Best Tips to Reduce Your Metal Building Cost- Economize Your Building
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Best Tips to Reduce Steel Buildings Costs

Best Tips to Reduce Steel Buildings Costs
  • January 18, 2020

Steel buildings are the most economical way of building metal structures. Building construction is a significant investment, and you’ve already saved a substantial cost if you decided to buy a steel building.

Steel buildings are the most economical structures and have less construction & maintenance cost required as compared to other alternatives.

Metal Garages, RV covers, Workshops, and other types of metal buildings are available at affordable prices, but you can cut-off your all over building costs by considering the following factors.

Choose Standard Steel Buildings

You can get your standard steel structure comparatively at lower prices than custom buildings. It’s quite convenient for a manufacturer to provide standard metal sheds with optimizing price.

On the other hand, if custom metal buildings don’t follow standard fabrication process and additional resources and processes required, that elevates manufacturing costs and proportionally your building cost.

So, if standard buildings can fulfill all your requirements, then buy it without any fancy customization and save your hard-earned money.

Although, if you need custom building for your specific needs, then go for custom structures because you can get returns in the form of value against extra cost you’ve spent.

Shuffle Your Building’s Dimensions

Small buildings cost less than bigger size buildings. You can reduce the cost of your metal structure if you can settle with a smaller building. Although, if you want the same area covered, then you should select long instead of wide buildings.

The additional supporting structure is required for wide buildings, which elevates cost. However, long buildings don’t need any extra framing or support. So, you can get the same area structure with reduces cost by increasing length and decreasing the width of the structure.

Select Between Clear Span or Modular

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer the opportunity of clear span buildings for maximum usable space. However, in the case of wide buildings, more steel is required to support structure without any supporting columns. So, clear span buildings are expensive, and the price increase with the width of the structure.

You can drop your total cost if you don’t need a clear span, and a modular steel frame with minimum support columns can work for you. You can save a substantial amount with modular steel frames even if you are constructing an extra-wide structure.

So, choose one according to your functionalities, and save cost with a modular frame. You also save with a clear span structure in terms of service & usabilities.

Reduce Height

The cost of your structure rises with the building’s height due to additional material requirements. You should know your structural needs to meet your functional requirements, and if you don’t need a high structure, then you have a chance to save some money.

You should get a 12-ft building instead of a 20-ft structure to diminish the final cost. Although, if you are planning to get a mezzanine, then the tall building can lower your per square ft construction cost.

Downtick Your Roof Pitch

The building cost is directly proportional to the roof pitch. So, you have to pay extra for high pitched roof structures. You should consider requirements and budget while choosing a roof pitch so that you don’t compromise with any.

The most cost-friendly metal building roof pitch is 1:12. Hence, you can save your construction cost if a low-pitched roof can work for you.

Although, when your location faces dense snowfall, then high-pitched roofs are recommended to tackle snow accumulation. So, examine your needs and local weather condition to select roof pitch without impacting your budget.

Straight or Tapered Columns

Straight-wall designs have lightweight columns, which are less expensive. The straight-wall system is most affordable for 40ft wide or less wide structures.

Further moving, tapered columns are designed to provide substantial strength with the least amount of steel. Generally, large commercial steel buildings employ tapered columns due to amazing strength.

Tapered columns are quite economical for building below 10K square ft; after exceeding this size, the total cost per square ft starts increasing. So, the best way to choose one is, examine your functionalities and get a quote for both. Now, select one which suits you best.

Get DIY Metal Building Kits

If you have any construction experience and can install your building yourself, then you can cut off ample cost using Do-It-Yourself steel building kits.You can get your metal building kit to erect the structure by yourself. No cutting, welding or heavy equipment needed and every framing component can be lifted and assembled easily.

You can save time and money on your next building project by using metal building kits. However, if you don’t have any experience, then it’s advised to hire a professional for your building erection.

Research and Consult

You should examine your actual needs and budget so that you don’t cut off the cost of the feature you need. You can also consult with our building experts at (704)-823-6732 to get the best steel building matching your functional requirements and budget.

Our experienced metal building experts can also help you get some additional benefits without affecting your cost. If you are still in some dilemma, then get multiple quotes and choose the best one.

We offer the best metal buildings at affordable pricing. With our steel structures, you can get 20-year of rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year of workmanship warranty. So, get the most affordable steel buildings from Viking Metal Garages with no additional transportation and erection charges.

These are the top ways to reduce metal building costs effectively. It will be great if you always consider all these factors to minimize your building construction cost.