What is Included in Steel Building Prices?

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What is Included in Steel Building Prices?

What Is Included In Steel Building Prices?
  • December 13, 2023

How often have we bought a project kit by simply comparing prices and choosing the cheaper option, only to realize later that most of the components are missing? It happens to everyone at some point and not just you. Considering all aspects, not just the price is essential before buying. This is especially true when buying a steel building.

You might think that a lower price is favorable, but does that price include everything required for construction? It is a common mistake to overlook additional costs that might arise during construction. Therefore, it is crucial to compare all aspects of the purchase before deciding.

Factors That Affect the Prices Of Steel Building

A rough answer to an estimated price would be $15 to $30 per square foot for a steel building. But it can go up as high as $300 per sq. ft. depending upon the size and complexity of the building.

Global Steel Prices

This is a point that’s out of the control of both the buyer & seller. Since steel is a commodity, its price is highly affected by global supply and demand. A lot matters when determining the cost of steel, from fluctuations in supply & demand to geopolitical events.

Site Location

Three factors are crucial when it comes to determining price due to location. They are:

Local building codes or HOA: Your local authority has a set of defined rules to ensure the safety and security of human occupants and neighbors. To follow these codes, you may need to make a few changes in the design or adjust the thickness of the steel panels.

You have to pay the permit fee and submit your site plan before beginning construction on your plan. How much a permit fee is applicable depends on your metal structure type and location.

For example, if you live in a relatively colder region with heavy snowfall, you may need to install a certified structure that can bear the snow load. Steel buildings can be designed to withstand a snow load of up to 20 pounds per sq.ft.

Price of Fuel: The current gas price decides the cost of shipping and delivery rates. If your manufacturer is located in another state, you may end up paying extra charges just for delivery. Hence, you must choose a reputed local dealer in your county or city to save costs.

Labor Rate: Labor rate varies with city and county. The cost of labor in rural America is going to be less than in the city or county where you live. Not just that, you may be eligible for sales taxes depending on your state.

Building Type

Now, this feature is under your control. The more complex you design your metal building, the more you will end up paying for it. So, make a checklist and stick to what is essential. You can keep your wish list for some other time.

Note that the cost of metal building per sq. ft. declines with the size. For example, a large metal barn may cost you $15 per sq. ft., but a one-car steel garage may cost around $26 per sq. ft.

Further, there are things that can affect the price of your building, such as:

  • Roof style: A horizontal roof costs less than a vertical roof but is unsuitable for extreme weather regions.
  • Dimension: Choosing a standard dimension may cost less than a customized one.
  • Height of roof: A steeper roof costs more as it needs more material for support.
  • Add-ons: A porch, overhangs, mezzanine floor, extended trim, or additional doors and windows may incur extra charges.
  • Finishing: Do you want a polished concrete floor that resembles wood? It may add to the final pricing.
  • Use: If your metal building is supposed to harbor human occupants, it will cost you more than a storage unit of a similar size. This is true for all kinds of buildings.

Let’s Look At Some Of The Standard Pricing Strategies For Metal Buildings.

Size (Width in ft. x Length in ft.)Height (in ft.)Type of Metal BuildingEstimate Price*
20 x 3610Utility garage$11,529
42 x 2612Vertical horse barn$12,866
42 x 4012Metal barn$15,555
50 x 6012Lean-to metal garage$50,010
46 x 7612Fully enclosed all vertical commercial garage$65,639
*Prices are subject to location and availability.

What Is Typically Included In The Price Of A Steel Building?

Let’s start with the basis and then dive into the details. The first question you need to ask is what is included in the final pricing of the metal building. For your reference, we have created an essential checklist you could use:

Name of service/ materialCost
Raw materials (metal/ steel building kit)It depends on the type of steel building you buy.
Screws/ fastener/ nuts & bolts Ask if your dealer provides you with fasteners in the same color as your metal building.
TrimUsually included in the kit.
Ridge cap (esp. for vertical style roof)Usually included in the kit.
Gutter and downspoutStarts at $3 per ft.
Color choice (Is it free?) ShippingUsually included in the kit.
InstallationUsually included in the kit.
Foundation For concrete- $4 to $8 per sq. ft.; For asphalt- $3 to $7 per sq. ft.
WarrantyUsually included in the kit.
Permit feeFor small projects- $50 to $300; For larger projects- $500 to $2,000
Certification galvanized steel, wind-proof, snow load, etc.Usually included in the kit.
Labor cost30 to 50% of the total project cost (if not free)
Waterproofing cost $0.5 to $3 per sq. ft.
Utility linesstarts at $300
Extra doors and windows$200 to $800 per door; For commercial grade – $900 to 5,000 depending on the size and no. of doors); $300 onwards for windows.
Insulator $0.75 to $4.5 per sq. ft. for affordable ones
NOTE: The prices are subjected to change.

You may get all or some selected items included in the final pricing of your steel building. Before buying any steel structure, it would be best to talk to customer service about what’s included in their pricing. By using this, you will land the best of the deal.

Keep A Keen Eye On Details

It is essential not to decide to buy a metal building based solely on the price. It is crucial to thoroughly review the details of what is included in the price. At Viking Metal Garages, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality service and transparency. We do not conceal any details or pricing information that could lead to an unpleasant surprise later.