly Durable: A wooden structure is prone to fire and may not remain durable enough after a few years. However, steel garages are manufactured from strong yet durable, and 100% galvanized steel. Hence, metal garages stay durable and last long, year after years!

Multiple Selection: Metal garage buildings have endless design options and available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, you can order a metal structure with different colors, sizes, types, etc. to make it a perfect -fit for your needs.

  • White

  • Tan

  • Clay

  • P. Gray

  • P. Beige

  • Q. Gray

  • Sandstone

  • S. Blue

  • E. Green

  • Cardinal Red

  • True Burgundy

  • E. Brown

  • Barn Red

  • Vintage Burgundy

  • Black

Minimal Maintenance: Metal Garages don`t require strict maintenance for cleaning and to maintain durability. The metal buildings are made from 100% galvanized steel that remains durable and lasts for decades. Thus, its maintenance is an easy job!

Attractiveness: Metal garage buildings look far more attractive than the conventional stick building. They are stylish and come with color match packages, which present a very professional touch.

Easy to Customize: Now, you can make a custom metal garage your way. Give us a call at (704)-741-1587 and let us know what you need. Our proficient workman will deliver you the exact same building structure that you ordered.

Green Metal Buildings: Steel has become a material that is now recycled more than any other resource on the globe. Steel can be reused again in the recycling process, making its future secure as businesses seek lower production costs.

Metal Garage Prices in Los Alamos New Mexico

Before selecting a building, price is always considered as a strong factor for decision making. From hard-earned money, you always prefer buying a certified metal garage in Los Alamos that can serve you for a long. However, price estimation isn`t an easy task for first-time buyers, as multiple factors affect the final garage building price.

Type of Metal Building: Before ordering, you must make up your mind for the best fit metal building. What exactly do you want to fulfill your requirements? Where metal carports are solely used to shelter your vehicles, metal garages can be used as a warehouse, maintenance garage, parking garage, and more. So, depending upon your personal/commercial requirements, you should finalize the building type.

Fluctuating Steel Prices: Steel price fluctuates as it is affected by demand, supply, and availability. Hence based on the steel price, your building price varies. Furthermore, steel is a global commodity; hence its price is subjected to change at short notice. So, before you order your dream metal building, ask your building representative for the current steel price.

Customizations: The more you customize your building, the higher its price will be. Moreover, labor cost, installation charges, delivery charges are an addon to your final building price. However, at Viking Metal Garages, you don`t need to worry a lot. We provide you Quick delivery & installation.

The Buildings Size: The Building dimension is a crucial factor to consider before making your order. Building size also plays a significant role in deciding your building price. A standard metal carport can cost you nearly $1000, whereas a vertical roof commercial metal building will cost you far bigger than a carport. Hence do thorough research based on your property area and requirements.

Location: After you place an order, our manufacturer manufactures the building to meet your local building codes. Hence the building price varies depending upon local building codes and permits required. High winds are a critical issue in the northern US. Thus, you are highly recommended to use a vertical roof style, which will cost you more than a regular roof.

Roof Type & Pitch: Every metal garage dealer provides you three roof options, i.e., regular roof, a-frame roof, and the vertical roof that you can opt for as per your needs. These three roof options have different prices and affect the total cost of your garage. Roof steepness also influences the metal building cost.

Insulation: You can choose from Single-bubble and Double-bubble insulation options, which add extra cost to the final garage price. Quality standards like U-Value, R-Value, Vapor Retarders, etc. directly affect insulation changes. So, insulation cost is an essential factor while ordering a metal garage.

Easy Rent-to-Own & Financing Options:

Viking Metal Garages Rent-to-Own Program

Not every metal building buyer is capable of paying full upfront. So, they look for the best possible solution to this financial heck. The rent-to-own program by Viking Metal Garages is good to opt for if you aren`t planning to own a metal garage. Rent-To-Own leverages you by paying small upfront and starts using the metal garage as required. Later on, if you want to own it, you can pay off anytime and get its full ownership. With our RTO Program you will get the below listed benefits:

  • No credit check required
  • Instant approvals
  • Same day approvals on rent-to-own
  • Monthly contract available
  • Ownership in 36 months or less
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free delivery and installation of your building

Viking Metal Garages Financing Option

Viking Metal Garages do have tie-ups with multiple financing companies that offer you the option to order your dream metal garage without worrying about full upfront. Remember, your credit score is analyzed for quick loan approval. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a robust and sturdy metal garage through our easy financing option. Selecting financing from Viking Metal Garages provides:

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Same as Cash available for 3, 6 & 12 months terms
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime

Los Alamos NM Metal Garages Warranty

Metal building warranty ensures your building can confront harsh weather elements and safeguard your valuables for decades. Buy metal garages in Los Alamos NM, and get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty. We do offer Quick delivery and installation. However, you should remember that any changes made post-installation will void your warranty. So, before you alter your metal garage building Los Alamos, ensure you are going to compromise with the warranty period.

Our manufacturers ensure all buildings delivered at your job site are compliant with local building codes. With no further delay, get in touch with our metal building experts at (704)-741-1587 and choose easy payment options to order your dream garage building today!

Buy Los Alamos NM Metal Garage Building from Viking Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is the authorized dealer of top metal building manufacturers in the United States. Our Los Alamos metal garage buildings are made with 100% American-manufactured steel and top-notch workmanship that provides you a sturdy metal building for life. Furthermore, our experienced metal building specialists are always available to bestow pre/post-installation assistance. You can directly speak to our specialists and ask your queries at (704)-741-1587 . You can choose an ideal custom metal garage in Los Alamos New Mexico and utilize it for varied purposes.

With years of experience and hundreds of installations in the recent past, today, we can deliver 100% satisfaction to the customers from across the United States.

Check out the unmatched benefits of buying from Viking Metal Garages:

  • Authorized dealer of top-quality manufactures in Los Alamos NM
  • Endless customization options with cutting-edge craftsmanship
  • Highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly metal garage experts who listen to your needs and answer your queries
  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Personalized customer service that extends beyond the sale
  • Easy Rent-to-Own & Financing options available
  • Unmatched quality with 100% American Manufactured steel that delivers top-level customer experience

So, what`s dragging you behind? Viking Metal Garages is one such metal garage dealer service across the United States and offers you top quality metal structures with the best customer services. Check out our extensive range of metal garages or call our steel structure experts at (704)-741-1587 to get the perfect metal garage in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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