11 Pointers to Know When Buying a Perfect Metal Garage
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11 Pointers to Know When Buying a Perfect Metal Garage

11 Pointers to Know When Buying a Perfect Metal Garage
  • April 9, 2021

Steel garages have already earned huge popularity among the residents of the USA. Still, lack of knowledge and negligence causes loss in buying a perfect metal garage.

Before buying your dream garage building, it’s important to grow your knowledge about metal garage buildings. This will strongly help you find the right building for your land.

So, if you are a newbie in the metal building industry, don’t forget to read the below-listed points before buying the right garage structure.

1. Use of the Metal Garages

Before making your first purchase, it’s essential to know that metal garages aren’t only considered for parking or storage purposes. Today, its scope of use has increased, and hence you can take its advantage for numerous other purposes.

  • Commercial Service Industry Shops
  • Music or Art Studio
  • Commercial Food Service Businesses
  • Commercial Recreational Buildings
  • Man Cave (or She Shed)
  • Poolside Cabana
  • Commercial Retail Applications
  • Commercial Vehicle Enterprises
  • Garage Apartment
  • Home Brewery
  • Home Office
  • Guest House
  • Commercial Aviation Buildings
  • Workshop
  • Commercial Storage Facilities
  • Commercial Office Buildings

Metal garages can be used for more than the list given above. Based on your personal/professional needs, you can use the metal garage and get the maximum benefit from it.

If you are sure about the right garage type, you can proceed further; else, we highly recommend calling our garage experts at (704)-823-6732 to discuss your needs and get a fantastic garage building for your land.

2. Types of Building to Consider

You should know that different types of metal garages are available to buy. Common metal garages available at Viking Metal Garages are:

Parking Garages

Metal Garage Types

These are the broad categories that you can choose to find the right garage type. Remember, different garage types have different specifications, which you must consider when making your order online.

3. Benefits of Metal Garages

Metal garages are nowadays getting huge popularity over conventional wood structures. Steel structures are highly beneficial as they offer numerous advantages over stick buildings. Below are the prominent benefits of considering metal garage buildings.

  • Economical
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Many choices
  • Sustainable and renewable
  • Meets standards for LEED-qualified buildings

For whatever purpose you are installing a metal garage, keeping the above-listed benefits in mind is essential. These benefits will help you make the right decision.

4. Know Your Garage Dimensions

You should know what building dimensions best suits your needs. Before buying a metal garage structure, you must check the available area. Further, it’s essential to check which garage size is good for your needs.

The size of a standard metal garage starts with 12’ width and can go up to 60’ width. So, you can make a choice based on your requirement.

Remember bigger garage building will cost you high compared to a standard metal garage. So, take a wise decision in selecting the right garage dimensions.

5. Installation Location

Mostly metal garages are installed to serve for decades. However, you must ensure the right installation to keep your garage building erect without demanding frequent maintenance.

Always choose the right lot for a garage installation. Make sure the garage can survive on the property. Further, you should check the convenience and ease of access to your location. Metal garage experts prefer installing your garage near your home/driveway.

6. Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is vital before making the right investment. You should know how much you are ready to invest when buying a metal garage. When buying a steel garage, you must know that different factors include the final garage price.

  • Steel Price
  • Building Styles
  • Building Size
  • Roof Type & Pitch
  • Customization
  • Geographical location
  • Installation
  • Insulation

So, you must check the required customizations. You can contact our metal garage experts and discuss the personalized quote for your customized garage.

7. Metal Garage Delivery Time

Delivery of prefab metal garages is one of the essential aspects that every homeowner considers when buying. Not all metal building dealers give you the delivery information about your garage. Still, Viking Metal Garages gives you a probability chart of metal garage delivery.

Based on our past deliveries, we are hereby sharing with you the data about the order delivery in the specified time range.

  • 50% Orders (10-60 Days)
  • 30% Orders (61-80 Days)
  • 19% Orders (81-100 Days)
  • 01% Orders (101 or More)

From the chart above, you can see that within 10-60 days, you have the highest probability of garage delivery. Above all, you only have a 1% probability of getting order after 101 days (which rarely happens).

8. Installation Foundations

Without a proper foundation, it’s tough to imagine your garage longevity. Hence you should ensure a strong foundation is built before the metal garage installers reach your location.

You can use among four types of anchors based on your foundation type. Rebar, Concrete, Ground, and asphalt are the four types of foundations that decide the type of anchors for use.

You are highly suggested to consult with your site planner and discuss the right foundation for your property.

9. Reliable Metal Building Dealer

When buying online, you will find multiple manufacturers and dealers that give exciting offers on every purchase. You should always consider a legist metal garage dealer. Viking Metal Garages is a renowned name that has been serving the customers for years and is still in business offering top-quality buildings to our past customers/clients.

10. Customization of Metal Building

Most of you already know that no two buildings look alike. The reason behind this is that metal building offers endless customizations that enable you to make changes to your custom metal garage.

More often, users/homeowners order a fully customized steel garage to meet their custom needs.

11. Standard Warranties

At Viking Metal Garages, you get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty on all metal garages you order. Furthermore, you also get free delivery & installation.

However, not all manufacturers offer you free delivery & installation. Some of them include delivery, whereas some include delivery and installation. We highly recommend calling our metal garage expert to know the available options.