Comparing Vertical Roof Garages with Horizontal Roof Styles: Pros and Cons

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Comparing Vertical Roof Garages with Horizontal Roof Styles: Pros and Cons

Comparing Vertical Roof Garages with Horizontal Roof Styles: Pros and Cons
  • May 22, 2024

When it comes to steel garages, there are two main roofing style choices: vertical and horizontal. But are these just for aesthetics, or is there any functional difference between the two? How do vertical roof metal garages stand out in extreme conditions? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Vertical Roof Metal Garages?

It is an A-frame roofing style corrugated metal panel. The roof is installed from the peak towards the eaves. These panels are highly durable and give contemporary vibes. They are popular in areas where heavy snow, rain, and wind are quite prominent.

Pros Of Vertical Steel Garage

  • It requires less cleaning.
  • It slides off all dust, debris, and water from the top toward the ground at a faster pace.
  • Since debris stays on the roof for less time, moisture absorption and rusting are less likely.
  • It is most suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • It is most durable and long-lasting.
  • You can add features like full or deep eave side trim.
  • A vertical roof-style garage can boost your property rating.
  • You can design it with a side entry design.

Cons Of Vertical Metal Garage

  • It costs more than the horizontal roof.
  • It requires precision to be installed.
  • It needs extra braces, purlins, and ridge caps to create a weather-tight seal.

What Are Horizontal Roof Metal Garages?

It is also an A-frame roof with corrugated metal panels aligned from one side of the gable end toward the other. These are affordable and give a traditional roof look. They are popular in areas with moderate climates and temperatures.

It is highly recommended if you are trying to match your existing building with a metal garage.

Pros Of Horizontal Metal Garage

  • It is affordable compared to the vertical roofing style.
  • It is suitable for moderate types of climatic areas.
  • It doesn’t need extra bracing or a ridge cap to function.
  • It is great for small storage needs such as a garden shed, small workshop, motorbike shed, etc.
  • It does not have a seam at the peak. Hence, leaks are usually not a problem.

Cons Of Horizontal Steel Garage

  • It may require more cleaning as dust and debris may settle down in between the ridges.
  • It may not suit heavy snowfall areas or regions with high-speed winds.
  • It is not recommended for larger metal buildings.

When To Choose Vertical Metal Garage?

A) If you live in an area where you are required to build a metal structure with maximum safety and durability, vertical roofs are the best bet.

B) Vertical roof metal garages are aerodynamic and best suited for areas with extreme weather events like high-speed wind and heavy snowfall.

C) People who want to spend less time in maintenance and cleaning should opt for a vertical roof style garage.

Tip: Opt for concealed fasteners instead of exposed ones for a seamless look. Viking Metal Garages also offers colored fasteners and metal garages. So, check it out.

What Is The Similarity Between Vertical And Horizontal Roofing Style?

  • They are both A-frame-style roofs.
  • The corrugated metal roofing panels are the same.
  • Both are pest and fire-resistant.
  • With correct insulation, both can be made energy efficient.
  • Almost all metal builders will give you both options to choose from as per your budget and local guidelines.
  • An A-frame with correctly welded corners and brackets has high strength and load-bearing capacity.

So, don’t forget to ask about it from your metal dealer.

Vertical Roof Vs Horizontal Roof: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Vertical Roof Vs Horizontal Roof For Metal Garages
Standing Seam RoofKnown AsBox Eave Roof
Perpendicular to GroundRidgesParallel to Ground
RequiredExtra PurlinsNo
RequiredRidge CapNo
YesLongevityComparatively Less
YesEnergy EfficientYes
YesExtreme Weather ResistantNo
NoVertical Roof Vs. Horizontal Roof For Metal GaragesYes
ModernLook | AppealTraditional
MoreCostComparatively Less

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