Checklist Before Buying A Perfect Metal Carport Structure
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Checklist Before Buying A Perfect Metal Carport Structure
  • December 6, 2023

Did you recently purchase a new car but are worried about leaving it parked on the street where it could attract prying eyes or get damaged by kids playing baseball in the neighborhood? You can expect to spend around $1000 per year on car maintenance. However, if you park on the street, this cost may increase due to dents, scratches, and other issues that may arise.

Moreover, finding full coverage insurance for a car left out in the open may be challenging. So, what’s the solution that doesn’t break your bank? A simple yet effective answer would be to install a metal carport. Here are some prerequisites for your help.

Basics Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Metal Carport


How many vehicles do you want your steel carport to harbor? Measure their width & length, and add them (if more than one car). That would be the minimum size. Ensure that you add a few more inches for easy parking in & taking out without bumping one car into another. Additionally, if you’re considering a one-car carport, a double-car carport, or a carport with a lean-to extension, factor in the appropriate dimensions to accommodate these options. You can select the leg height based on the tallest vehicle you own.


When buying a steel carport, check for the following:

  • Your total estimated budget for the whole project
  • Cost of steel materials.
  • Shipping charges (look for shipping without extra charges)
  • Installation charges (look for installation without extra charges)
  • Foundation cost (DIY or ask for professional crew)
  • Labor cost (will be minimal if your metal dealer handles shipping & installation)


There are many metal and steel alloys in the market. And not all dealer sells equal quality. At Viking Metal Garages, we ensure that every metal panel and post we sell has undergone testing & approval from our experts before reaching you. But why steel, why not wood?

You may get tempted by the aesthetic look of a wooden carport, but that will only last for a while. You will end up spending a hefty amount on the wooden carport’s upkeep. Meanwhile, with steel, easy cleaning will do the trick. Any minor rusting you notice can be fixed promptly with sandpaper, primer, and oil paint.


What size anchors you should be? There are various options in the market. You can use mobile home or earth anchors for dirt & gravel bases, rebar for asphalt bases, and concrete bolts for concrete foundations. But what should be the length and thickness of these anchors? Hmm…

This depends on your soil quality & climate zone. For areas prone to extreme weather, you may need a sturdy one. You can contact a metal dealer or your local zoning office for details.

Delivery Time

You have selected a steel carport, but how long will the metal dealer take to deliver it? For prefab structures, delivery will take less time than for customized ones. Roughly, it will take anywhere from 10 days to 8 weeks or more, depending upon the design & size. However, metal carports are simple structures that will take less time to deliver.

Certification & Permits

It’s essential to be cautious when purchasing metal products. Always check if your metal dealer is certified to ensure you get high-quality products. This applies not only to metal dealers but also to galvanized steel used for carports. You can read reviews and feedback on the steel builder website to find a reputable dealer. Investing in a certified steel carport may cost more, but it’s worth it for the long-lasting product.

A permit is a legal construction permission that you get from your local authority or HOA. Ensure you meet all their guidelines. Failure to do so may result in removing the carport from your property.


First, ensure your installation site is clear of debris like plantation or rocks. It would be best to level the ground for construction. If the foundation is not included in the metal carport package, you must install it before the construction crew arrives. Ensure that there is plenty of space for parking trucks and carrying raw materials to the place of installation.

Some metal builders offer shipping and installation without additional charges. So, do not forget to ask about it.

Side Panels

As per International Building Codes (IBC), a carport must be opened from at least two sides. Otherwise, it would be considered a garage. That leaves you with an option to cover two sides of your steel carport. You can select – full coverage or partial coverage for two sides.


Based on structure, you can choose between:

  • Attached
  • Detached

A detached carport can be installed anywhere on your property. It will also serve as a multi-functional unit. You can convert your metal carport into a garage in the future.

Roof Style

The following roof styles are often used in steel buildings. Have a look at them.

  • Flat roof: It may be angled towards the ground.
  • Regular roof: It resembles a traditional roof with trim protruding outwards.
  • Horizontal roof: It has ridges running parallel to the ground. It gives an aesthetic appeal. However, dirt may settle down in the ridges over time. So, regular cleaning is recommended.
  • Vertical roof: It has ridges running towards the ground. All dirt & debris slide off the roof due to gravity. It is best for larger structures and extreme weather areas.

Additional Things You Can Consider To Customize Your Steel Carport

Color: We offer more than ten color options to choose from. Want a metal carport that matches your main property? We have got your back. Just call us at (704)-741-1587 and tell us your favorite metal car shed color.

Aesthetics: You can choose a kaleidoscopic roof for vintage vibes or a solar panels roof for functionality and energy saving.

Steel Gauge: It determines the thickness of your steel. Usually, your local building code & metal dealer will guide you on which gauge post & panels will be best for you. For extreme weather areas, 12-gauge steel is preferred for durability.

Lighting: You can consider utility lines for your carport. If you don’t want it, consider getting a battery-powered light for nighttime.

Shelving: An overhead shelf will give you extra space to store your items that you occasionally use, such as holiday décor items, your hobby DIYs, or your kid’s old toys.

Hanging Plants: It will increase the overall look of your carport. Just ensure the plant pot does not touch your vehicle while parking or pulling it out of the carport.

Vents Fan: An exhaust fan will push warm air out and bring cool air inside. That will help regulate the inside temperature of your metal car shed. 

Adding Lean-To: Adding a lean-to to your steel car shed or an existing metal carport will give you extra room to store garden equipment or two-wheelers in the shade.

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