Know Local Building Codes & Permits Before Starting Construction
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Understand Local Building Codes & Permits Before Installation

Understand Local Building Codes & Permits Before Installation
  • January 10, 2020

Are you about to start a metal building construction project?

If yes, then there are some building codes and permit procedures that you should know before starting your project.

Building codes are standards for building constructions to ensure public safety and a secure environment. Building codes are variable according to location, and different states have their standards according to local conditions. You should know about your region’s laws to avoid any construction delay and penalties.

When you are getting a metal building and don’t have a permit till the day of installation, then you need to reschedule building erection, which is payable. So, if you don’t want to pay any additional charge and need your building asap, then know the approval process and get your permit soon.

Types of International Building Code Models

There are some building code models used in the USA. Authorities of different regions make some modifications to these models considering local circumstances to ensure safe, and energy-efficient construction.

International Building Code (IBC): This model is used for new building construction and some other concerned areas.

International Residential Code (IRC): This code is for one or two-family houses, and townhouses not more than three stories.

International Existing Building Code (IEBC): This code is for structures having renovations and alterations.

There is a dedicated resource for steel building construction, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). It publishes manuals for steel constructions addressing specifications for steel structures.

Scope of Building Codes

As we discussed, building codes are requirements of structure that need to be fulfilled. Building codes look after various factors before approving your construction plan. These factors are described below- 

Fire Safety: Your building should have fire safety equipment like a sprinkler system, extinguishers, fire alarms, indoor hydrants, etc. In the case of steel buildings, it’s easy to pass this stage because steel is non-combustible, unlike wood, and doesn’t entertain fire. Still, you are advised to carry all safety measures to tackle any fire accident.

Building Materials: Your building material should be of good quality, and unaffected of corrosion, insects, and environmental elements. Metal buildings are anti-corrosive, inorganic (inhabitable to insects), and highly durable to fight elements. So, steel can easily match the building code’s requirements.

Structural Design: The design of your building is robust enough to withstand natural disasters like thunderstorms, earthquakes, snowstorms, hailstorms, etc. Our hurricane-rated steel buildings have the utmost resilience and can easily get this approval.

Heating/ Cooling: Are you going to have an HVAC system in your building? If yes, then it shouldn’t create any trouble with the electrical system. Insulated metal buildings require less heat regulation and reduces the electrical load.

Electricity and Luminance: Poor electrical connections can cause fire and shock. On the other hand, lousy lighting can also cause accidents. So, make sure your building has proper connections with substantial safety equipment.

Sanitation: Outlet pipes should be angled appropriately to drive waste away.

Energy-efficiency: Overloaded circuits cause many fire accidents due to heating or other heavy appliances. Steel buildings are the most energy-efficient buildings and support the conservation of energy.

Your Building Inspection Includes

Building inspection examines every part of your building and matches with required standards. You can use your building if it passes inspection. If your building fails to meet requirements, you must take off the building at your own expense. So, consider all the below components to pass inspection and get approval.

Foundation: It should be substantially sturdy and durable to bear various loads and last longer. Ensure the foundation is uniformly leveled, so there will be no water collection and other structural difficulties.

Framing: Frame should have the utmost strength to host panels and withstand heavy winds and snow loads.

Side Panels: Walls of the building should be tenacious and well-treated to fight corrosion. However, steel buildings are already anti-corrosive, and no treatment required.

Roof: Roofing should be capable enough to handle snow loads and blizzards. All vertical metal buildings are ideal for dense fall areas. These buildings have a vertical roof from which snow slides off easily.

Utility Connections: There should be proper plumbing and electrical connections for water supply, waste management, and power supply.

HVAC: If you have installed any AC or heater, then these should match safety requirements and energy ratings.

We provide certified metal buildings that can ease your permit process. So, get our fantastic metal buildings with us and enjoy a smooth approval process.

Metal Building Permit Application

A permit shows approval of your construction plans according to local codes. To get the permit, you must fill out an application and then schedule an appointment for your plan inspection before starting construction. Relevant inspectors examine your building on various stages to ensure standards, and an inspector can halt your construction at a stage until you match the required criteria.

So, follow all the instructions and rules during erection. If you are still confused, talk to our experienced building experts at (704)-823-6732.

It is all about local building codes and permits. Metal buildings have the most comfortable permit procedure, and these buildings have topmost features that can’t be possible with any other alternatives. Viking Metal Garages is one of the top metal building dealers providing certified metal buildings to meet codes and your needs. So, order your metal building now for quick delivery and installation.


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