How to Protect Your Metal Building from Snow and Ice Accumulation?
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How to Protect Your Metal Building from Snow and Ice Accumulation?

Protect Your Metal Building from Snow and Ice Accumulation
  • December 11, 2020

From high winds to heavy snow-fall conditions, extreme weather can damage your valuables if not protected or stored correctly. In such cases, pre-engineered metal buildings play a vital role. Due to the popularity of steel structures, many significant efforts are involved in improving buildings to withstand severe weather.

Although the weather isn’t the same across the United States of America, there are a few states where winter has finally arrived, and people are struggling to keep their essentials safe from heavy snowfall and chilly winds.

Smart homeowners always consider investing in a metal building that takes their safety to the next level and ensures 100% safety of their vehicles, farm equipment, haystack, or livestock from direct snow attack. However, the entire snow load is hence faced by the metal building that you have installed at your property.

Here comes the most important question as to how you can protect your steel structures from snow and ice accumulation?

Before moving ahead and understanding some maintenance tips for your metal building, it’s important to know a bit about metal structures and why they are the best building options for your property.

Prefab metal buildings are the most reliable, robust, and sturdy metal structure that gives you complete protection from weather hazards and let you store anything for decades. Some of the most common traits of metal buildings are:

  • High Durability
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Expand
  • Energy Savings with High-Grade Insulation
  • Design Flexibility
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Quick and Easy To Install
  • Shortest Delivery Time

These traits are more than enough to justify pre-engineered metal buildings’ real potential compared with other building alternatives.

Now, coming to the snow and ice accumulation on your metal building, MBMA has notified its manual that includes the detailed list of Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow to keep your building protective and stand-still without facing damages by snow load or accumulation of ice. Below are some most effective metal building maintenance tips to protect your metal building from snow-related damages.

Keep Proper Drainage System: The drainage system of every building is a must to check when you are preparing your metal structure for the winters. Make sure the gutters, downspouts are clean and have easy water passage. Furthermore, analyze whether the water is affecting your in-house wall that is a red alert for internal leakage.

Water free-flowing must be checked on a regular interval of time. With time, the snow load increases on the roof, which can damage your building. Hence, you must ensure your building can confront heavy snow load and has a proper drainage system.

Rectify Unusual Deflections in Building: With time, the metal building encounters numerous defects that commonly affect your frames, purlins, or joists. The frequently increasing snow load affects your metal structure and degrades its overall strength. Hence, you must ensure no such unusual deflections are present in the building. If any such error still occurs, you must rectify them without any delay.

Remember, on commercial metal buildings, snow load greatly impacts building strength, which must be attended immediately to avoid future damage to your building and assets.

Remove Snow from Eave to Ridge: Vertical metal buildings are highly recommended metal structures that provide you high strength and easy water & snow runoff. This makes it the most preferred steel structure among all building alternatives. Remember, when removing snow from your roof; always start removing it from the eave towards the ridge.

Add Insulation: Change in temperature due to snow and ice causes a strong impact on your building. However, not every storage item can survive at normal room temperature. Hence make sure you have installed the right insulation added to your building. Viking Metal Garages provides a Single bubble and double-bubble insulation options. You must know that insulation prices vary depending upon your building size. So, give us a call at (704)-823-6732 to know the lowest insulation prices in your region.

Add Vents for Proper Air Circulation: Making your metal building free from snow and ice accumulation is essential. Hence, you should add multiple vents that let the internal air pass and keep a standard temperature without affecting your storage.

Remember that proper ventilation also helps you maintain a compatible temperature within your building and keep your valuables safe from high cold during the winters.

Important TIP: Regular maintenance is essential, but you shouldn’t neglect the inclusion of proper safety gear when running roof maintenance. Safety gears that everyone must have on their list include:

  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Masks

Always remember, during maintenance, you must always follow the guidelines provided by MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) to ensure no physical or financial damage is witnessed during the snow removal process.

Our customer’s safety is always the utmost priority; hence, we ensure you get 100% American-manufactured steel building at the lost price. Viking Metal Garages provides delivery & installation in the shortest timeframe. Further, our buildings come with a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. In short, your entire building is fully protected for the coming decades. Our pre-engineered steel structures are versatile, practical, economical, efficient, and durable. So, don’t wait for the right time to make an order. Call us at (704)-823-6732 and get your dream building before it’s too late.

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