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Metal Garages Slaton Texas

Metal Garage Buildings in Slaton, Texas, is a smart investment to fulfill your varied needs that includes protecting your valuables, sheltering your vehicles, store your belongings and building a separate home for animals.

Viking Metal Garages provides a wide range of high-quality metal garages in Slaton with great features and endless customizations. At an affordable price, you can buy steel garage buildings in Slaton, Texas, and protect your assets from harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy snowfall, heavy rainfall, and other extreme weather elements.

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Buy Metal Garage Buildings Slaton TX

Our metal garage structures are an economic and convenient way to add storage solutions, protection to your possessions, and value to your property. If you are planning to buy Pre-engineered metal garage buildings, you are making the right decision that will save your hard-earned money without compromising with the safety and security of your property and valuable assets.

In Slaton TX, Viking Metal Garages can deliver your dream garage building with FREE delivery & installation service. In short, buying a metal garage in Slaton Texas is an excellent investment for years to come.

Steel garages are always a significant investment for people live in Slaton, TX due to weather conditions. Texas is vulnerable to wildfires, thunderstorms, hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes in late spring and early summer. Installing a metal building at your land not only protect your valuables but also increases property valuation. We understand your core necessity that makes us capable of offering an extensive collection of steel buildings right at your doorstep.

At Viking Metal Garages, you can select a metal garage building in Slaton TX that can shelter your car, ATV, RVs, Motor-homes, or other vehicles. You can choose the best-fit metal garage based on size, usage, roof-style, and other customizations.

Multiple factors are crucial to consider while buying a metal garage:

Usage: Decide whether you want a fully enclosed steel garage in Slaton TX for storage purposes or recreational purposes.

Building Type: Choose from our wide catalog of metal garages, workshops, barns, commercial buildings, and other steel structures available with endless customizations.

Building Dimensions: Building width, height, and length are crucial factors to consider while ordering. Prefer consulting with our metal garage specialists at (704)-823-6732.

Installation Site: Prepare your installation site before metal building installers reach your doorstep. Also, take appropriate building permits before installation.

Accessories: Metal structures in Slaton Texas are available with multiple accessories, including insulation, double leg, roof-style, skylight, wainscoting, etc. that beautify your building and make it more durable. Remember considering local weather conditions while selecting metal garage accessories.

Building Foundations: Concrete, Soil, Gravel, and Asphalt foundations are most preferred by metal garage experts. Depending upon building foundation, you can select the right anchor for building installation.

Slaton Texas Metal Garages

Viking Metal Garages is a renowned metal garage dealer in the United States providing 100% American made metal garage buildings in Slaton Texas. Our buildings are available with unlimited customization options. We deliver and install steel garages in every possible location of Slaton. We deliver top-quality steel garage structures suitable for various applications that are manufactured with modular construction methods. Once custom metal building is manufactured, our installation team reaches your doorstep for FREE installation.

If you’re looking to protect your car, RVs, boat or farm equipment, you’ll find that Viking Metal Garages has a keen eye for quality and a high standard for reliability.You can either choose from our Slaton metal garages catalog or call us at (704)-823-6732 to discuss your building requirements. We will bestow the customized building at the best possible price.

A metal garage comes with multiple benefits that include:

Longer Life: A metal garage requires low maintenance and serves you for decades compare to wooden buildings. Furthermore, our metal garages come with 20-years rust through warranty. So, your metal building life-span is covered under the warranty period.

Flexible Design: You can buy a metal garage in Slaton TX with customizations as per your needs. Metal structures are flexible and can be customized easily.

Economical: Metal Garage Price in Slaton Texas is highly competitive and affordable, compared to wood structures. A wood garage is expensive to order, requires high maintenance, and has a small life-span. So, installing prefabricated metal garages in Slaton is a wise option to save your pocket and gets long-term benefits.

Low Maintenance: Undoubtedly, metal doesn't shrink, split, swell, twist, is insects free, and doesn't decay with time. These traits make metal garage buildings the ultimate option for all your needs.

Customization: Choose from different building sizes, designs, and types. You have a wide option to choose from lean-to metal garages, prefabricated metal garages, double-tone metal garages, and various other garage building types.

Environment-Friendly: Steel is one of the most recyclable, eco-friendly and reusable materials in the construction industry as it saves energy, minimizes waste, and supports nature.

Prefabricated Metal Garages in Slaton TX

You can choose from 12' wide to 60' wide metal garage buildings with a height of up to 20' tall. Based on your needs, you can also buy other popular metal structures that can be used as:

  • Metal Barns
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Metal Shop Buildings
  • Commercial Structures
  • Industrial Workshops
  • Manufacturing Warehouses
  • Prefab Steel Buildings
  • Aviation Buildings
  • Metal Church
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Park and Recreational Shelters
  • Farm Equipment Shelters and Sheds
  • Equestrian Buildings

Custom Metal Garage Building in Slaton Texas

If you are looking for a custom metal garage in Slaton, Texas, you have the option to customize your garage according to the needs. Viking Metal Garages provide 3D Building Designer tool that gives a seamless platform to create your dream garage with all the required customizations you want. Once you are done with the customizations, you can submit the form. Our metal garage specialists will reach you with the most feasible price that includes FREE delivery &installation.

However, before ordering a custom building, you must check our wide-range of garage buildings. Our custom building options are available for varied needs, at affordable prices. In terms of customization you have many options:

  • Roof Style: You can opt from Regular, Boxed Eave (A-Frame), and Vertical roof styles for your metal garage.
  • Width: Our garage width starts from 12’ and can go up to 60’.
  • Length: Starting from 21’ you can choose the length as suitable to your need.
  • Height: Your steel garage can be installed with a height from 6’ to 20’.
  • Open or Partially/Fully enclosed Walls: Choose to have no/partial/full walls around the structure.
  • Gabled Ends: Order your metal garage building with/without gabled ends.
  • Side/End Wall: Choose to have one/both-side walls.
  • Trim Type: Select any trim options from trims for the roof, walls, gable, and other exposed panel ends.
  • Color Options: With 15 color options for roof, walls, and trim, you can give an aesthetic look to your garage.

Metal Garage Prices Slaton TX

Cost of metal garage is a crucial factor that every buyer considers before ordering. Undoubtedly, Steel Buildings are the most affordable building options for versatile necessities. Yet, there are multiple factors that affect the final price that varies from building to building as well as location code rating. The final price of a metal garage depends on the size, roof style, location, and other customization options. Call us at (704)-823-6732 to get the exact pricing of your metal garage building including your entire customizations. We provide quality, custom-designed steel buildings for any industry.

With our Rent-to-Own and Financing options, you can choose from a wide range of Metal Garages, Barns, Commercial steel buildings, sheds, and more styles without worrying about full payment.

There are many different types of metal buildings in Slaton, including steel buildings in Slaton, prefab metal buildings in Slaton and steel building kits in Slaton. If you are a DIYer who want to save money, we also offer metal garage kits in Slaton, Texas.

Why Buy Slaton TX Metal Garage Building from Viking Metal Garages?

  • Value for Money: Viking Metal Garages gives you a wide range of Metal Buildings at affordable prices.
  • American Made: Our American craftsmen deliver fine quality metal buildings in Slaton Texas with longevity and durability assurance.
  • 100% Steel: Our metal building experts use 100% Steel for building installation at your land.
  • Standard Warranty: A metal garage building comes with 20-years rust through warranty.
  • Expert Advisory: For any doubt or suggestion, our building specialists are available at (704)-823-6732.
  • Endless Customizations: Choose from available metal buildings or make endless customizations to fulfill your needs.

With our extensive industry experience, we are expert in design and install certified metal garages in Slaton, TX to meet your local building codes and requirements. Our experienced building specialists are familiar with most local building permits and requirements. They are always available to make your buying journey hassle-free, so you can get your dream garage building easily on time.