Benefits and Uses of Commercial Metal Buildings for Business Purpose

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Benefits and Uses of Commercial Metal Buildings for Business Purpose

Benefits and Uses of Commercial Metal Buildings for Business Purpose
  • May 16, 2024

Businesses have to spend a lump sum amount yearly on their infrastructural maintenance and repair or replacements. They consume not just money but also time and interrupt the workflow. In these scenarios, commercial metal buildings enter as a blessing. There are several benefits and uses of steel commercial buildings that a business owner would love to invest in. Let’s see them through.

Benefits Of Prefabricated Commercial Buildings


One reason businesses have started to ditch traditional buildings is their affordability. Once a company’s idea is final, it likes to implement it as soon as possible to gain revenue as soon as possible.

Prefabricated commercial buildings cost $10 to $25 per sq. ft. and have a fast assembly process. They also need less labor since most of the design is already done in the factory. You may have to pay up to $120 per sq. ft. for highly customized steel structures, but that’s still less than traditional construction.

So, a business can get its building ready in less time, with less money, and with fewer labor charges. The larger the size of a metal structure, the less the cost per square foot will be.


Structural steel is up to 25 times stronger than timber. It is a lightweight but dense material. Hence, it is easy to construct taller, larger, and wider buildings. The foundation also doesn’t have to bear more structural load, so you will need to spend less money on the base.

Metal is dense and non-porous, so it can resist external moisture and is less susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Thus, you can easily construct a warehouse or cold storage to store perishable items. Metal is also anti-fungal and does not allow termite colonies to rest and nest.

Viking Metal Garages offers engineer-certified steel that can withstand harsh climates and extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, high-speed wind, or snow load on the roof. For more details, contact us today!


Construction isn’t the only thing important for a business. It also needs to minimize its operational costs. With metal, the cost of monthly and yearly upkeep charges can be reduced to a minimal amount that a company can easily manage.

For instance, a company won’t need to call for pest inspection and control monthly, nor will they need to re-paint or re-coat (fire and rust resistance coating) on an annual basis. This will save a lot of money in the long run.

Energy Saving

Another issue with regular buildings is their energy consumption. Commercial metal buildings are designed to be energy efficient. How? Take a look below.

Insulation: There are multiple affordable insulation options, like fiberglass or closed-cell spray foam. They create a barrier and reduce heat transfer from and to the building.

Ventilation: Several passive vent options are available on the market that can help you reduce your energy bills. You can add windows, clerestory windows, louvers, turbines, and ridge/ gravity vents. These will enable fresh air circulation inside the building and aid the HAVC system in working effectively.

Solar Panels: The 12-gauge steel frame is lightweight yet strong enough to support the load of solar panels. It will help generate free electricity, reducing your dependency on the power grid.

Additionally, choosing your commercial steel building smartly can also decrease energy bills. For instance, opt for a light color if your metal structure faces warm months most of the time. A darker color if your location has colder months most of the time.

Design Flexibility

You can choose between internal and external finishes to give your structure a unique look and functionality. Though a straightforward rectangular design will cost the least, a business can still add complex features to increase functionality. Here are some common design features.

Clear Span: These are steel commercial buildings with no internal supporting columns. You get maximum use of square footage. The clear span can range up to 300 feet in width.

Multi-Span: If you don’t mind internal columns, opt for multi-spans. They cost less and can span up to 600 feet in width.

External Siding: Who doesn’t want their business’s name, signature color, and logo on their building? You can create external sliding with perforated metal panels and backlit LEDs to display your brand identity or tagline.


There are various customizable features that you can add to a commercial steel building. These are:

  • Doors (sliding, walk-in, roll-on, large barn-like, custom door for truck entry/ exit)
  • Mezzanine Floor (false floor for extra storage and space)
  • Color (you can add color to roof & side wall panels, trim, and wainscot)
  • HAVC System (water & electric lines can be added as per convenience)
  • Lean-To (extra shaded space such as an employee’s break area, parking, trucks waiting, an open-style coffee house, etc.)


Structural steel is 98% recycled and 100% recyclable. At the end of its life, a metal structure can be melted and recreated into a brand-new material without losing durability, strength, and longevity.

Uses Of Steel Commercial Buildings

  1. Retails Store
  2. Warehouse
  3. Office Building
  4. Restaurant Building
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Shopping Center
  7. Auditorium
  8. Commercial Storage Unit
  9. Automobile Shop
  10. Agribusiness
  11. Commercial Recreational Facility

Run Your Business Profitability With Commercial Metal Buildings

It helps increase your space functionality and flexibility and maximize the usable area. With a commercial metal building, you can start any business and reap the benefits of structural steel with time. So invest now to save later! Call (704)-741-1587 to book your steel building.