Tips to Keep Your Metal Garage Safe from Burglars
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Tips to Keep Your Metal Garage Safe from Burglars

Tips to Keep Your Metal Garage Safe from Burglars
  • April 1, 2021

It’s no strange to see a massive demand for custom metal garages for any commercial, residential or agricultural steel building project. People are nowadays looking for certified metal garages to provide adequate safety to their valuables. Protection from thieves and burglars is always a significant concern every building owner faces.

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Undoubtedly, theft cases have declined over the years. Still, there is always a threat of thieves and burglars that compel you to safeguard your essentials. If you are one of the metal garage owners, you might be threatened by unexpected theft and hence look for strong remedies to protect your essentials. Below are crucial safety tips that every metal garage owner must follow.

Light It Up: Darkness invites thieves; hence you must keep your building surrounded by lights. Adding light to your building will keep thieves and vandals away and keep the building safe. With advanced technology, you can install solar lights that will enlighten your surroundings even during dark nights, without high power bills.

Lock It Down: When you are not near your metal garage buildings, it’s essential to lock them down and ensure all inlet sources are blocked. Whether it’s your walk-in door, roll-up garage doors, or windows, you must close them all and lock them down. Remember, small negligence in caring for your steel garage can result in theft. If possible, you should install add-on security gadgets (fingerprint lock, smart door eye, etc.) that can increase your garage building’s security.

Ensure Proper Functioning of Doors: Most people prefer installing a walk-in door to their metal garage building. So, it’s crucial to ensure doors are functioning correctly. In case your doors aren’t working well, run quick maintenance, and get the required component replaced. It’s better to invest initially than feeling guilty afterward. However, metal buildings are highly durable and sustainable to harsh weather conditions. Hence, building components stay functional for decades.

Change Landscaping: Do you know that burglars and thieves more often select a building surrounded by dense shrubbery and trees. So, if your metal building is situated in one such place, don’t wait anymore and start clearing your surroundings. Changing your landscaping will help you build custom surrounding for your family and keep your valuables safe from unnatural mishappening.

Think Like a Thief: It seems weird, but metal garage owners must always stay attentive to keep their garage building safe from thieves, vandals, and burglars. The best way to find loopholes is to think like a thief. Once you acknowledge various possibilities that a thief can have, it becomes easy to overcome them and ensure your assets’ complete safety.

If your valuable assets are still lacking shelter, do visit Viking Metal Garages, which can give you the finest steel building from our catalog. Ordering a custom metal garage means paying for the best security solution to keep your building safe from thieves and protect your valuables.

At Viking Metal Garages, we provide a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty on all our garages. Moreover, we do offer an easy RTO and Financing option that enables you to order a building with small upfront and pay the rest via monthly installments. We offer custom sizes to fit your unique application. So, don’t wait further. Call (704)-823-6732 and book your custom metal garage today!

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