Avoid These Most Common Metal Building Installation Mistakes
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Avoid These Most Common Metal Building Installation Mistakes

Avoid These Most Common Metal Building Installation Mistakes
  • December 4, 2020

Metal buildings are a great way to safeguard your vehicles & other valuable items from theft, vandalism, damages from heavy snowfall, rain, high winds, UV-rays, etc. Steel structures are superior to traditional structures and have multiple benefits. You have made the right choice if you are buying a metal building. You are never going to regret your decision due to the amazing features of the steel buildings.

However, there is something that requires your attention, i.e., metal building installation. But some mistakes can bother you while the steel building erection. These mistakes can delay your project, cause improper installation, and risk someone’s life.

So, let’s discuss the common steel building erection mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Erection on Unprepared Site

This is the most prevalent mistake that most people make. If you install your steel building on an unprepared site, you might face several problems during the installation and in the future. Your building won’t have the strength it should have if the foundation is weak or not properly settled.

Below are some points that you need to take care of preparing the site correctly.

Clean the Site: This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do. Make sure you clean the installation site and enough surrounding to allow the installation process. If you lack clean space, then the installer won’t be able to work at full efficiency.

Give Concrete Enough Setting Time: Setting time is the time which concrete takes to achieve the full strength and hold your shed’s load. You should consider a minimum a week’s time in fair weather for a proper concrete setting. Building anchors will be unstable if your foundation is not strong enough, resulting in the collapse of your building.

Make an Adequate Driveway: Make sure there is an easy way for the delivery trucks, installers, and construction equipment. Also, make sure you can easily get the basic utility connection like water and electricity.

2. Not Following Erection Instructions

Pre-engineered metal building kits come with the proper installation directions that one needs to obey who is erecting the structure. The directions include the proper engineered plans and instructions to read the panels’ stampings so that you do the setup without any mistakes.

As people buy custom steel buildings, the generalized installation process won’t help. If you don’t follow the instructions, you might have to re-work something, which is undesirable.

So, follow all the rules to install the steel structures perfectly. You don’t want your shed to have less structural integrity because you didn’t follow the directions. Stick to the instruction and have the best shed.

3 Neglecting Safety Protocols

The construction industry has witnessed many accidents due to carelessness and ignoring safety measures. It’s mandatory to follow all the construction site safety protocols to ensure everyone’s well-being on the site.

Here are some safety gears that everyone must have on the site.

Gloves: Protect your hand from cuts with heavy-duty gloves.

Boots: All workers should have strong ankle support boots for total protection. Boots should have high grip rubber soles, so no one slips while installing the shed.

Goggles: To protect your eyes while drilling or cutting. Make sure your goggles are OSHA- approved.

Helmets: Must be OSHA-approved to avoid any head injuries.

Masks: Workers should wear masks not to inhale the fiberglass.

4 Unloading Without a Crane

All the metal building panels should be safe and intact to become a strong structure. So, you shouldn’t take any risk with your steel building components. Ensure you have proper resources like a crane or forklift to take down your steel building panels from the delivery truck.

If you try unloading without a crane or forklift, then you might end up bending panels. You can’t install the bent panels, and you have to buy the new one, which is a bummer.

So, consider the utmost precaution and care while unloading your building components.

5 Not Bracing Rigid Frames

Always make sure you don’t leave erected panels without bracing. If you are resting the work on the day end, make sure you brace every rigid frame. If you don’t brace rigid frames, you might have to bear some damage due to heavy wind.

So, strengthen your frame before leaving the site to avoid any damage.

These are some mistakes that you must know and avoid while installing your steel buildings. Make sure you follow all directions and never make these mistakes to have an efficient construction project. However, Viking Metal Garages have the best metal building installers trained frequently to follow all the best erection practices. So, buy your metal garages from us and get the best quality sheds installed at your site.

For placing your order or any help, call us at (704)-823-6732.

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